"Peak of the grandmaster level!"

The judges were astounded by Wang Teng's alchemical mastery.

At their stage, they were rarely emotionally stirred by any matters.

But, when they heard Wang Teng's alchemical mastery, they couldn't remain calm.

"Impressive. I remember that Wang Teng is only in his twenties, but he has already reached the peak of the grandmaster level. His talent is extraordinary," the Third Judge commented.

For someone in his twenties to reach the peak of the grandmaster level, they had to take him seriously.

"This is probably why the academy wanted him to join the arbitration association in advance," the Fourth Judge guessed.

"He gave 60,000 years of peace to the academy. This achievement can't be erased no matter what," said the Fifth Judge.

"But, letting a new student join the academy's arbitration association is against the rules," the Sixth Judge said.

"It's indeed against the rules." The Fifth Judge nodded.

"Aren't rules meant to be broken?" The Second Judge chuckled and said, "Letting a student who has the potential to become an Alchemy Saint join our arbitration association is a good thing for us. He's already more than qualified in terms of status and reputation."

"I heard that although Wang Teng just entered the academy not long ago, he's quite famous. He even broke the freshmen record of two academies. He's quite impressive," The Third Judge remarked.

"It seems that he's indeed famous enough," The Sixth Judge said with a nod.

"I think it's inappropriate. If we let someone break the rules now, what happens when other situations arise in the future? Are we going to break the rules every time? What will our arbitration association become?" The Fourth Judge shook his head.

For a moment, there was some disagreement among them.

"These are the words of the academy's god-stage martial warrior," The Seventh Judge said slowly after a moment.

At this point, The Seven Judges became silent. The meeting room was plunged into a profound silence where not even a breath could be heard.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" The Fourth Judge spoke softly.

"I wanted to hear your opinions." The Seventh Judge chuckled.

The Fourth Judge: …

"If it's a request from a god-stage martial warrior, then maybe we can make an exception." The Second Judge said.

"That's true. There aren't many instances where a god-stage martial warrior makes a request. We don't have to worry about anyone breaking this rule in the future," The Fourth Judge said.

"This Wang Teng is something. He made a god-stage martial warrior speak up for him," the Third Judge said.

"Is anyone here capable of getting 60,000 years of peace for the Seven Stellar Academies?" The Sixth Judge asked.

"Even if we work together to kill a god-stage existence in the Chaotic Star Sea, I'm afraid we still won't be able to get 60,000 years of peace," The Second Judge said.

"It's different." The Fifth Judge shook his head and said, "But I have to admit that he does have some ability."

"He was just lucky." The Seventh Judge shook his head indifferently.

"Sometimes, luck is also a form of strength." The Third Judge chuckled.

The Seventh Judge glanced at him but did not say anything else.

"So, what do you guys think about this?" The Fourth Judge asked impatiently.

"Well, why not just sit back and watch? After all, he's a student of the Seventh Stellar Academy so the final decision rests with our Seventh Judge," The Third Judge looked at The Seventh Judge with a smile.

The Seventh Judge frowned upon hearing his words. Then, he spoke in a calm tone.

"We can let him in but I think we have to consider where he should be placed."

"Does the god-stage martial warrior of the academy have any special instructions?" The Fourth Judge asked.

"Of course not," said The Seventh Judge.

"A new student that just joined the arbitration association can't be made a full member right away," The Fifth Judge said.

"But the god-stage martial warrior requested us to arrange a position for him. We can't just bring him in casually to pass it off. If questions are raised, who will be responsible?" The Sixth Judge said.

"Letting a new student become a council member is absurd," The Fourth Judge said. "Whether it's within the academy or outside, every member of the council holds significant power. I believe this matter requires further consideration."

"I'm afraid the others won't be convinced either," said The Second Judge.

"Why don't we bring him in first and give him the title of an associate council member?" The Seventh Judge's eyes flickered as he said calmly.

"Your suggestion is a little nasty!" The Third Judge glanced at him and said.

"Why don't you give a suggestion?" The Seventh Judge asked.

"Let's make him an associate council member for the time being. There's a council member assessment half a year later. Let him participate. If he passes, he becomes a full member," The First Judge proposed.

A strange look flashed across The Seventh Judge's eyes. This person rarely spoke, others seldom contested his words.

As expected.

"I agree," The Sixth Judge said. "That's a good idea. It won't antagonize the council members below, and it's reasonable in the eyes of the god stage martial warriors."

"That's right. Let's leave it at that." The Fourth Judge thought for a moment and nodded.

"I agree. As long as he passes the assessment, everything will be fine," The Third Judge echoed.

The other judges agreed one after another. No one raised any objections.