Wang Teng activated his Real Eye and saw the other party's cultivation. This was a heaven-stage martial warrior!

A heaven-stage martial warrior from the Solar Dragon Race!

Interesting, they sent a heaven-stage martial warrior this time. I wonder what surprises she will give. Wang Teng smiled.

"Wang Teng!" The lady from the Solar Dragon Race stopped ten meters away from Wang Teng. "Solar Dragon Race, Zhulong Shuang!"

Zhulong Shuang! Wang Teng repeated in his heart.

"Aren't you planning to invite me in to sit?" Zhulong Shuang smiled and spoke gently.

"That depends on whether the guest is an unwelcome one or a welcome one," Wang Teng said.

"I'm not an unwelcome guest," Zhulong Shuang replied.

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time. Please, come in," Wang Teng glanced at her face, stepped aside, and made a gesture of invitation.

"Don't worry, I'm not like Zhulong Shan." Zhulong Shuang smiled and strode into the hall.

They walked into the hall and sat opposite each other.

"What do you want to drink?" Wang Teng asked.

"Do you have wine?" Zhulong Shuang asked.

Wang Teng waved his hand and a bottle of wine and two wine glasses appeared on the table. He poured a glass for the lady personally.

The golden liquid radiated a shimmering brilliance within the crystal-clear glass, an exquisite sight that was almost blindingly beautiful and mesmerizing.

"Golden Sunrise!" Zhulong Shuang exclaimed in surprise.

"Please!" Wang Teng raised his wine glass and said casually.

"You're rich!" Zhulong Shuang raised her glass and lightly clinked it with his. Then, she parted her lips in anticipation and poured the wine down her throat. "Delicious! As expected of the Golden Sunrise!"

"Alright, we've had our drink. Let's get to business. Tell me the purpose of your visit," Wang Teng swirled his wine glass and said.

"This is a good wine. Let me savor it a bit more." Zhulong Shuang poured herself a cup without any hesitation and began to savor it.

Wang Teng felt a little helpless. This lady seemed overly friendly.

"Great wine! It truly is a great wine! I heard that even universe-stage martial warriors may not be able to afford this Golden Sunrise. I didn't expect you to offer it to me. Based on this alone, I consider you a friend," Zhulong Shuang said.

"Friend?" Wang Teng raised an eyebrow. This female from the Solar Dragon Race wanted to be friends with him? He smiled calmly and said, "If you're trying to make me lower my guard using this approach, I advise you not to overthink things."

"I don't have that intention," Zhulong Shuang shook her head. She sat up straight and continued seriously, "I'm not afraid to let you know. Although we're both from the Solar Dragon Race, I'm not from the same branch as Zhulong Shan."

"Retrieving that body is an order from the higher-ups of the Solar Dragon Race. I came for the body, that's beyond doubt."

"However, I won't let you hand it over for free. 200,000 points and the friendship of my branch in return."

"How is it? Is this sincerity enough?"

200,000 points and the friendship of her branch! Wang Teng looked at the other party in surprise. This was quite a substantial offer.

"I'm different from idiots like Zhulong Shan. They are blinded by the pride of the Solar Dragon Race and don't realize that there are even more powerful existences beyond the clan. I, however, enjoy making friends with strong individuals," Zhulong Shuang said frankly.

"200,000 points isn't enough!" Wang Teng replied calmly.

Zhulong Shuang: … This fellow didn't fall for it.

She said so much but the other party wasn't moved at all.

Wang Teng gave her an ambiguous smile.

"Well, how much do you want?" Zhulong Shuang coughed awkwardly and asked.

"500,000 points!" Wang Teng replied.

"500,000 points? Why don't you just go rob someone!" Zhulong Shuang's expression changed slightly. Her bet with Zhulong Hao was only 300,000 points. Yet, Wang Teng demanded for 500,000 points. This was daylight robbery. She realized that she had underestimated his appetite from the start.

"At first, you don't have to pay any points." Wang Teng smiled. "But now, it's 500,000 points, and not a single point less."

That idiot Zhulong Shan! Zhulong Shuang cursed Zhulong Shan's entire family in her heart when she heard his words.

She had to spend hundreds of thousands of points to settle this matter because of his racial pride.

"Can't we compromise a little?" Zhulong Shuang gritted her teeth and said, "300,000 points and the friendship of my branch. The offer is substantial. If you insist on 500,000 points, there's no friendship to discuss between us."

"I only like to talk about money," Wang Teng replied calmly.

Zhulong Shuang looked at his stubborn face and felt a little helpless. This guy had her figured out.

At this moment, her mind was spinning wildly, calculating the gains and losses.

As long as she retrieved the Solar Dragon Race body, she would win 300,000 points from Zhulong Hao. Coupled with the clan's reward, she could afford to pay 500,000 points. But, in doing so, she had nothing to gain.

Should she agree?