Zhulong Shuang fell into contemplation. She kept weighing her gains and losses.

Wang Teng, on the other hand, was in no hurry. He sat calmly on a genuine leather sofa made from the skin of some kind of star beast, swaying his wine glass in his hand. His gaze seemed to be immersed in the golden liquid within the glass.

Zhulong Shuang felt annoyed for no reason when she saw his expression.

She could accept that he asked her for a large sum of points.

But, after throwing the problem to her, he acted as if he had nothing to do with it. This was infuriating.

If circumstances allowed, she would have even considered giving Wang Teng a beating. However, the initiative was in his hands.

Zhulong Shuang gritted her teeth and finally said, "400,000 points…"

She was interrupted before she could finish.


Zhulong Shuang's expression froze. Veins bulged out on her forehead.

One could tell how frustrated she was.


He was so stubborn!


In the end, she took a deep breath and said fiercely, "Alright, 500,000 it is, plus the friendship of my branch!"

"Can you give me the body of the Solar Dragon Race now?"

"Actually, you don't have to add the friendship of your branch. I'm not interested in your friendship," Wang Teng said calmly.

Zhulong Shuang's face turned black.

This bastard rejected the friendship of the Solar Dragon Race!

He was looking down on the Solar Dragon Race!

He must be!

No, he might have seen through her intention.

Zhulong Shuang squinted as she sized up Wang Teng.

The reason she insisted on adding that so-called friendship was because she wanted to establish a relationship with Wang Teng.

Sometimes, when forming a friendship, the beneficiary might not necessarily be the other party. It could be her.

She had high hopes for Wang Teng. Although this guy was tough to approach, his talent was undeniably astonishing. He was a grandmaster alchemist who could make pills that attract god-stage beings. It was highly likely that he would become an Alchemy Saint in the future.

This kind of person was worth pulling over to her side!

That was why she promised him this friendship even after agreeing to the 500,000 points.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng had no intention of accepting the friendship she was offering.

This was a little awkward!

If she brought this topic up again, it would seem like she was eager to give away the friendship of the Solar Dragon Race. The friendship of the Solar Dragon Race wasn't cheap.

"Alright, let's exchange the money and goods," Wang Teng signaled for her to quickly transfer the 500,000 points.

That was 500,000 points!

Even more than the points given by the two eternal stage martial warriors. As expected of the Solar Dragon Race.

Honestly, if Zhulong Shuang wasn't trying to win him over, she wouldn't have agreed to the 500,000 points.

If it were any other member of the Solar Dragon Race, they wouldn't have accepted such excessive demands.

In Wang Teng's eyes, Zhulong Shuang was fooled by him. But from another point of view, this was also a demonstration of her audacity.

Zhulong Shuang took another deep breath and operated on her wristwatch. Then, she said with a touch of irritation, "I've transferred. Is there nothing else besides points in your eyes?"

Wang Teng's mood improved considerably after receiving the 500,000 points. He didn't mind conversing with her for a while longer so he chuckled and replied, "Well, it depends on who's sending me points."

"Why? Is my Solar Dragon Race so unworthy of your attention?" Zhulong Shuang asked.

"Not really. Your Solar Dragon Race is powerful but I don't have a good impression of you." Wang Teng was straightforward.

"Don't generalize. I'm not an idiot like Zhulong Shan," Zhulong Shuang said.

"It doesn't matter. But, the so-called friendship isn't something you just say with your mouth," Wang Teng glanced at her meaningfully. Then, with a sweeping gesture, he brought out the body of the Solar Dragon Race and placed it in front of Zhulong Shuang. "This is the body. If there's no problem, you can take it back. It's of no use to me."

He was just acting. He had already drained the body of all its value so he had no interest in it now.

A glint flashed past Zhulong Shuang's eyes. She hurriedly looked at the body, but the next moment, her expression changed.

"What's wrong with this body? Why is it like this…"

She couldn't even find the words to describe it. The body of the Solar Dragon Race was covered in burn marks as if it had been struck by lightning. It was in a pitiful and almost unrecognizable state.

"Ahem!" Wang Teng cleared his throat and said, "You should know that this body was previously controlled by a high-tier devil emperor. We went through an intense battle to reclaim it so it inevitably sustained some damage."


Zhulong Shuang looked at him curiously.

"Don't doubt it. You can ask around in the Great Qian Empire. Many people witnessed it. I wouldn't lie to you," Wang Teng asserted confidently.

Zhulong Shuang walked up to the body and examined it. She even instilled her Force into the body to sense its condition. After confirming that it hadn't been dissected, she started to believe him. However, she still spoke with a hint of caution.

"I'll believe you for now. However, after this body returns to the Solar Dragon Race, we'll have ways to detect whether it has been studied or manipulated in any way. I hope you didn't engage in such activities."

"Feel free to inspect it however you like," Wang Teng replied nonchalantly. Deep inside, he felt disdainful of her concerns.