"Lu Tian!"

"That's Lu Tian!"

"Who's Lu Tian? I've never heard of him."

"He's a genius who has emerged in recent years from the powerful force, the Holy Temple of Slaughter, in the Cang Dynasty Territorial Domain. He's been quite prominent!"

"Cang Dynasty Territorial Domain! The Holy Temple of Slaughter!"

"He's a talent from the Holy Temple of Slaughter. That Holy Temple of Slaughter is filled with a bunch of crazy individuals!"

"I didn't know that Lu Tian is a talent from the Holy Temple of Slaughter."

"When Lu Tian and Wang Teng meet, who's stronger?"

Many people were momentarily taken aback when they heard the name Lu Tian. But soon, they recognized him and couldn't help but start discussing him in astonishment.

Lu Tian's reputation was not small.

Wang Teng heard their discussion and felt even more astounded.

Holy Temple of Slaughter!

He couldn't help but repeat in his heart.

He remembered the Phoenix God Palace. Now, there was the Holy Temple of Slaughter. These factions certainly had imposing names!

"Wang Teng, the Holy Temple of Slaughter quite formidable, on par with the Phoenix God Palace, and perhaps even more so. This faction embraces slaughter as their way of life, and almost all martial warriors within it have grasped Bloodlust. Hence, every martial warrior there possesses formidable strength." Round Ball's voice suddenly appeared in Wang Teng's mind.

"Slaughter as their way of life?" Wang Teng raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, they worship slaughter as their king, using it to quell conflicts. They rarely negotiate and can be quite difficult to deal with," Round Ball replied grimly.

"How difficult is difficult?" Wang Teng asked with interest.

"Well, let's just say they won't stop until they beat you into submission," Round Ball said after a moment of silence.

It almost forgot that this guy was also someone who doesn't back down easily, so the Holy Temple of Slaughter might not be able to intimidate him.

However, it should remind him when necessary.

Wang Teng could then decide what to do.

"Your sword conscious is not bad. Fight with me!" Lu Tian continued.

Wang Teng was speechless. Just like what Round Ball said, this guy was all about fighting. Wang Teng glanced around him and asked, "This place isn't suitable, right?"

"Let's go to the Freshmen Leaderboard!" Lu Tian got up.

"I just came so I'm not done yet. I don't want to leave now," Wang Teng replied.

"You don't dare?" Lu Tian frowned.

"What do you think?" Wang Teng gave him a mysterious smile and asked him back.

"Alright, I'll wait for you!" Lu Tian glanced at Wang Teng and nodded. Then, he sat down cross-legged again and closed his eyes. Very soon, he entered his state of cultivation.

A few black attribute bubbles appeared again.

This sheep is not bad! Wang Teng commented in his heart. He released his spiritual power and picked up the attribute bubbles.

Bloodlust Sword Domain*100

Bloodlust Sword Domain*150

The attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng's mind and turned into enlightenment.

Instantly, the sensation of being filled with the intent of slaughter once again flooded his mind. However, Wang Teng was prepared this time. The Nine Treasures Pagoda emitted a golden light, and his powerful spiritual power suppressed the influence.

Bloodlust wasn't able to affect him and was gradually absorbed by him.

Not bad! Wang Teng looked at the young man in front of him in satisfaction.

He looked at his attributes board.

Bloodlust Sword Domain: 770/1000 (first-rank)

He had only picked up two rounds of attribute bubbles but Wang Teng's Bloodlust Sword Domain attribute was almost at the second rank.

It looked like Lu Tian's grasp of Bloodlust Sword Domain was quite high!

As these thoughts raced through Wang Teng's mind, his eyes brightened a bit more. However, before he could fully enjoy the moment, several more attribute bubbles fell around him.

However, it didn't fall from Lu Tian. They had fallen out from the rain curtain surrounding them.

Wang Teng was surprised. He immediately picked them up.

Bloodlust Sword Domain*120

Bloodlust Sword Domain*180

Bloodlust Sword Domain*150

It's the Bloodlust Sword Domain too! Wang Teng was surprised. He didn't expect the Bloodlust Sword Domain to drop from the rain.

However, upon further thought, it seemed to make sense. If there weren't any relevant attribute bubbles in the vicinity of the rain curtain, Lu Tian wouldn't be cultivating here.

In a way, Lu Tian was like a radar for bloodlust-type attributes!

By following Lu Tian, he wouldn't need to search for the related attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng decided to cultivate nearby.

He wasn't leaving anymore.

He found a suitable spot, sat down cross-legged, and began his cultivation.

Even though Wang Teng had just picked up a more powerful domain enlightenment, his Bloodlust Ultima was still at the eighth level. It hadn't reached the tenth-level perfected stage.

He could use the enlightenment from the domain to help him reverse-engineer his way to achieving the tenth-level perfected stage.

While Wang Teng sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, Lu Tian opened his eyes and looked at him with a hint of suspicion on his stern face.

Was Wang Teng planning to cultivate here too?

Did he have a bloodlust-type sword domain?

Lu Tian couldn't see through Wang Teng. The sword Wang Teng executed earlier was no weaker than his Bloodlust Sword Domain.

Initially, he had assumed that Wang Teng's sword domain was that peculiar five-colored domain, but now it didn't necessarily seem so.

This area was place for understanding bloodlust-type sword domains, a place he took much effort to find. There were no other insights here.

Hence, it was highly likely that Wang Teng had grasped a bloodlust-type sword domain.

For ordinary people entering this area, the mere presence of the bloodlust sword conscious would be unbearable, but Wang Teng seemed unfazed.