In the sky.

The invisible clash of spiritual power surged forth, and even the onlookers felt the intense waves it generated.

The shockwaves produced by the collision of these two spiritual forces continued to ripple through the surrounding space. The space couldn't withstand the pressure and finally cracked.


Finally, at the epicenter of their spiritual power clash, it seemed that the spiritual forces had reached a certain limit. With a deafening roar, they erupted into an explosion.

Two figures were sent hurtling through the air, propelled by the impact of their spiritual power confrontation, traveling several thousand meters before they could manage to halt their momentum.

Tang Cheng stared at Wang Teng grimly. A look of disbelief still lingered in his eyes as they remained firmly fixed on the golden nine-level pagoda floating above Wang Teng's head. A thought flashed through his mind.

"Buddha's Sutra!"

He squeezed the words out of his mouth in disbelief.

As a divine spirit master, he was familiar with the renowned Buddha's Sutra.

The mystique of the Buddha's Sutra lies in its origin and cultivation techniques, and its reputation is quite remarkable.

Especially among divine spirit masters, it held an even more exalted status that was hard to imagine.

Many divine spirit masters were aware of the existence of the Buddha's Sutra, and even self-proclaimed talents who considered themselves powerful were eager to try and practice it.

Everyone knew how powerful the Buddha's Sutra was.

It was said that by cultivating it, one could refine their spiritual power to an extraordinary level.

Furthermore, it offers immense potential.

The only problem was that the Buddha's Sutra was a little mysterious. Ordinary people cannot easily find this extraordinary scripture.

But, at this moment, the legendary Nine Treasures Pagoda appeared right in front of Tang Cheng.

He suppressed the tempest of emotions inside and observed carefully.

Finally, he confirmed that the appearance of this golden pagoda matched the legendary description precisely.

How could he not be astounded?

It was even more astonishing than discovering that Wang Teng was a divine spirit master.

Who was this snakeman?

This snakeman wasn't just a formidable martial warrior but also a divine spirit master who had practiced the legendary Buddha's Sutra.

All of this had shrouded him in a layer of profound mystery, making it difficult for anyone to see the complete picture.

Behind this shroud of uncertainty, what kind of being was he?

At this moment, Tang Cheng's mind was filled with countless questions, and his expression was one of incredulity.

The members of the Swift Wing Team in the distance were equally astounded. This snakeman was also a divine spirit master.


This was horrifying!

How many more hidden abilities did this snakeman have?

They felt a sense of despair. They were already at a disadvantage, so when they saw Wang Teng releasing such powerful spiritual power, they felt even more hopeless.

Cang Yu and Little Qing'er swapped glances with each other, growing more suspicious by the moment.

How could Zele possess such powerful spiritual power?

While rare, the snake hurry did have divine spirit masters so they knew about them.

Hence, they were well conscious of what being a divine spirit master entailed. <segment 154657 ¶>

Each divine spirit master was exceptionally strong, and if a divine spirit master appeared among the snakemen, they would receive special training and a high position.

However, Zele had never displayed this talent!

It was almost inconceivable.

How could someone who has lived among them for so many years hide so deeply?

Wang Teng stood in the air with the Nine Treasures Pagoda floating above his head. He looked at Tang Cheng with a serious expression. He looked at Tangcheng in the distance, his expression growing slightly serious.

Heaven-realm divine spirit masters were indeed incredibly powerful!

If he hadn't directly utilized the Nine Treasures Pagoda earlier, he probably wouldn't have been able to easily withstand the spiritual pressure from Tang Cheng.

The Nine Treasures Pagoda had condensed his spiritual power to an extreme level, and combined with Wang Teng's already robust spiritual power, it barely allowed him to withstand the spiritual pressure of a heaven-realm divine spirit master.

"What Buddha's Sutra? Why don't I know what you're saying?" Wang Teng looked at the other party and asked curiously, "Actually, to be honest, I cultivate the Pagoda Demon Suppression Scripture!"

Tangcheng was evidently stupefied.

To hell with the pagoda demon suppression skill!

Did he think he was blind?

How could he not know what the Nine Treasures Pagoda formed from the Buddha's Sutra looked like?

Wait, could it be that this snakeman didn't know about the Buddha's Sutra and mistook it for some kind of pagoda demon suppression skill?

In an instant, Tang Cheng's mind raced with assumptions, and a trace of disdain curled his lips.

As expected of a native. They didn't even know what the Buddha's Sutra was.

He had a treasure but he didn't know it. What a joke!

Suddenly, a sharp glint flashed passed his eyes.

The other party didn't know what Buddha's Sutra was. Did that mean that he didn't know how substantial this scripture was?

If that were the case, Tangcheng saw an opportunity to manipulate the situation and make the Buddha's Sutra his own.

Greed flickered in Tang Cheng's eyes.

His covetousness overshadowed even the life-threatening situation he was in.

At a subconscious level, he might believed that he was still more substantial than this snakeman divine spirit master and he wouldn't lose.

In the next moment, the fire of determination blazed in Tang Cheng's eyes, and his spiritual power began to permeate the surrounding sky.


Simultaneously, a subtle sonic boom resonated in the void.

Wang Teng's gaze sharpened, and he swiftly evaded.