Wang Teng merged the Earth Domain into his Flaming Magnetic Meteor Domain. His fifth-rank domain rose rapidly and reached the sixth-rank.

It became Wang Teng's first domain to reach the sixth rank.

Before this encounter, Wang Teng's domains reached a maximum of the fifth rank. They were at the actualization phase so they were more powerful than normal sixth-rank domains.

However, they were still in the fifth rank. They still had some distance to cover in terms of insight compared to the sixth rank.

The gradual progression of Wang Teng's domain strength was essential, and it could not be achieved all at once.

Flaming Magnetic Meteor Domain: 200/6000 (sixth-rank)

The Metal Domain used to be at the fifth rank but now, it reached the sixth rank too.

Metal Domain: 120/6000 (sixth-rank)

Actually, Wang Teng's five-element domains could all be considered to have reached the fifth stage. This was because his Five-element Sword Domain had already reached the fifth rank, and it contained the insight of the fifth stage for each of the five elements.

His Water Domain rose too. It went from the fifth rank to the sixth rank, which was a huge leap.

However, the Water Domain was mainly merged into the Netherworld Domain so it was Wang Teng's Netherworld Domain that rose.

Netherworld Domain: 350/6000 (sixth-rank)

While the domain has been elevated to the sixth rank, the focus has shifted, resulting in a deeper insight into the Water Domain within the Netherworld Domain. The insights of other aspects such as the Sea Gravity Domain, Water Lunar Domain, and Water Cloud Domain may be slightly less profound.

Of course, with the Water Domain insight reaching the sixth rank, the enhancement of other domains becomes a natural consequence.

It just required some time for Wang Teng to comprehend and he will naturally elevate them to the sixth rank.

After all, his water talent had already reached the immortal level, making his insights into domains and even the power of laws much easier compared to regular warriors.

After reviewing all these attribute bubbles, Wang Teng turned his attention to the last one.

Origin Of Life!

The fact that those three martial warriors unexpectedly released Origin Of Life attributes was a pleasant surprise for Wang Teng.

Wang Teng suddenly thought about their final outbursts and couldn't help but peek at the three of them, his expression becoming rather strange.

These three guys probably didn't expect that their outbursts would benefit him, right?

Origin Of Life attributes were not something you would typically stumble upon.

Typically, respectable individuals would not drop Origin Of Life attributes easily. It is only when you push your Origin Of Life to a certain extent that it might surface.

Wang Teng certainly lucked out this time.

It seemed that in the future when he encountered enemies, he should exert some pressure.

If you don't push them a bit, how would you know if they have hidden potential?

There were 2,510 points of Origin Of Life attributes in total!

It wasn't much, but it wasn't little either.

For Wang Teng, increasing his Origin Of Life was always a good thing.

After absorbing these attribute bubbles, he couldn't help but close his eyes contentedly, feeling his entire body trembling.

Only one word… satisfying!

He looked at his attributes board.

Origin Of Life: 102510

The last time he broke through the cosmos stage, his Origin Of Life attribute had just reached 100,000 points. Now, it had increased further.

In reality, every increase in Origin Of Life was a tremendous stroke of luck for a martial warrior.

Sometimes, one point of Origin Of Life could be a matter of life or death, let alone these 2,000 or more points of Origin Of Life.

Finally, Wang Teng looked towards the distant attribute bubbles. When he defeated the silver-horned man, the lady with long wavy hair, and the divine spirit master, they also released numerous attribute bubbles.

In his view, the attribute bubbles from these three martial warriors must be better than the ones from the previous three.

That was why he saved them for last. After all, good things needed to be enjoyed slowly.

The best rewards were meant to be enjoyed at the end.

These attribute bubbles were like blind boxes, and nobody knew what was inside.

But based on his experience, Wang Teng could make some educated guesses.

This sense of anticipation only increased his excitement.

Without further hesitation, he swiftly collected all the attribute bubbles with his spiritual power.

The battle had just ended and the bubbles wouldn't disappear so quickly.

Which was why he waited until now to collect them.

One by one, the attribute bubbles, under the influence of his spiritual power, soared towards Wang Teng and merged into his body.

Fire Constellation Force*18500

Divine Level Fire Talent*5000

Cosmos Realm Spirit*8500

Universe Realm Enlightenment*9100

Fire Silk Finger*5800

Crimson Snake Spear*7000

Fire Domain*5600

Origin Of Flame*1300

These attribute bubbles came from the silver-horned man, and as Wang Teng had guessed, they contained more attributes than the previous three warriors.

Most importantly, the silver-horned man was a genuine fire-element warrior.

Among the various attributes, one of Wang Teng's preferred attributes to use was the fire attribute.

As the attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng's body, they transformed into pure constellation Fire Force, some circulated through his body, some entered his Inner Cosmos, and some entered his spiritual body, increasing his spiritual power. Some dissolved into his comprehension, boosting his understanding.

Three of the attribute bubbles gave rise to different insights in Wang Teng's mind.

Almost simultaneously, in his mind, several human-shaped figures emerged.

One figure was practicing a finger technique. As the figure pointed, flames condensed and turned into fiery columns bursting forth, accompanied by the presence of a mystical Fire Silkworm.

Another figure demonstrated a spear technique, brandishing a battle spear that swirled into serpentine fire patterns, releasing incredible power.

The last figure sat in a lotus position, exuding a strong fire domain power, creating a mystical and intense aura.