Wang Teng descended from the sky. The Lightning Slap appeared in his hand. It was enveloped in crackling lightning, and he directed it towards Jiang Yu's forehead.

Bang, bang, bang…

Swoop! Boom!

A dull thud accompanied by electric crackles reverberated throughout the area.

The muscles on the faces of the members of the Swift Wing Team twitched uncontrollably. They couldn't bear to look at them anymore.

The familiar sensation was growing stronger.

They just couldn't make the immediate connection between this snakeman and the prodigy from the Stellar Academies.


At this moment, a faint sonic boom was heard.

No one noticed the sudden threat, as they were still absorbed in Wang Teng's relentless assault on Jiang Yu.

Meanwhile, the divine spirit master Tang Cheng's lips curled into a cold smile. His eyes sparkled with a glaring light.

Wang Teng immediately felt a sense of impending danger, his scalp prickling as if something terrifying was attacking from behind.

His gaze sharpened, and without hesitation, he activated the Space Flash. The space in front of him immediately rippled

Almost simultaneously, a golden light flashed from the spot where he had been standing, piercing through Wang Teng's heart.

The icy gleam in Tang Cheng's eyes became obvious, and the curve of his lips became even more pronounced.

He had fully revealed his sinister fangs.

Elizabeth, who was opposite him, finally noticed something amiss. Her expression changed entirely.

"You have a death wish!"

Elizabeth was furious. She hadn't expected this divine spirit master to launch a sneak attack on her master right under her nose. Her heart was filled with both shock and anger, and her eyes blazed with killing intent.

She couldn't help but blame herself for being too careless, allowing such a mistake to occur and putting her master in a dire situation.

"Hahaha, your master is dead!" Tang Cheng couldn't help but laugh triumphantly.

From the beginning, he had been looking for an opportunity to strike and eliminate the snakeman through a sneak attack.

The opponent's strength far exceeded their expectations, and he had no choice but to find a breakthrough using such methods.

They had already lost two powerful heaven-stage martial warriors. They weren't the other party's match.

Seeing the endless array of the opponent's abilities, he didn't dare to entertain even the slightest glimmer of hope that the opponent would exhaust his Force and become powerless to fight.

Judging from the opponent's appearance, that was an almost impossible scenario.

Fortunately, such an opportunity had finally presented itself. Just as their opponent was savoring the fruits of victory, he seized the chance to unleash his long-concealed killing move.

He believed that no matter how powerful the snakeman was, he would definitely die under his attack.

He had used this move many times in the past and had never failed.

No matter what, this snakemen man was just a cosmos stage martial warrior. He had observed earlier that the opponent's strength was indeed significant, but defeating a heaven-stage martial warrior was not as effortless as it might have appeared.

When he defeated their captain and Jiang Yu, the snakeman exerted his full power without holding back.

His killing technique, when used against heaven-stage martial warriors who were unprepared, could effortlessly slay them.

Thus, this snakeman had no chance of escaping.


"You're celebrating too early!"

At that moment, a mocking voice entered Tang Cheng's ears.

Tang Cheng's expression slightly changed as he realized something was amiss. His strike hadn't landed on anything real but had passed through something illusory.

The emptiness caused his expression to freeze.

A sinister premonition crept into his heart.

Elizabeth gazed at him with a trace of scorn. She knew her master's methods too well. Such an attack might work against ordinary warriors, but against her master, it was nothing more than a futile endeavor.

As expected, Wang Teng's shape vanished from its original location, and the golden light only pierced through a fleeting afterimage.

In the next moment, Wang Teng's figure reappeared three meters away, his gaze fixed on Tang Cheng.

A cold expression appeared on his face.

He originally planned to deal with this divine spirit master last but since he was seeking death, he would fulfill his wish.

When Tang Cheng saw the look in Wang Teng's eyes, his heart sank. He felt as though he were being hunted by a terrifying beast.

The two men locked eyes.

Wang Teng extended his palm and suddenly made a throat-slashing gesture.

Tang Cheng's expression darkened. He was threatened.

But he had to admit that the threat from this snakeman made him feel uneasy. A sense of panic had taken root in his heart.

This feeling left him frustrated and ashamed!

He was a heaven realm divine spirit mentor but he was feeling anxious because of a threatening gesture from the cosmos-stage snakeman.

This was absurd!

Wang Teng approached Jiang Yu step by step. She was not completely unconscious yet, trying to get up, but the intense pain all over her body made her collapse.

She saw Wang Teng approaching, his expression devoid of emotion. It sent a chill of fear through her.

"Don't kill me!"

Jiang Yu pleaded, using both her hands to move backward.

"Safe journey," Wang Teng stated indifferently. He produced a sword in his palm and made a gentle swipe.


A spray of blood blossomed at Jiang Yu's neck.

This heaven-stage genius with two talents met her end in an instant. In her eyes, there was profound unwillingness and resentment as she stared fiercely at Wang Teng. Eventually, her gaze dissipated.