Second Wood Spirit Body: 3500/10000 (first-rank)

Currently, Wang Teng's Second Wood Spirit Body was only at the first rank.

When Wang Teng acquired the Second Wood Spirit Body earlier, he gained some insight into this physique. He realized that a first-rank physique could control plant life at the planetary stage.

To control more powerful plant life, he would need to advance the Second Wood Spirit Body to a higher level.

It seemed that the long-haired woman had a limited understanding of the Second Wood Spirit Body. Otherwise, if she could control plant life at the cosmos stage, Wang Teng would have faced a significant challenge.

With the Second Wood Spirit Body, the number of plant life forms he could control wasn't limited to just a few. As long as he had enough Force in his body, he could control a continuous number of plant life forms.

Just thinking about being surrounded by a bunch of cosmos-realm plant lifeforms was enough to send shivers down one's spine.

Fortunately, he had eliminated the long-haired woman, and he had obtained this unique wood physique.

Even if he encountered someone with similar or identical physiques in the future, he wouldn't need to fear.

He was confident that his mastery of this physique would surpass others.

This Second Wood Spirit Body is a very rare physique. It seems I'm quite lucky. Wang Teng thought with a slight smile.

Next, Wang Teng directed his attention to two kinds of domain power. The Water Domain fused into the Netherworld Domain, raising the domain to the sixth rank.

Netherworld Domain: 1350/6000 (sixth-rank)

The increase wasn't substantial, adding only 1,000 attribute points to the Netherworld Domain from the opponent's 4,200 water domain attributes.

Then, there was the Wood Domain. He received 6,200 points of it. It was quite a lot.

The woman with the long wavy hair had a high level of comprehension in her Wood Domain, higher than her Water Domain.

It was clear that her wood-element abilities were her hidden trump card. She was forced to use them by Wang Teng.

Wang Teng's Wood Domain had reached the fourth-level actualization phase and the fifth-level normal domain. Currently, the only attribute he received was the normal domain attribute.

6,200 points of attributes allowed his Wood Domain to reach the sixth rank of a normal domain.

Wang Teng was only at the early stages of comprehending the actualization phase of domains, and he wasn't yet able to convert every type of domain into the actualized version. This would take time and practice.

However, even achieving a regular sixth-rank domain was rather remarkable. Most ordinary cosmos-stage martial warriors couldn't comprehend their domains to such an extent.

Even prodigies found it challenging.

If Wang Teng were to return to the Stellar Academies now, his strength would likely surpass most of the talents in the current cohort.

The divine-level water talent he received from the long-haired lady was wasted again. Wang Teng felt helpless.

Lastly, there were the attribute bubbles left behind by the divine spirit master. Wang Teng's eyes sparkled with anticipation. The previous two hadn't disappointed him, and he hoped this last one wouldn't either.

Without hesitation, he immediately collected all the attribute bubbles.

Metal Constellation Force*16500

Divine Level Metal Talent*4300

Cosmos Realm Spirit*14500

Universe Realm Enlightenment*21000

Phoenix Golden Feather Secret Scripture*3500

Phoenix Golden Feather Domain*6500

The Phoenix Golden Feather Secret Scripture! Wang Teng's eyes lit up.

Without much thought, a scene began to play out in his mind…

In an instant, his mind was filled with golden lights, weaving and converging into a mystical golden bird.

This bird had long feathers and was bathed in golden light, with a golden mist surrounding it, giving it an aura of mystery.

Moreover, it gazed exactly like the mystical golden phoenix displayed by the divine spirit master earlier.


The mystical golden phoenix danced in mid-air, and its melodious chirping resonated, followed by countless golden light spots that disappeared into Wang Teng's mind.

Wang Teng's comprehension also came to an end.

I didn't think that I would be able to get a secret spirit cultivation scripture! Wang Teng's eyes shimmered. He was elated.

This was a secret spiritual scripture!

Every spiritual secret scripture was rare.

What's more, the Phoenix Golden Feather Secret Scripture had reached the universe stage, and it wasn't even complete. The divine spirit master only learned up to the universe stage.

If it was complete, it could reach the eternal stage!

An eternal-stage spiritual secret scripture was an extremely precious and rare treasure.

Moreover, this secret scripture combined cultivation methods and battle techniques.

It even contained a method for forging a soul weapon.

The soul weapon was none other than the Phoenix Golden Feather Blade that the divine spirit master used before.

Thinking of this weapon, a glint of determination flashed in Wang Teng's eyes. His soul power swept across the desert.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Beams of golden light swept through the sand, emerging from the desert, converging towards Wang Teng, and arriving by his side, flying around him.

Cang Yu and Little Qing'er gazed over in surprise.

Especially Cang Yu. There was a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

Wasn't this golden light the weapon used by the divine spirit master?

Oh right, this 'Zele' is a divine spirit master too?

Wang Teng didn't pay attention to the expressions of the two of them. He extended a hand, and a golden light slowly descended into his palm.