"You deserve it. We also benefited from you." Hu Qi smiled and said using voice transmission, "Those two pills gave the Stellar Academies 60,000 years of peace. The academy will reward us. Without you, we wouldn't have had this opportunity."

Then, he patted Wang Teng's shoulder and said mysteriously, "Go back and wait for the good news."

"Let's go!"

Hu Qi waved his hand and boarded the spacecraft with the female eternal-stage martial warrior.

Wang Teng watched their departing figures with shimmering eyes. He was lost in thought.

"Grandmaster Wang Teng, we're going back too. Make sure to come to the Alchemy Volcano to find us when you have the time," Dong Yutang walked over and said.

"Alright, I will come when I have the time." Wang Teng smiled and nodded.

Dong Yutang and the others left too. They wanted to take another look at the Yin-Yang Dragon Essence Pill that had reached the spiritualized stage but it had already been taken away by Hu Qi.

After everyone departed, only Wang Teng was left. He glanced around him but didn't spot any familiar figures. Without further ado, he took out his spacecraft, boarded it, and left.

After some time, the spacecraft landed in the cosmos zone residential area. Wang Teng was preparing to go back to his manor when he saw a few figures standing at the entrance.

"Yue Qiqiao, Wade, Boret!"

"Why are y'all here?"

Wang Teng looked at them in surprise.

"What do you think? With such a commotion, could we not come to take a look?" Yue Qiqiao rolled her eyes.

"Ahem, it's just an accident." Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.

"So, what's going on?" Yue Qiqiao asked curiously.

When the terrifying Azure Dragon appeared, its imposing pressure resonated throughout the Chaotic Star Sea. Only some heaven-stage and above martial warriors could approach. New students like Yue Qiqiao could only watch from afar. Hence, they didn't know what happened.

They only knew that it was caused by a pill concocted by Wang Teng.

Regardless, it was undeniable that the commotion was caused by Wang Teng.

Wang Teng felt his head hurting when he saw their expressions. He walked towards his manor while explaining what happened briefly.

Yue Qiqiao and the others wouldn't let him go so easily. They caught up and bombarded him with questions until they finally grasped the whole situation.

"You're really the epitome of unexpectedness. You even cause trouble when refining a pill," Yue Qiqiao said speechlessly.

"Well… what can I do?" Wang Teng sighed in resignation.

"Speaking of it, are god-stage martial warriors scary?" Yue Qiqiao ignored his complaint and diverted the topic.

"Of course, they are incredibly terrifying!" Wang Teng replied. "A god-stage martial warrior can easily crush someone like you with just a flick of their finger."

Yue Qiqiao was speechless. She said, "What do you mean by someone like me? Can you stop using me as a comparison?"

"Oh, I just wanted you to understand it better," Wang Teng chuckled. He wore an expression that said, "I'm doing this for your good."

"Well, I truly appreciate it," Yue Qi retorted sarcastically.

"Boss, you're going to be famous again this time. Everyone on the internal web is discussing your accomplishments in alchemy," Wade laughed.

"Let them discuss." Wang Teng sighed and waved his hand. He seemed to have accepted his fate.

"They said that you must have reached the peak of the grandmaster level. Is that true?" Wade asked curiously.

"No." Wang Teng walked to the entrance of the manor and asked Round Ball to open the door. He walked into the hall and added, "I've only reached the ninth grandmaster level."

Wade heaved a sigh of relief.

Come on, his Boss was so young. No matter how much of a prodigy he was, he couldn't possibly reach the peak of the grandmaster level so easily.

However, upon hearing Wang Teng's last statement, the expression on his face stiffened.

"Haha, Boss, you love to joke." Wade laughed awkwardly.

Yue Qiqiao chuckled secretly. This fatty didn't understand Wang Teng well enough. If not, he wouldn't have asked this question.

From the beginning, she firmly believed that Wang Teng's alchemical attainments were not lower than the ninth grandmaster level. Otherwise, how could he attract the attention of a god-stage existence?

Wang Teng led the group into the hall and inquired, "How's everything with the Constellation Society recently?"

"When you weren't around, everything was on track. Your reputation has been spreading far and wide, and things have been much smoother than we anticipated. Many new students from the Great Qian Empire are willing to join us," Yue Qiqiao suddenly got excited when she talked about this.

"It seems things are going more smoothly than I thought?" Wang Teng said in surprise.

"You've got it easy. You just need to delegate the work," Yue Qi remarked.

"Not bad. Besides, I didn't do nothing. I've been refining pills for days and nights for the sake of the Constellation Society," Wang Teng joked in a serious tone.

"You always have an excuse for everything," Yue Qi said with exasperation.

"Alright, let's not waste any time. Since the development of the Constellation Association is on track, we should be able to sell our pills."

Wang Teng waved his hand and a pile of jade bottles appeared on the table.

"I've made these pills over the past few days. Organize a group of trustworthy individuals and start selling them under the name of the Constellation Society."

"This is a lot!" Yue Qiqiao was shocked when she saw the pills on the table.

"So many!" Wade's eyes lit up too.