"Erm… I guess so," Yue Qiqiao replied.

"Shall we tell Boss?" Wade asked.

"Tell him," Yue Qiqiao said irritably. "This guy dumped the matter on us and disappeared to who knows where."

Wade chuckled. Sister Yue always complained but she still worked dutifully for their boss.

Typical of someone who talks tough but was quite loyal.

"The Feiyun Alliance isn't a small faction. I didn't expect to attract such a powerful faction the moment we made a name for ourselves. They must think highly of us," Wade frowned and said.

"They don't think highly of us. They think highly of Wang Teng," Yue Qiqiao remarked. "I'll contact Wang Teng and see what he says."

With that, she proceeded to contact Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was cultivating in the Sword Storm Plain. He asked Round Ball to block all messages from strangers.

However, things were different for Yue Qiqiao and the others. Round Ball would inform him immediately if one of them contacted him.

"Yue Qiqiao!" Wang Teng was puzzled. He asked, "Why is she looking for me?"

Round Ball recounted what happened in the Constellation Society recently, including the visit from the Feiyun Alliance.

"The Feiyun Alliance!" Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes. There was a sharp glint in them. He stood up, walked to a secluded area, and asked Round Ball to connect Yue Qiqiao's call.

A projection of Yue Qiqiao appeared.

"Are you at the Sword Storm Plain?" Yue Qiqiao glanced around her and asked, "No wonder I couldn't find you for the past few days."

"You're quite something, cultivating over there while we run errands for you,"

"Thank you for working hard," Wang Teng coughed awkwardly. He felt a tad guilty.

"Hmph, at least you have some conscience." Yue Qiqiao snorted. "You should know what happened, right? What should we do now?"

"Ignore them. We'll deal with whatever comes our way. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. These people think they've cornered me and can swallow up the Constellation Society. We'll see if they have the appetite for that," Wang Teng said in a calm tone.

"Alright, I can rest assured after hearing your words," Yue Qiqiao replied.

"Alright, if there's nothing else, I'll hang up. I need to continue my cultivation," Wang Teng said.

"Wait," Yue Qiqiao called him hurriedly.

"What is it?" Wang Teng asked in surprise.

"The pills are selling quickly. Although we've been selling them in batches as you suggested, it won't be long before they're all gone. It's not enough," Yue Qiqiao said.

"That's fast!" Wang Teng exclaimed in surprise.

"I didn't expect them to sell so well," Yue Qiqiao said with a wry smile. She didn't know if she should be happy or concerned.

"Let's worry about it when they're all sold out. You shouldn't focus too much on these matters. Improving your strength is the most important thing. Some tasks can be delegated to others," Wang Teng reminded her.

"Alright!" Yue Qiqiao nodded.

The two of them ended the call. Wang Teng stood on the spot and pondered for some time. Then, he went back to his original spot and continued cultivating.

Not far away, Lu Tian sat cross-legged, his brows furrowing involuntarily.

That bastard was back again!

On the other hand, Wang Teng was elated. His Bloodlust Sword Domain had reached the third rank. The gains he made these few days were significant.

Wang Teng already felt how extraordinary the third rank of the Bloodlust Sword Domain was. It exceeded a normal domain.

It might even be more powerful than some hybrid domains.

Bloodlust, by its nature, was already a formidable power. Understanding it to the level of a domain made it even more terrifying.

Wang Teng already had a deep understanding of bloodlust so after mastering the Bloodlust Sword Domain, he felt the true horror of it.

However, after picking up a few attribute bubbles, Lu Tian couldn't hold back any longer. He stood up and glared at Wang Teng.

For the past few days, Wang Teng had been clinging to him like a plaster. He couldn't bear it anymore.

A moment ago, he thought that Wang Teng had left but he came back again.

He was toying with him!

He would write his name backward if this guy wasn't following him.

Lu Tian remained silent and just stood there, glaring coldly at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was somewhat helpless. This guy learned his lesson and used this tactic. It seemed like he had pushed him to his limit.

"Brother Lu, why are you staring at me?" Wang Teng opened his eyes and asked innocently.

"This place is huge. Did you see me looking at you?" Lu Tian shifted his gaze away and said calmly.

Wang Teng: …

Damn it, he got outsmarted!

Not bad!

"Let's have a duel in the Freshmen Leaderboard!" Lu Tian said coldly as satisfaction flashed passed his eyes.

"Cough, sure… let's go to the Freshmen Leaderboard." Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and continued, "But let's keep it casual, alright?"

"Okay!" Lu Tian nodded.

After they finished speaking, they headed straight for the Freshmen Leaderboard.

Many people got excited when they heard their conversation.

"Lu Tian and Wang Teng are going to the Freshmen Leaderboard!"

"Quick! Quick! Quick! Let's follow them. We can't miss this match."

"Oh my god, I'm starting to get excited. I wonder which one of them is stronger!"

"It must be Wang Teng!"

"Lu Tian is powerful too. He's from the Holy Temple of Slaughter. No one has ever seen him in action, but there are many rumors."

"What do you mean by there are many rumors? Wang Teng's battle results are all real. How can they be compared?"

"F**k, do you want to bet? I bet Wang Teng will win. 1,000 points!"