A golden ray of light pierced through the space where he was originally standing.

It was the same one that had previously ambushed him.

Wang Teng immediately activated his Real Eye to identify the source of the golden light. He finally saw its true form.

This was a weapon resembling the feathers of a bird. The weapon was entirely golden, with a sharp pointed head and surrounded by bird-like barbs.

This spiritual kinesis weapon was quite special!

Before he could think further, the golden ray of light made a sharp turn in mid-air and swiftly followed Wang Teng, closing in at lightning speed.

Wang Teng's eyes flickered, and with a wave of his hand, spiritual power surged forth, emitting a series of icy flashes.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

In a few crisp sounds, Wang Teng's flying daggers were directly severed by the golden ray of light, which left him quite surprised.

While his flying daggers were not particularly special spiritual weapons, their quality reached the heaven level. Yet, they were destroyed so easily.

This was beyond his expectations.

Spiritual weapons were generally quite rare, especially those that weren't mass-produced.

Otherwise, An Lan wouldn't have gone to great lengths to employ him, a grandmaster blacksmith, to forge the Thousand Armaments Vessel.

The Thousand Armaments Vessel was a powerful heaven-level spiritual weapon!

Conventional and mass-produced heaven-level spiritual weapons wouldn't possess the same level of power as the Thousand Armaments Vessel.

"What is that weapon?" Wang Teng was astounded.

Suddenly, he remembered that the Golden Crescent Blade was destroyed by a golden light. Could this be the same item?

"An ordinary spiritual weapon can't stand against my Phoenix Golden Feather Blade," Tang Cheng, seeing Wang Teng's astonishment, gloated.

"Phoenix Golden Feather Blade!" Wang Teng's eyes lit up. He muttered to himself, "So this weapon is called the Phoenix Golden Feather Blade. Quite an imposing name, I must say."


The sound of breaking air echoed again.

Guided by Tang Cheng, the golden light shot towards Wang Teng's vital points with a cunning angle.

As a heaven realm divine spirit master, he had impeccable control over spiritual weapons.

Wang Teng squinted when he saw the power of the Phoenix Golden Feather Blade. He didn't dare to confront it head-on and immediately activated his Light Bolt skill. His body transformed into a white light as he evaded the golden light's pursuit.

However, under Tang Cheng's control, even though Wang Teng used Light Bolt to move at a tremendous speed, the golden light closely followed him, not giving up.

"This won't work!" Wang Teng's expression became more serious. He hadn't expected that his opponent possessed such a powerful weapon, and it put him in a difficult situation.

But he wasn't one to passively accept his fate. His eyes gleamed with determination as he considered a counterstrategy.

Oh right, void mayflies!

He couldn't get close to the other party so he could only use his void mayflies.

In an instant, numerous dots of light floated out from his forehead, accompanied by his spiritual power. Amid Tang Cheng's golden spiritual energy, they remained incredibly concealed.

These dots of light silently dispersed into the sky. They appeared briefly and then vanished.

Wang Teng had imbued them with space force, and they instantly disappeared into the spaces between dimensions, stealthily moving closer to Tang Cheng.

Tang Cheng's spiritual power was spread all around, forming something akin to absolute perception in the space surrounding him. However, Wang Teng's void had completely slipped into the crevices of space so they were beyond his detection.

That was why the other party didn't notice anything amiss.

At this moment, Tang Cheng seemed to be growing impatient.

Wang Teng's speed had taken him by surprise.

His Phoenix Golden Feather Blade was extremely fast. The average warrior wouldn't be able to keep up with its speed. However, Wang Teng's speed was so fast that even the Phoenix Golden Feather Blade. This was unbelievable.

"Hmph!" A snort came out of his mouth.

Suddenly, two more streaks of golden light shot out from the right and left of Wang Teng, aiming for his head and heart.

The three golden streaks formed a triangular pattern, blocking the three most critical points on Wang Teng's body.

Getting hit by these golden streaks would, at the very least, result in severe injury if not death.

Wang Teng was shocked. He didn't think that there would be more than one Phoenix Golden Feather Blade. However, he reacted quickly and released his spiritual power, forming two spiritual shields in front of him.

Spiritual Shield!

He had already become highly proficient in this skill and was capable of invoking it instantly.

In the next moment, those two streaks of golden light fiercely struck the spiritual shields, causing them to ripple and crack.

The Phoenix Golden Feather Blade was so sharp that even the shield formed from supernatural power couldn't block it.

Wang Teng, however, remained unfazed and simply passed through the gap between the two shields.

Bang! Bang!

The two shields behind him shattered instantly.

As it turned out, Wang Teng had not used too much spiritual power to condense the two shields. He only needed to block the two golden lights for a moment.

This way, he could conserve his supernatural power to the maximum extent!

Tang Cheng's expression changed. He didn't expect that he wouldn't be able to kill the snakeman even after using three of his Phoenix Golden Feather Blades. Moreover, two of his attacks were blocked.

The opponent's tenacity far exceeded his imagination.

At this moment, the third streak of golden glow was still closely following behind.

Wang Teng's eyes flashed, and a purple light flew from his hand to intercept the third streak of gilded light.


A metallic vibration resounded.

The streak of gilded glow solidly landed on the purple light and surprisingly did not slash through it but was intercepted and stopped.