"Why not just buy from the Treasure Pavilion? There's guaranteed authenticity, and it won't cost much more in points."

"It's embarrassing to see talented martial warriors from all over the universe fighting over the pills from the Constellation Society just for a few points."

There were all kinds of comments on the internal web. They were filled with jealousy and sarcasm.

However, nobody paid much attention to these remarks. Those who intended to buy would still buy because the deal was too good to pass up. Anyone who didn't buy was an idiot.

They didn't care whether it was embarrassing or not to save points. What they did know was that if their strength lagged behind others, it would be genuinely embarrassing.

Some people were envious and wondered how many points the Constellation Society had earned.

"The Constellation Society is amazing. It's formed by new students but it skyrocketed to fame."

"That's right. Those pills must have earned them a lot of points."

"It's more accurate to say that Wang Teng is amazing."

"That's right. Pills concocted by a grandmaster alchemist at the peak level have no shortage of demand."

"I've used the pills personally and they are genuinely better than what you find in the Treasure Pavilion. Wang Teng's mastery of alchemy is truly formidable. It's funny that some people are questioning the quality of those pills. They don't know what they are saying."

"Indeed, it's good. The Constellation Society was just formed so it's quite cheap. It might not be the same in the future."

"Maybe not. I think that the Constellation Society wants to compete with the academy for business. They might keep their prices low to do that."

"You make sense. We're benefitting from the arrangement so it's good for us."

"I heard some news. Have you guys heard about it?"

"What news?"

"I heard that members of the Constellation Society can help to sell pills and get a share of the profits!"

"Really? Is there such a good thing?"

"Many people know about it."

"Damn, I should have joined earlier. I'm willing to do anything for some points!"

"It's not easy for us to earn points!"

"Anyway, can we join? Does the Constellation Society only accept martial warriors from the Great Qian Empire?"

"Really? You want to join already?"

"What else can we do? We don't have any backing so it's tough for us to stay in the academy. It will be nice if we can join a new student faction."

"It's worth a try!"

"I heard that there are many factions formed by the seniors in the academy. They must be stronger than the Constellation Society. Why don't we give them a try?"

As the news of the Constellation Society spread, this new student faction, like a sprouting seedling, emerged unexpectedly, taking everyone by surprise.

By the time the older factions in the academy realized what was happening, the Constellation Society was already gaining prominence.

In a manor, Yue Qiqiao, Wade, and a few others were gathered together.

This was Wade's manor. It was where the members of the Constellation Society held their meetings normally.

Since they began to make a name for themselves, they had been meeting here to keep an eye on the situation outside.

Naturally, they saw the comments on the internal web.

Initially, Wade prepared a group of men to suppress those sarcastic remarks and promote the Constellation Society's reputation.

In the end, he realized that he didn't need to do it.

"That's it?" Wade looked incredulously at the small number of negative comments on the internal web. He felt frustrated when he realized that he was useless.

"There are still plenty of reasonable people. Only a few of them are sour," Yue Qiqiao said with a glint in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

"They're just a bunch of clowns. They won't cause much disturbances," Wade shook his head and said.

"But we can't relax. Those who could truly obstruct us haven't made a move yet," Yue Qiqiao said.

"You mean…" Wade turned serious.

"I've investigated. There are many factions formed by the seniors within the academy. They have been around for years and are deeply rooted in the academy. They also have their own networks of interests. If we suddenly join in and take a share, many of them might not be pleased," Yue Qiqiao explained.