The power of an attack compressed in such a manner was absolutely terrifying.

What was even more astonishing was that this domain was different from the water-element domain she had used earlier. It was a completely different type of domain.

Jiang Yu astonishingly wielded two incredibly powerful domains. From this perspective, her strength was no less than the silver-horned man from earlier.

However, the silver-horned man grasped the power of origin, making him a formidable opponent.

At this moment, Jiang Yu only had one advantage. She was betting that Wang Teng had already expended too much of his strength in his previous battle against the silver-horned man.

She was taking a gamble!

She bet that Wang Teng would not be able to unleash the same level of power that had defeated the silver-horned man.

After all, he was only a cosmos-stage martial warrior, and Jiang Yu did not believe that a cosmos-stage martial warrior could compete in a battle of endurance with a heaven-stage martial warrior.

But before she could revel in her anticipation, Jiang Yu's expression changed dramatically. Her eyes filled with disbelief.


A thunderous, earth-shaking explosion suddenly erupted!

In the massive spherical mass ahead, dazzling streaks of green light burst forth, as if a green sun had been trapped within and was now finally about to explode.

As the green light radiated out, clumps of green flames also burst forth from the cracks in the spherical mass, violently igniting on the surface of the branches.

Plant-based organisms were highly flammable, and when they encountered celestial flames, they turned into fuel, impossible to control.

Jiang Yu's expression changed rapidly as she attempted to control her power of domain to extinguish the green flames. But, it seemed to be in vain.


In the next moment, a frightening explosion resounded through the sky, drowning out all other sounds in the vicinity.

Startled, everyone turned their gaze toward the source of the noise, their expressions filled with profound shock.

A column of green fire abruptly shot up from the spherical mass formed by the plant matter, reaching nearly to the heavens, a truly spectacular sight as if connecting heaven and earth.

Simultaneously, an incredibly scorching heat swept out, distorting the surrounding air. Viewed from a distance, it gave rise to a surreal and unreal sensation.

The members of the Swift Wing Team stared with wide eyes, speechless, as they watched the column of green fire, completely at a loss for words.


Jiang Yu's domain shattered, and she abruptly spat out a large mouthful of blood, her complexion rapidly paling.


A piercing and sharp scream escaped her lips, even more hysterical and incredulous than when her water-element domain was broken.

However, she wasn't foolish. Faced with this situation, she had no intention of continuing the fight. She quickly retreated.


A figure carrying an endless sea of green blaze surged forward. The flames coalesced into a fist imprint, striking towards Jiang Yu.

Five-element fist!

Fire fist Imprint!

Jiang Yu's pupils constricted. She gritted her teeth and activated all the Forces in her body. They congregated into multiple blue palm prints and shot out.

Confronted with the scorching and relentless flames, her wood-element attacks were completely ineffective. Only water-element attacks had any hope of resisting.

However, she was now exceedingly weakened, and even her water-element palm imprints were not a match for the fiery assault.

Furthermore, her combat techniques were only at the heaven stage, a substantial gap compared to Wang Teng's Five Elements Fist.


In an instant, several palm imprints shattered, collapsing into numerous blue specks of light that dissipated into the air.

Meanwhile, Wang Teng had simply thrown a punch.

The fire fist imprint was like a bulldozer, smashing through the broken water-element palm imprints, and striking fiercely at Jiang Yu.


Jiang Yu's delicate form was instantly sent flying by the punch, crashing heavily onto the ground. Wang Teng showed no mercy.


A piercing, wailing scream echoed as Jiang Yu's body created a deep crater in the desert when it slammed into the ground. She sprang out violently, disheveled. She looked at Wang Teng with eyes that resembled the gaze of a vengeful spirit.

"Why are you shouting? You sound so horrible!" Wang Teng snorted. With a swift movement, he appeared right above Jiang Yu's head and released his fist imprint again.

Jiang Yu was completely caught off guard by his ruthless aggression, and before she could react, the green fist imprint descended from above her.

The bitterness in her eyes turned into pure terror, but her current state left her incapable of evading such a powerful attack. She could only watch helplessly as the fist imprint bore down on her.


Jiang Yu was once again smashed into the sandy soil, her entire body sprawling unceremoniously in the massive sand pit, struggling to get back on her feet.

The members of the Swift Wing Team: …

This snakeman was ruthless!

Jiang Yu was the only lady on their team. How could the opponent hit her so ruthlessly?

Cang Yu: …

Little Qing'er: …

Even Cang Yu and Little Qing'er found Wang Teng's actions rather brutal. How could he be so ruthless towards a lady?

Despite the woman's previous disdainful remarks towards the two of them, even calling them "seductive and cheap," seeing her beaten to such an extent made their mouths twitch involuntarily.

They didn't know that 'Zele' was someone willing to be so ruthless against a woman.

As for Little Qing'er, she had even more reason to believe that Wang Teng was not her father.

This father must be a fake!

Inside the sand pit, Jiang Yu struggled to climb to her feet, but she was in intense pain. Her battle armor had already shattered, exposing a lot of exposed flesh.

However, her flesh had nothing enticing about it. Under the searing green flames, it had turned black, resembling a charred pork belly.