After Wang Teng and Zhulong Shan's battle, some talents finally couldn't contain themselves any longer and began challenging the Freshmen Leaderboard.

Some even aimed to dethrone Wang Teng from his first-place position and make a name for themselves by outperforming this prodigy who got on the Star Rankings.

Wang Teng had been in the spotlight recently. Many people were unconvinced.

Although Wang Teng's identity as a grandmaster-level alchemist was exposed, battles between martial warriors had little to do with alchemy.

As long as they could defeat Wang Teng in martial prowess, they could achieve fame.

This brings us to the unique aspect of the Freshmen Leaderboard.

The Freshmen Leaderboard had a 'memory' function.

In other words, when martial warriors engaged in battles within the Freshmen Leaderboard, the leaderboard would have a power assessment to determine their ranking.

For instance, Wang Teng was no.1 in terms of current combat strength, followed by Zhulong Shan. For those martial warriors who joined the Freshmen Leaderboard afterward, as long as their displayed combat strength couldn't surpass these two, they would be ranked behind them.

Unless they challenge Wang Teng and Zhulong Shan and defeat them, they wouldn't be able to push down their rankings.

However, if during their battles, their demonstrated combat strength was assessed by the Freshmen Leaderboard as surpassing that of Wang Teng and Zhulong Shan, even if they hadn't directly fought against them, their ranking would be above them.

In such cases, if Wang Teng and Zhulong Shan wanted to reclaim the top position, they could only challenge the new first place.

In summary, the Freshmen Leaderboard had a certain time limit. The ranking would change according to the battle power demonstrated by the other students.

Now, more and more talented martial artists are vying for positions on the Freshmen Leaderboard. The battle was intense, even more intense than when Wang Teng and Zhulong Shan initially competed.

Once someone started competing, those behind couldn't sit still. One by one, they joined in.

But, no one was able to surpass Wang Teng and Zhulong Shan. They firmly held the first and second place.

Meanwhile, as the competition for the Freshmen Leaderboard grew fiercer, the new students became increasingly eager to enhance their strengths.

They either attended various courses or went to different training locations to practice, incurring expenses in the form of points.

Since they needed to cultivate, they needed all kinds of scriptures, battle techniques, and pills.

Not everyone was as well-off as Wang Teng.

At the start, everyone bought from the academy's Treasure Pavilion. However, at some point, another channel began circulating among the freshmen.

An organization formed by freshmen appeared on everyone's radar.

In a certain part of the academy, a bunch of freshmen were gathered together. They seemed to be discussing something.

"Have you heard?"

"The faction formed by the new students?"

"Yes, that's it!"

"Are you talking about the Constellation Society?"

"Yes, the Constellation Society!"

"I heard that Wang Teng founded it. I wonder if it's true?"

"It's true. I heard it from a few members of the Constellation Society. Many of them are martial warriors from the Great Qian Empire within the Liuguang Territorial Domain. They come from the same place as Wang Teng."

"No way, is it really him? Is he that impressive? He's already starting to build his influence and people are willing to follow him."

"He's a talent on the Star Rankings and a grandmaster alchemist. It's normal that people are willing to follow him."

"Comparisons are infuriating. While we're still struggling at the bottom, he's already building his power."

Such discussions were taking place throughout the academy. It spread to all the new students.

The Constellation Society!

The name sounded quite imposing.

What surprised people even more was that this faction was using Wang Teng's name to sell various pills.

Many people knew that Wang Teng was at the peak of the grandmaster level so they were enticed when they heard that these pills were concocted by him.

Moreover, when they discovered that the prices of the pills sold in the Constellation Society were much cheaper than those in the academy's Treasure Pavilion, they were completely won over.

There was no choice. Even rich families had limited resources nowadays!

Points were used in all kinds of places in the academy. For many people, the rate at which they earned points couldn't keep up with their spending so they needed to be frugal.

The Constellation Society had hit the soft spot of these new students directly.

As a result, there were many buyers.

Especially after trying the pills, they realized that the pills sold by the Constellation Society were much better than the ones sold by the Treasure Pavilion.

This further confirmed the fact that the pills were personally concocted by Wang Teng, the alchemist at the peak of the grandmaster level.

Of course, some people felt that buying Wang Teng's pills was giving him points.

They didn't want Wang Teng to earn these points.

However, they couldn't stop the majority of students from buying.

If you didn't buy it, that was fine. Others would buy!

There was news within the Constellation Society that Wang Teng didn't make many pills. He primarily focused on his cultivation and only concocted pills occasionally to earn some points.

Hence, the quantity of pills was limited.

It would be better if fewer people bought it.

By the time those who initially didn't want to buy realized their mistake, they were filled with regret.

When they tried to make purchases, there was nothing left.

They felt awkward but they remained stubborn.

Some of them even openly commented on the internal web.

"Hmph, what's the big deal? It's just pills. It's not like we can't afford them!"

"That's right. Who knows if the pills from the Constellation Society are genuine? You may get sick after consuming them."