What a dramatic turn of events!

The other person appeared to be a young man not much older than herself. Thinking about the days when she acted coquettish with him, a blush appeared on Little Qing'er's pretty face.

"You little girl, are you complaining about your daddy?" Zele said with a hint of exasperation.

The two of them shared a few laughs, and the earlier somber atmosphere dissipated.

Cang Yu then bid her farewells, promising to come and pick up Little Qing'er the next day.

On the other side, Wang Teng had waited for three days, growing increasingly impatient with the lack of action from Landon. He decided to take matters into his own hands that evening.

Time flew by, and the sky gradually darkened, quickly approaching dusk.

Wang Teng sat cross-legged on the rooftop of a snakeman's building. The shadows cast in the corners covered his figure.

He even executed the Shadow Merging Secret Skill to blend into the shadows, making him invisible to outsiders.

At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, gazing at the distant sky, and furrowed his brow.




At the same time, a distant and resonant bell echoed throughout the entire Rui Snake City, spreading across the entire city.

Nine tolls of the bell!

The sound reverberated continuously, lingering in the air for an extended period.

At this moment, it was supposed to be the evening, and many snakemen were preparing to return home. However, as the bell rang, the entire city became chaotic and agitated.

They rushed out of their houses, looking towards the sky.

Some of the snakemen martial warriors even soared into the air, gazing into the distant sky, their expressions turning extremely grim and troubled.

"Poison tide!"

"It's the poison tide!"

Panic and alarmed voices echoed throughout the city, spreading instantly.

Countless snakemen appeared outside buildings, their expressions filled with fear. Even some children seemed to know what the "Poison Tide" was. They either clung to the adults or burst into tears.

Clearly, the poison tide was a terrifying presence that could frighten children!

"Poison tide!" Wang Teng was astounded. He asked in his heart, "Round Ball, do you know what this poison tide is?"

"It seems to be a peculiar natural disaster from Scorpion King Star, somewhat similar to the earlier vortex of air currents," Round Ball immediately responded, her voice grave. "But this poison tide seems to be even more horrifying."

"This toxin tide is more frightening than the air current vortex?" Wang Teng exclaimed.

"Yes, the poison tide is composed of various poisonous substances and forms a fog containing various deadly toxins. Wherever it passes, almost everything is corroded, and nothing can grow for a long time. It's extremely terrifying," Round Ball explained.

"Why didn't you tell me about something this terrifying earlier?" Wang Teng was exasperated.

"The appearance of the poison tide is completely unpredictable. Some people could stay here for a year and not encounter it, while others might come across it in just a few days. So, what's the use of me telling you?" Round Ball replied.

"…I can't help but feel like you're dissing me," Wang Teng murmured.

Not only had he encountered the air current vortex, but now he was facing the toxin tide, both within a short span of time.

What kind of luck was this?

Wang Teng was beginning to wonder if his recent run of luck attributes was running low.

Unfortunately, luck attributes were something you couldn't seek out. They were rare and happened by chance.

"Now what should we do? Should we try to escape quickly?" Round Ball asked.

"Looking at these snakemen. They seem extremely anxious but they don't appear to be planning to escape. They might have some means of defense. Let's wait and see," Wang Teng said, as he gazed at the castle ahead.

Groups of snakemen martial warriors were seen appearing, maintaining order and organizing the snakemen to evacuate towards the northwest of the Rui Snake City.

The snakemen were highly cooperative, moving in an orderly fashion towards the northwest of the city.

However, due to the large number of people in the city, it still seemed somewhat chaotic.

At this moment, the poison tide in the distance was getting closer and closer. Swaths of dark green mist spread across the sky like waves, expanding rapidly. Its range was so vast that it covered the entire sky, with no end in sight.

No wonder the snakemen had not abandoned the city. With such a wide-ranging toxin tide, there was nowhere to escape.


A thunderous roar echoed, and along with it, various rustling and hissing noises emanated from within the dark green toxin tide, as if countless venomous creatures and toxins were crawling and flying within it, making it extremely eerie.

Along the way, wherever the toxin tide passed, almost all vegetation withered and died, even though many of these plants themselves contained deadly toxins. For some unknown reason, they couldn't withstand the poison tide's corrosive power.

Some of the wild animals in the jungle were even more pitiful. They were corroded and reduced to skeletal remains.

The scene was truly terrifying, and it was no wonder the snakemen were in such a panic.

Wang Teng gazed into the distance, his brow furrowing. He felt an indescribable sense of oppression sweeping in from the horizon, about to envelop the city.

"This toxin tide is frightening!" Round Ball remained silent for a while, her voice sounding somewhat dry.

"Let's see if the snakemen can withstand it," Wang Teng said.

As he spoke, powerful figures within the city soared into the sky, flying towards the palace. Before long, they were hovering above the palace, transforming into several snakemen.

Wang Teng recognized one of them. It was the heaven-stage martial warrior from the snake race who caught Zagu and Landon. His name was… Marong!


Just at that moment, an even more powerful aura erupted from within the palace, and a graceful figure appeared in the sky