In the battle space.

The two unparalleled sword lights collided with a resounding impact, unleashing powerful sword auras that swept the surroundings.

The audience in the other space was flabbergasted.

Their gazes were fixed on the point of collision. They didn't even dare to blink.


Explosions echoed continuously.

The residual force surged outward and sword aura swept through the arena. Suddenly, a figure was thrown out of the clash of sword lights.

Lu Tian!

It was Lu Tian!

He lost in the clash of swords and was thrown out forcefully.


There was an uproar. The crowd was shocked that Wang Teng's sword light managed to shatter Lu Tian's terrifying sword attack.

"Wang Teng… is so powerful!"

Many people were astounded. Their pupils constricted violently.

Wang Teng gave them too many surprises.

His proficiency in swordsmanship had previously been only superficially demonstrated, causing them to believe he wasn't skilled in it.

Now, it was clear that it wasn't a matter of not being skilled. He just needed the right time to display it.

When facing Lu Tian, a genius in swordsmanship, Wang Teng revealed his mastery in swordsmanship and gained an upper hand in the first round of their clash.

This was unbelievable!

Lu Tian's body was thrown back a few thousand meters. He stomped his feet on the air and left a clear white mark in the space before he finally came to a halt.

He looked a little disheveled. His long hair was scattered, giving him a slightly unkempt look, and there were even two small sword scars on his cheeks.

The sword scars suddenly cracked open and blood began oozing out.

Lu Tian wiped his cheek and felt the warm blood. His eyes gleamed with a red light.

"What's the name of your sword attack just now?"

His cold voice was heard. He stared intently at Wang Teng, seeming even more excited.

"The Twelve Swords of Tyrant, Sword One!"

Wang Teng replied calmly.

Among the spectators, a figure with its features concealed by light suddenly felt a twitch at the corner of its mouth.

Wang Teng stole this sword technique from him yet he mentioned it openly. Seriously…

He had never seen such a shameless person before!

This person was Yu Yunxian!

He didn't miss any of Wang Teng's battles.

Ever since he lost to Wang Teng, he had been paying close attention to Wang Teng's battles. Knowing your enemy was the key to victory.

He had already lost so he wasn't undefeatable.

However, he believed that learning from his losses would make him stronger and help him win next time.

Even so, he had to admit that Wang Teng's understanding of the first sword of the Twelve Swords of Tyrant had surpassed his own.

He had even forged his own path within the technique!

He knew that he couldn't wield that last sword attack.

It embodied not only the grandeur and dominance of the Twelve Swords of Tyrant but also an intense killing intent.

This was something he didn't have.

The path of the sword and the path of bloodlust were intertwined.

Amplifying the bloodlust conscious would make the sword technique even more powerful.

"The Twelve Swords of Tyrant! The first sword!" Lu Tian's eyes shone brightly. He stared at Wang Teng and continued, "That means that you still have 11 sword moves!"

"Make a guess!" Wang Teng smiled.

Lu Tian: …


"I lost to the first sword."

"Let's see if you can withstand my second one!"

He shouted coldly.

Lu Tian disappeared on the spot and charged towards Wang Teng once again. An even stronger killing intent erupted from his battle sword.

That killing intent instantly transformed into a peculiar domain, spreading outward at an imperceptible speed.

The Bloodlust Sword Domain!

Lu Tian finally used the power of domain!

A pitch-black field shrouded Wang Teng. Boundless killing intent permeated the area. Sword lights crisscrossed, forming a torrent of jet-black sword energy.

Wang Teng's pupils shrank abruptly.

This move was very strong!

The Bloodlust Sword Domain was merged into this move, making it incredibly powerful.

Even Wang Teng felt the pressure.

This was the power of a fourth-rank sword domain!

Wang Teng didn't know if Lu Tian had used his full strength but at this moment, he had to release his fourth-rank domain to resist the attack.

However, his Bloodlust Sword Domain was only at the third rank. There was still a huge gap between him and Lu Tian.

"God Slayer Second Stance!"

Lu Tian shouted.

The torrent of black sword light soared into the sky and plummeted with a deafening sound, tearing through the void and creating a piercing sonic boom as it swept toward Wang Teng.

The dense and numerous sword glows completely sealed all Wang Teng's paths of escape.

The Bloodlust Sword Domain released endless killing intent and enveloped Wang Teng, causing his body to stiffen.

A normal person wouldn't be able to move under this terrifying bloodlust aura.

However, Wang Teng was different!

His eyes sparkled as he scanned his surroundings. Then, he released his spiritual power rapidly and collected all the attribute bubbles dropped by Lu Tian.

Bloodlust Sword Domain*300

Bloodlust Sword Domain*350

Once you use it, you will drop attribute bubbles, whether you want to or not. Wang Teng smiled secretly. More insights of the Bloodlust Sword Domain appeared in his mind and this attribute improved swiftly.

When he was at the Sword Storm Plain, his Bloodlust Sword Domain had already reached the upper tier of the third rank.

Now, with another few hundred points of enlightenment, his Bloodlust Sword Domain had finally reached the fourth rank.

Bloodlust Sword Domain: 150/4000 (fourth-rank)

Have a taste of your own medicine!

Let's see if your Bloodlust Sword Domain is stronger or mine!

With these thoughts in mind, a powerful bloodlust aura erupted from his body. It was no weaker than Lu Tian's bloodlust conscious.