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Chapter 924: Life Is About Tempting Fate!

Round Ball didn’t believe Wang Teng’s words at all. It had interacted with him for a while so it knew his personality.

He was full of lies and as sly as a fox.

He didn’t even want to tell it, his closest companion, the truth.

Round Ball wanted to help Wang Teng. It wanted to understand him so that it could make plans for him. However, this brat was ungrateful and kept hiding things from it.

Actually, they had only met recently, so it was normal for Wang Teng to be on guard against it.

Round Ball felt a little helpless. It hoped that he would tell it the truth, but it also hoped that he would remain like this. That way, he wouldn’t get tricked and die like Master Nangong.

Round Ball rolled its eyes when it saw Wang Teng’s innocent expression. “Nevermind, since you don’t want to say, I won’t ask. Don’t waste your talent.”

“Hahaha, don’t be so unhappy. Isn’t it a good thing? You just have to know that I’m extremely talented!” Wang Teng laughed and winked at Round Ball shamelessly.

“Extremely talented? Don’t you feel embarrassed?” Round Ball was speechless.

However, it had to admit that Wang Teng’s potential was heaven-defying. He possessed multiple Forces, the space talent, and another divine-level talent… Anyone who had one of these traits would be considered a top genius. Yet, all of them had appeared on Wang Teng.

Wang Teng kept quiet. His gaze landed on the last attribute bubble.

50 points of Tempest Domain!

Tempest Domain!

This was a domain attribute!

Among the three attribute bubbles, the Tempest Domain must have the same importance as the divine-level wind talent.

Domain was a profound realm that only heaven-stage formidable warriors could comprehend.

Only at the heaven stage could one control a domain. In fact, the minimum criterion for becoming a heaven-stage martial warrior was to gain one domain.

If not, the heaven-stage martial warrior would only be half a step stronger than cosmos-stage martial warriors. Some talented cosmos-stage martial warriors could overcome this barrier and kill heaven-stage martial warriors.

But if they enlightened a domain, everything would be different.

A heaven-stage martial warrior with a domain was frighteningly powerful. They could fully suppress a cosmos-stage martial warrior. They reigned over their domain and could claim anyone’s life in it.

The battle between heaven-stage martial warriors relied mostly on the clash of domains. The one with a more powerful domain would have the absolute advantage.

Wang Teng managed to get a domain when he was just at the planetary stage.

This was incredible!

Since he had a domain, when he advanced to the heaven stage in the future, he would definitely be more powerful than others in the same stage. Even if he didn’t reach the heaven stage, he might have the chance to battle with heaven-stage martial warriors with the help of his domain.

This was why Wang Teng was so excited. He suddenly wanted to thank the Divine Tempest Bird. If he hadn’t met that bird, he wouldn’t have gotten all these amazing attributes.

To that bird, the domain was just an easy skill it could execute at any moment. It probably felt that Wang Teng should be proud since he had managed to get it to use its Tempest Domain. But to him, this Tempest domain was highly important!

In the planetary stage, celestial stage, and cosmos stage, the Tempest Domain could be his trump card.

Looking at it this way, meeting the Divine Tempest Bird was his fortuitous encounter.

According to Round Ball, whether it was the real world or the virtual universe, it was rare to find a star beast like the Divine Tempest Bird.

Of course, Wang Teng had to thank himself for challenging the Divine Tempest Bird. If he hadn’t challenged it because he was unwilling to accept defeat, the Divine Tempest Bird wouldn’t have thought that he was provoking it. It would have just flown away, and he wouldn’t be able to collect these attributes.

In summary, life was about challenging death.

At this moment, the Tempest Domain attribute bubble merged into Wang Teng’s mind and turned into various images. There was a huge green bird flying in the air with winds blowing all around it.

There were different intensities of wind. Some were a breeze while others were like tornados. Though their intensity might be different, they were all winds. They gathered in this region and formed a domain filled with winds and gales.

This was the Tempest Domain!

The green bird could control all the winds in this domain, turning them into its blade, sword, and any kind of weapon. It could destroy all enemies.

Wang Teng was enlightened. He quickly grasped the Tempest Domain. However, the range of his Tempest Domain was limited. It was related to his points.

Tempest Domain: 50 (5 meters)

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel. 50 points of Tempest Domain only allowed his range to be at five meters.

It might seem short, but no one would be able to get within five meters of him.

Wang Teng stopped smiling. After counting his gains, he stood up and looked at the sky. It was still dark outside.

The night on the No. 4 Defense Planet was longer than the day. It was understandable why it was still nighttime.

Wang Teng was prepared to go back to his bed for cultivation when he suddenly heard a series of loud explosions.


The room started vibrating violently. Fortunately, it was sturdy. The sudden tremor didn’t cause any cracks or damage to the room.

“What’s going on?” Wang Teng frowned.

He felt a little helpless. For some reason, troubles followed him everywhere as if they came to look for him personally. He just had an intimate interaction with the Divine Tempest Bird in the virtual universe, and now, something happened in real life.

“Let me take a look!” Round Ball disappeared. It was an intelligent lifeform, so it could hack into the surveillance facilities and get first-hand information quickly.

A few seconds later, Round Ball reappeared in front of Wang Teng. It had a grave expression. “Dark apparitions! Dark apparitions have invaded this battle fortress!”

“Dark apparitions!” Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly. “Why did they suddenly sneak into this planet? Could it be…”

He exchanged glances with Round Ball and thought of something. He exclaimed, “They want to attack and capture this battle fortress!”

Coincidentally, a high-pitched alert rang. The blaring siren spread through the battle fortress and echoed continuously in the air.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Dark apparitions invasion! Dark apparition invasion! Dark apparition invasion!

“All martial warriors, please get into your code red positions and prepare for battle!

“Repeat, dark apparition invasion! All martial warriors, please get into your code red positions and prepare for battle!”