Wang Teng's Enlightenment attribute increased exponentially.

Enlightenment: 191000/300000 (universe realm)

Upon seeing the change in his Enlightenment attribute, Wang Teng couldn't help but be slightly surprised. Unknowingly, his heaven realm Enlightenment attribute had almost reached 200,000 points.

When he had just reached the heaven realm, he had found the 300,000 points upper limit quite troublesome.

He hadn't expected that in such a short time, he would increase his Enlightenment attribute to nearly 200,000 points. He was only 100,000 points away from the next stage.

Wang Teng suddenly felt that he had been too naive. He had underestimated the geniuses in the universe.

The universe was vast, and there were many talented martial artists. Various rare attributes naturally wouldn't be scarce, not to mention the Enlightenment attribute that everyone possessed!

Looking at these geniuses, all of them had heaven-realm Enlightenment. As long as he could knock points out of them, those points were practically guaranteed.

Therefore, he didn't need to worry about attribute points at all. He just had to exploit these geniuses to his heart's content.

Wang Teng nodded inwardly; his goal became even clearer.

He had to exploit these geniuses for all they were worth!

After collecting the attribute bubbles dropped by the enemies, there were also the bubbles dropped by his side.

There was nothing much to say about Little White and Elizabeth's attribute bubbles. Wang Teng had them already.

However, Cang Yu dropped several useful poison-element attribute bubbles.

She dropped 18,500 points of constellation Poison Force, significantly boosting Wang Teng's constellation Poison Force.

Poison constellation Force: 34300/50000 (cosmos stage fifth level)

"Not bad, at this rate, my constellation Poison Force will soon break through the sixth level," Wang Teng's eyes brightened, and he felt a pleasant surprise.

In addition to the star power, Cang Yu also dropped a considerable number of Poison Domain attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng's Poison Domain had already reached the fourth-rank. Cang Yu's Poison Domain was much higher than his so it was of great help to him.

Poison Domain: 4350/5000 (fifth-rank)


After absorbing Cang Yu's domain attribute bubbles, Wang Teng's Poison Domain directly advanced from the fourth level to the fifth level.

Apart from this, there were no other attribute bubbles worth noting.

As he reviewed all his property values, Wang Teng let out a sigh of relief and felt completely satisfied with his gains.

This sense of fulfillment was incredibly refreshing.

Gathering these attributes led to an incredible transformation of his strength, significantly improving his power.

The members of the Swift Wing Team couldn't possibly have imagined that they had become the source of Wang Teng's attribute enhancement.

To put it in perspective, it had only taken a moment for Wang Teng to increase his strength with their attributes. Cang Yu and Little Qing'er had just seen Wang Teng pick up the scattered Phoenix Golden Feather Blades in the desert, and after hesitating for a moment as if quietly communicating with each other, it seemed they had reached a decision.

They were about to speak when they noticed Wang Teng looking over at them. he approached them.

"Wait!" Cang Yu's slightly cold voice came from behind her veil. Her expression was concealed, but her complicated emotions were evident in her beautiful eyes.

Wang Teng was momentarily surprised and couldn't help but glance at the two of them. He noticed that not only Cang Yu but Little Qing'er also wore similar complex expressions. He couldn't help but feel somewhat speechless.

"Wang Teng, you're suspected!" Round Ball gloated.

"Well, it's not surprising," Wang Teng sighed, recognizing that he had displayed too much to go unnoticed. Unless the other person was blind.

"You're not Zele!" Cang Yu stared at Wang Teng and stated slowly.

"If I'm not Zele, who am I?" Wang Teng opened his arms as if to let the other party see his face clearly.

He was making one last effort to convince them.

"While we can't see any issues with you, there's no way Zele could possess the level of power you do," Cang Yu spoke with a serious tone.

At this moment, Elizabeth, Little White, and the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion noticed the tense atmosphere and flew over.

"Master?" Elizabeth descended from the sky and asked softly.

Cang Yu turned serious. She had just witnessed the strength of these spiritual pets up close. If the other party made a move, she might not be able to stop them.

"It's fine, you all can go back for now," Wang Teng waved his hand and stored these three colossal creatures in his Space Fragment.

Cang Yu was surprised. She hadn't expected him to put away the three spiritual pets.

After the previous battles, he should be in a less-than-optimal condition. She couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't worried about her suddenly attacking.

Wang Teng didn't pay much attention to what Cang Yu was thinking and asked, "If I told you that I mean no harm, would you believe me?"

A sharp glint flashed passed Cang Yu's eyes.

He admitted it!

Indeed, this person wasn't Zele!

For some reason, when he confessed, she felt a tinge of disappointment.

"Where's my daddy?" Little Qing'er heard Wang Teng's words and stared at him intently. Her face was a little pale as she asked hesitantly.

Wang Teng glanced at Little Qing'er and waved his hand. He took Zele out of his Space Fragment.

"I'm sorry. Your father suffered a little because of the special circumstances, but his life isn't in danger."

Zele's body landed on the ground. He was still unconscious.

"Daddy!" Little Qing'er immediately rushed over, initially worried, but upon seeing that Zele wasn't seriously hurt, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"He's fine," Cang Yu walked over to take a look and said to Little Qing'er.

"Well then… I should take my leave." Wang Teng's form gradually changed back into a human appearance.

"Extraterrestrial human!" Cang Yu exclaimed in astonishment as she looked at the black-haired young man in front of her.

"My apologies, it wasn't intentional. I had some matters to attend to in the Rui Snake City. Also, I haven't killed any members of the snake race," Wang Teng felt it was necessary to explain. He didn't want to be wrongly accused.

"You!" Cang Yu's expression became even more complex.

She was disposed to believe the man's words.

The black-haired young man had just saved their lives, and he had also assisted Little Qing'er in awakening her bloodline.

Without all this, she wouldn't have chosen to trust Wang Teng.

All of this left a silent and unspoken trust between them.

But, that was it. When it came to the alien humans, Cang Yu couldn't completely eradicate her vigilance.

"I've said all I need to say. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. I'm leaving. We might meet again in the future," Wang Teng looked at the two of them intently, then ascended into the air, instantly turning into a streak of dazzling light, disappearing on the horizon.

Cang Yu and Little Qing'er were left standing there, looking at each other in silence.

Little Qing'er opened her mouth, intending to say something, but eventually kept it to herself.

"Let's go," Cang Yu said calmly.

"Master, do you think he…" Little Qing'er began to speak but then stopped. There was a complicated expression in her eyes.

The scenes from their previous interactions kept flashing through her mind, making it impossible for her to forget.

Cang Yu shook her head and didn't say anything more. She led Little Qing'er into the sky, and they too transformed into beams of light, vanishing into the desert.