At the same time, in another space, many people watching the battle exclaimed in surprise when they saw the fierce exchange between them.

"So powerful!"

"Both of them are amazing."

"Everyone knows that Lu Tian's sword skill is powerful, but Wang Teng's sword skill is on par with his. This is unbelievable!"

"I remember that the last time Wang Teng fought with Zhulong Shan, his greatest strength was his physical prowess and his blade skills."

"That's right. Not only is Wang Teng's physique and blade skill powerful, but his sword skill is also terrifying!"

"Damn, how did he cultivate? He's so abnormal!"

"Did you notice that his sword conscious is exactly the same as Lu Tian's?"

"That's right. I heard that Lu Tian mastered the bloodlust conscious. Could it be…"

"It must be. Even if I'm not in the battle space, I can still feel the indescribable killing intent."

"What a coincidence. Wouldn't their duel be extremely intense?"

"I wonder who's stronger?"

Zhulong Shan was among the crowd too.

He came after knowing that Wang Teng was going to have a duel with Lu Tian.

He wouldn't let go of this chance.

However, after seeing them in action, his heart was having a hard time handling it.

That bastard Wang Teng mastered such a powerful bloodlust sword conscious but he didn't use it the previous time.

Didn't that mean he didn't manage to get Wang Teng to use his full strength?

Compared to his defeat, this was a greater insult to him.

His gaze was locked onto the battle in the combat space between Wang Teng and Lu Tian. He clenched his fists tightly and veins even popped on his forehead.

The martial warriors around him instinctively moved away, fearing that he might lose control and strike someone nearby with a punch.


There was a loud explosion.

In the battle space, Wang Teng and Lu Tian's battle swords clashed and created a series of sparks. Then, they separated and shot backward.

After their exchange, the shockwaves caused by their Forces pushed them back several kilometers before they managed to stop in mid-air. They stood facing each other.

"Wang Teng, you've surprised me. I didn't expect someone to master the bloodlust conscious to this extent and be able to fight with me," Lu Tian unexpectedly showed a hint of excitement as he spoke.

Wang Teng couldn't help but find it both funny and exasperating when he saw Lu Tian's expression.

This guy was eager for battle!

However, this was a good thing. The more intense the battle, the more attribute bubbles he would drop. Wang Teng was keen on harvesting more wool from him.


"This is nothing. I didn't exert my full strength yet," Wang Teng replied calmly.

"Good, you're quite arrogant!"

"Let me see if you can withstand this sword of mine!"

Lu Tian shouted. The battle sword in his hand suddenly gave off a glaring black glow. A sword light soared into the sky, reaching hundreds of feet long!

Endless killing intent condensed on this sword light like a sea of corpses and blood. It crashed down towards Wang Teng like a deluge.

God Slayer First Stance!

A profound black light shot out of Lu Tian's eyes. He appeared extremely dangerous as he slashed his battle sword out.

A hundred-foot sword glow descended from the sky, carrying with it a terrifying bloodlust conscious.

The frightening sword light reflected in Wang Teng's pupils. His gaze turned sharp. Brilliant golden light burst from his battle sword.

At the same time, a powerful bloodlust conscious wrapped around the golden sword glow, giving the sharp golden sword glow a menacing aura. It became even more dangerous.

The Twelve Swords of Tyrant!

First Sword!

Without any hesitation, as the black sword light from the opposite side reached above his head, Wang Teng smirked and slashed his sword out.

The golden sword light tore through the sky, surging with a fearsome bloodlust conscious.



This was the only way to describe this move!

It might not be as pure as Lu Tian's sword light, which was filled with endless bloodlust conscious, but it concealed a terrifying killing intent, exuding unparalleled dominance.


The two sword lights collided in front of countless astonished onlookers, producing a violent explosion in the sky.