"Alright, two conditions it is." Wang Teng blinked and nodded in the end. He wore an expression that made it seem like he was doing them a favor. "To be honest, if it weren't for your pitiable situation, I wouldn't have agreed to this."

Shi Yuntian and Shen Yanfen: …

What do you mean by pitiful?

How are we pitiful?

He made them look like beggars.

This bastard was too evil. He was defiling them for no reason.

Yue Qiqiao and the others looked at the two of them with sympathy.

Of all the people, he had to provoke them. Now they know the consequences.

Of course, they were gloating and not really sympathizing with them.

Deep down, they were overjoyed.

"Since you've agreed, let's not waste any time and make our moves now," Wang Teng said.


Shi Yuntian and Shen Yanfeng exchanged glances and a hint of joy flashed across their eyes. They nodded without any hesitation.

Both parties then boarded their spacecraft and flew towards the academy's arena.

In the academy, there were places for students to spar and fight. As long as they fought in the arenas, it was within the academy's rules.

In more serious cases, they were even responsible for their own lives and deaths. It was much more brutal than other forms of combat.

When Wang Teng and the others arrived at the arena, the news had already spread like wildfire.

"Have you heard? The Constellation Society and the Feng Yun Alliance are fighting."

"Huh? They're fighting?"

"Why are they fighting?"

"It's inevitable. The Constellation Society is in the limelight. Many people are eyeing them."

"Speaking of which, can anyone tell me what the Feng Yun Alliance is? I've never heard of it."

"Oh right, what is the Feng Yun Alliance?"

"It's a new student faction. It's normal for people to have not heard of it. It's not as famous as the Constellation Society."

"This batch of freshmen knows how to cause trouble!"

"Well, they haven't been beaten up by reality."

"I dare say that both the thriving Constellation Society and the Feng Yun Alliance will not be able to last long."

The crowd was abuzz with lively discussions.

Many senior students sneered. They felt that this batch of new students was causing so much trouble. It hadn't been long since they had entered the academy, and not only did they form factions, they had even started fighting.

Is there anyone more adept at causing trouble than this?

Many people even asserted that the Constellation Society and the Feng Yun Alliance would not exist for long and would eventually disband.

This place was like a desolate plain.

Huge arenas were erected on the plains.

Some of the arenas were empty while figures were moving rapidly on the others. Clashes between martial warriors produced intense origin power fluctuations but they were all contained within the arena's protective barrier and couldn't be felt.

Wang Teng and the others flew out of the spacecraft and landed in an empty arena.

"Wang Teng, will you be alright? I feel that there's something wrong with them agreeing so quickly," Yue Qiqiao asked via voice transmission.

"It's fine," Wang Teng replied calmly and looked to the other side.

Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun's spacecraft was a little slower. They had just arrived. They then flew out of the spacecraft and landed.

Behind them was the group of people from Feng Yun Alliance. There were at least dozens of them.

Unknowingly, a crowd had already formed in the surroundings, and they were all prepared to watch the battle between the two new student factions.

There were also some people sitting on spacecraft, hovering in mid-air and looking down from the sky.

Among them were people from the Feiyun Alliance. The heaven-stage martial warrior Xia Xin, who previously tried to rope in the Constellation Society, was in a spacecraft as well.

"Leader, those are the people from the Witch Tower Alliance!"

The panoramic simulation on the spacecraft was activated. Xia Xin's gaze landed on a spacecraft in the distance and was surprised.

"I didn't expect the Witch Tower Alliance to be here as well." The leader of the Feiyun Alliance, Ji Feiyun, raised his eyebrows and said calmly.

"Are they trying to rope Wang Teng in too?" Xia Xin asked.

"Almost everyone from the Witch Tower Alliance came from the Witch Tower Territorial Domain. There are very few people from other territorial domains. However, Wang Teng is very special. I wonder if they will be tempted." Ji Feiyun shook his head.

Xia Xin didn't ask further.

At this moment, Ji Feiyun's expression changed. He looked to the other side and saw a huge spacecraft approaching. It slowly stopped above the arena where Wang Teng and the others were about to fight.

"Qingyan Society!"

"Qingyan Society, it's them!" Xia Xin's expression changed slightly as he exclaimed.

"Hehe, this is getting more and more interesting." Ji Feiyun smiled faintly.

"President, there's a call from the Qingyan Society. Do you want to connect?" Xia Xin suddenly asked.

"Connect!" Ji Feiyun's eyes flickered as he nodded.

Xia Xin picked up the call immediately and a projection appeared. Within the projection was a young man with long, blue hair, appearing quite youthful. Even if he stood alongside Wang Teng and the others, he would seem like someone of the same age.

However, those who knew him knew that this young man was not an ordinary person.

Like Ji Feiyun, he was a peak universe-stage martial warrior!

This person was the president of the Qingyan Society!

"Ji Feiyun, I knew you would come," the young man with long green hair said.

"Feng Qingyan!" Ji Feiyun muttered in his heart. His gaze had long regained its calmness. He smiled and said, "If you can come here, I can come too!"

"Come as you please. It doesn't matter. I'm here to tell you that Wang Teng will be Qingyan Society's. You should give up as soon as possible," Feng Qingyan declared.

"Nothing is certain until the end." Ji Feiyun frowned.