This proved something.

Interesting! Lu Tian's eyes flickered as he thought to himself. He closed his eyes again and immersed himself in his cultivation.

Lu Tian would never know that his enlightenment was all picked up by Wang Teng.

And he was still giving them to him!

At this moment, in Wang Teng's mind, his enlightenment continued to evolve and refine, gradually completing his understanding of the Bloodlust Ultima.

At the same time, once the Bloodlust Sword Domain attribute bubbles appeared, he would pick them up immediately. He didn't miss a single one.

Wang Teng's Bloodlust Ultima and Bloodlust Sword Domain attributes advanced rapidly. In less than half a day, his Bloodlust Ultima had reached the perfected tenth level and his Bloodlust Sword Domain had reached the second rank.

This speed was amazing.

Bloodlust Sword Domain: 320/2000 (second-rank)

Wang Teng looked at the attributes board and was extremely satisfied.

However, this was the end of his enlightenment. Lu Tian had stood up and left the area.

It was evident that the enlightenment in this place was no longer useful to Lu Tian. He needed to seek other areas with bloodlust-type swordsmanship insights.

Wang Teng sensed his departure, but he didn't open his eyes. He continued his cultivation.

After Lu Tian left, attribute bubbles continued to fall within the rain curtain.

These attribute bubbles were still useful to him!

Lutian glanced at Wang Teng and then proceeded deeper into the rain curtain.

Wang Teng got up too. He didn't need to wait here. The timing of the attribute bubbles falling from the rain curtain was unpredictable. He could come back later to collect them.

He needed to raise his Five-element Sword Domain attribute.

Time passed. Another two hours passed. Wang Teng's Five-element Sword Domain attribute finally achieved a breakthrough.

Five-element Sword Domain: 120/5000 (fifth-rank)


Wang Teng's Five-element Sword Domain attribute finally reached the fifth-rank successfully.

What an arduous process!

The Five-element Sword Domain required the collection of all five elements of the sword domain attributes, making its advancement a challenging endeavor.

What's more, the Five-element Sword Domain was unique to him. It was extremely difficult to find the same sword enlightenment.

Even if Wang Teng searched the entire Sword Storm Plain, there was no guarantee that he could find a similar understanding of the Five-element Sword Domain.

Sigh, it's not a good thing to be too outstanding! Wang Teng shook his head and sighed in his heart.

At this point, Wang Teng had ventured more than 2,500 meters into the Sword Storm Plain. The rain curtain falling from the sky had become denser but he still couldn't see the entrance of the Realm Space.

There was still quite a distance to go before reaching the entrance.

Wang Teng wasn't in a hurry. The Sword Storm Plain was a treasure trove. He intended to make the most of it.

After his Five-element Sword Domain reached the fifth rank, the enlightenment here wasn't of much use to him. He needed to delve deeper into the plains.

But, before that, a long sword appeared in his hand and he swung it casually.

A five-colored sword light penetrated the rain curtain. It didn't seem to have any attacking power. Instead, it completely blended into the rain curtain, silently disappearing.

Many people noticed this scene and were astounded.

"What a powerful sword enlightenment!"

"What did Wang Teng comprehend? He left behind such a powerful sword enlightenment!"

"Quick, he's gone. Let's take a look."

As the crowd buzzed with discussions, Wang Teng had already vanished within the rain curtain.

Some people reacted quickly and rushed to the area where Wang Teng had just unleashed that sword. They hoped to find the insights he left behind.

Unfortunately, that sword had completely disappeared. No traces could be found.

The insights left by previous individuals could only be discovered if one's enlightenment reached a certain level.

Besides ability, it also depended on luck.

Wang Teng didn't care what the others were doing. He saw Lu Tian again and prepared to collect more attribute bubbles.

This was his ATM for bloodlust attributes!

How could he let him go so easily?

Around Lutian, numerous black attribute bubbles had appeared again. These were the enlightenment of his Bloodlust Sword Domain.

Wang Teng silently released his spiritual power and picked them up.

Bloodlust Sword Domain*170

Bloodlust Sword Domain*210

At this moment, Lu Tian opened his eyes abruptly. His gaze was filled with coldness as he looked at Wang Teng. "Are you following me?"

"No, not at all! It's just a coincidence!" Wang Teng glanced around, wearing an innocent expression.

Lu Tian stared at him coldly. He didn't believe him but he couldn't do anything. The Sword Storm Plain didn't belong to anyone, and he had no authority to force Wang Teng to leave.

If was significantly stronger than Wang Teng, he might be able to drive him away.

But, after the earlier short exchange, it was clear that this young genius who made it onto the Star Rankings wasn't just all talk.

If he wanted to chase Wang Teng away, he had to use his real ability.

The Sword Storm Plain wasn't suitable for a battle.

Thus, he closed his eyes and continued cultivating. He ignored Wang Teng.

However, this talent from the Holy Temple of Slaughter couldn't help but feel a sense of frustration.

He secretly decided that when they reached the Freshmen Leaderboard, he must defeat Wang Teng and let him know that he was not to be trifled with.

Wang Teng chuckled silently.

This ATM was quite easy to fool.

He didn't care what Lu Tian was thinking. They would have to fight sooner or later so he wasn't afraid of offending him.

Getting attribute bubbles was an important matter. No one could stop him.

While Wang Teng was cultivating in the Sword Storm Plain, the new students outside were causing quite a stir.