The power unleashed by a group of cosmos-stage martial warriors simultaneously was truly terrifying.

But what surprised everyone even more was that Wang Teng's clones were weaving through the crowd and miraculously avoided being hit.

Moreover, he had already begun to counterattack!


A loud explosion was heard.

A member of the Feng Yun Alliance couldn't react in time and got struck by the attack. He was sent flying backward.


Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun's expressions changed. They were astounded.

They just exchanged blows and not only did they fail to gain an advantage, one of their members was even sent flying.

At the same time, Wang Teng's clone broke free from the crowd at the speed of lightning and charged toward the member of the Feng Yun Alliance who was just thrown off his feet.

"Stop him!" Shen Yanfeng shouted immediately.

In fact, he didn't need to say much. Many people were already chasing after the clone. However, their speed couldn't match Wang Teng's, even if it was just a clone.

The member of the Feng Yun Alliance who got knocked back turned pale. He had just taken a powerful punch and was now spitting out blood.

When he saw Wang Teng's clone closing in, his expression changed drastically. He wanted to stabilize himself but he couldn't resist the powerful impact.

Damn it, how powerful is that punch?

He was flabbergasted. He finally realized that they had underestimated Wang Teng's clone.

Who said that this was 50% of the strength?

One punch and he couldn't retaliate at all!

If this was 50% of his strength, how powerful was Wang Teng's true form?

This member of the Feng Yun Alliance didn't dare to imagine.

Unless this wasn't a clone but Wang Teng's true form.

But, he didn't understand why Wang Teng would deal with a nobody like him personally. Shouldn't he be going after Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun instead?

These thoughts raced through his mind in a matter of seconds.

In an instant, Wang Teng's clone suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind the member of the Feng Yun Alliance.

"Be careful!" Several members of the Feng Yun Alliance shouted instantly.


A sonic boom was heard. The member of the Feng Yun Alliance who was thrown off his feet didn't have the time to react. His pupils constricted violently, and the next instant, he felt an intense pain at the back of his head. His vision turned black.


Swoop! Boom!

A sensation akin to being struck by lightning surged from the top of his head. It caused his entire body to tremble.

The member of the Feng Yun Alliance rolled his eyes upwards, leaving only the whites of his eyes visible.

But, it wasn't over!

Bang! Bang! Bang …

A series of muffled sounds accompanied by the crackling of lightning continued to resonate. In just a few breaths, Wang Teng had struck a dozen times, leaving behind nothing but his lingering shadows.

He knew that in this situation, others wouldn't give him much time. Hence, he had to finish it quickly.

Sure enough, at that moment, several other members of the Feng Yun Alliance caught up with him and were closing in on him.

However, Wang Teng had already stopped and retreated. He didn't give them any chances and slipped away like an eel, smoothly escaping their encirclement.

The members of the Feng Yun Alliance turned grim as they lowered their heads and looked at the Feng Yun Alliance member who got attacked by Wang Teng's clone.

He lay on the ground, convulsing, with a massive lump on his head that made him look like a pig's head. It was a truly gruesome sight.

The members of the Feng Yun Alliance were extremely close so they saw everything. Their hearts palpitated and the corners of their lips twitched uncontrollably.

Some distance away, Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun also noticed this scene. Their faces turned black.

"We need to deal with his true form first!" Shi Tianyun said in a gloomy voice.

"The problem is, I can't find his true form!" Shen Yanfeng glanced around him and said in frustration.

Shi Yuntian felt so exasperated he wanted to vomit blood.

They never expected Wang Teng's clones to be so powerful. They couldn't distinguish which one was the true form.

"Hahaha, the Feng Yun Alliance is completely baffled!"

Many people burst out laughing when they saw this scene.

However, most people were secretly shocked by Wang Teng's strength. Even his clones were as terrifying as his true form. They couldn't tell which was the real Wang Teng.

At least for now, his true form hadn't been exposed. He remained hidden among the crowd, making it impossible for the Feng Yun Alliance members to make a move.

"Boss's clone technique is still as formidable as ever!" Wade exclaimed when he saw the situation in the arena.

"So, this is Wang Teng's clone technique. No wonder you all looked so secretive. It's indeed incredibly powerful and unique, unlike ordinary clone techniques," Boret's eyes sparkled as he watched the battle and praised Wang Teng's abilities.

"Haha, I can relax now. I feel the Feng Yun Alliance won't be able to do anything to our Boss," Wade laughed.

In the arena, Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun continued to scan the area, trying to locate Wang Teng's true form.

They didn't dare to separate. They were afraid that if they met Wang Teng alone, they would be defeated one by one.

However, by sticking together, it became even more challenging to identify Wang Teng's true form.

Bang! Bang! Bang …

In just a short amount of time, Wang Teng had dealt with several Feng Yun Alliance members.

Six Wang Tengs attacked at the same time. Even though two or three of them were held back, the members of the Feng Yun Alliance still found it troublesome.

They felt powerless in front of Wang Teng's speed.