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Chapter 925: Are You Trying To Be Bigger Than Me?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The second the alert rang, light beams shot out from various buildings. Frightening Force fluctuations scattered in the air.

The battle broke out in an instant.

Wang Teng walked out of his room and looked into the sky. Activating his Spiritual Sight, he saw a few balls of extremely thick dark Force. They were like little black suns hanging in the sky, giving off evil and chaotic aura.

The human martial warriors turned into dazzling balls of lights and crashed into the black balls of lights. Explosions occurred.

Indeed, there were dark apparitions!

There are more than ten devil lords and around five or six devil kings!

Wang Teng turned serious. He knew how powerful the invaders were.

The devil lords were like planetary-stage martial warriors while the devil kings were like celestial-stage martial warriors.



A rumble rang through the air, shattering the space and sweeping the sky with its terrifying residual impact.

Wang Teng immediately turned and saw two thick and glaring balls of light colliding in the air. One was green while the other was pitch-black.

“That’s… a devil emperor!”

Wang Teng’s pupils constricted uncontrollably when he saw the pitch-black ball of light. It must belong to a dark apparition that was more powerful than a devil king.

The Devil emperor came after the devil king. Such a figure was equivalent to a cosmos-stage martial warrior!

The ball of green light must belong to Di Qi from the No. 4 Defense Planet. He was a cosmos-stage martial warrior who possessed wind Force.

Boom, boom, boom…

The ball of green light collided fervently with the devil emperor. Forces were released continuously as they turned into frightening attacks hurled at each other.

It was an intense fight.

Wang Teng didn’t plan to stay and watch at the side. He touched his chin with a glimmer in his eyes.

Since he wanted to become a baron of the Great Qian Empire, he should build a reputation and gain some good impressions. This was a god-send opportunity.

He flew into the air and observed his surroundings.

He noticed that the entire battle fortress was covered by a defensive array. However, cracks had appeared in three areas. Countless dark apparitions charged out from the darkness and crashed into the cracks, wanting to join the battle inside.

Just like Wang Teng had guessed, the dark apparitions wanted to capture this battle fortress!

He immediately chose the most damaged crack. It had the largest number of dark apparitions, and the martial warriors from the Great Qian Empire couldn’t resist them. They were retreating while the powerful dark apparitions were increasing the damage.

Wang Teng decided to act.

He took out his sword and slashed a scorching sword glow out. More than ten dark generals were beheaded at once. It was instant death. The dark apparitions below the rank of the devil general were slaughtered like patches of grass.


To the martial warriors in this battle fortress, any dark apparitions below the devil lord rank were nothing to them. However, they won in numbers. It was troublesome when they charged at the martial warriors like a huge wave.

Most martial warriors didn’t have the time to bother about these low-class dark apparitions while they were fighting with similar level dark apparitions. Sometimes, they would get pounced on and injured by the dark apparitions. They would be in a terrible state if the dark Force invaded their bodies.

The human race was always fearful of the dark Force.

“Wang Teng!”

After entering the battle, he heard someone calling his name in surprise.

Wang Teng glanced in the direction of the sound, noticing Olivia and her friends. They were fighting dark apparitions together.

“You’re here too!” Wang Teng killed a few dark apparitions and replied to her calmly.

“It’s not strange for us to be here. However, I’m quite surprised that you’re not hiding,” Clive pouted and said.

Wang Teng ignored him and asked Olivia, “Why are the dark apparitions here? Do you get attacked by them frequently?”

“Not really. Dark apparition invasions are rare. They must have a strong motive this time,” Olivia said grimly.

There was a blast in the sky. A ball of light suddenly plummeted to the ground not far away from them.

A celestial-stage human martial warrior had died!

Olivia and her friends were appalled when they saw the scene. A martial warrior was killed so quickly. The dark apparitions were surprisingly strong!

“How did the dark apparitions manage to sneak in? Is our patrol that weak?” Wang Teng glanced at the ball of light before speaking.

Olivia and her friends were rendered speechless when they saw how calm he was. He even had the heart to complain.

What a heartless fellow.

“Despite the strict patrol and inspection, they still managed to sneak in,” Olivia frowned and replied.

“That means you guys didn’t do it properly,” Wang Teng continued complaining.

Olivia and her friends wanted to offer a retort. Suddenly, their expressions changed, and they screamed in shock, “Be careful!”

“Haha, how dare you let down your guard in front of me. Are you that eager to die?” A peal of cold and evil laughter rang behind Wang Teng.


Along with it came a sharp and black claw slashing through Wang Teng’s body.

Olivia and her friends were shocked. There was fear in their eyes. It must be terrifying to watch someone dying in front of their eyes when they were conversing.

“No, wait.”

But soon, they noticed a problem.

No blood came out from Wang Teng’s chopped-up body. Instead, it distorted and slowly dissipated.

A devil king had appeared behind Wang Teng silently. He was the one who had attacked him. But seeing Wang Teng’s disappearing figure, he was stunned.

“Where are you looking at?” Wang Teng’s calm voice sounded behind the devil king.

“When?!” The devil king was bewildered. He immediately dashed forward.


A terrifying fist aura exploded and slammed directly onto the devil king’s back. He howled in pain and flew back like a sandbag.

Wang Teng turned his wrist and said, “Are you a giant apparition? Indeed, you have thick skin. My hand is hurting a little from punching you.”

Olivia and the others stared at him in a daze. They didn’t know what they should say.


Wang Teng glanced at them and threw his sword out with his other hand. He harvested the lives of all the dark apparitions that had gathered around them.

“Why are you standing there? Do you want to die?”

Olivia and the others regained their senses. They suppressed the astonishment in their hearts and started fighting with the dark apparitions.


The giant devil king didn’t die. He gave an angry roar and started expanding rapidly, growing to six meters. There were pitch-black patterns covering his body. After the transformation, he dashed toward Wang Teng.

“Are you trying to compete with me in size?” A contemptuous smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.

Heart Of Magnetic Essence!

There were many metals stored in Wang Teng’s space fragment. When he took them out, they started gathering around his body. His figure expanded, turning into a metallic giant around ten meters tall.

The Heart Of Magnetic Essence was a combination of the Sand Control Talent, Heart Of Zhongyan, and the Magnetic Physique. The Magnetic Physique could attract metals. Thus, the Heart Of Magnetic Essence also possessed the ability to attract metals.

The six-meter-tall giant devil king was flustered when it arrived in front of Wang Teng.

The ten-meter-tall metallic giant hammered its huge fist down with terrifying force. It hurled down like a meteorite.


The giant devil king howled furiously to show that he wasn’t afraid. He raised his own fist and welcomed the metallic giant’s punch.

Strength of Ultima!

The giant devil king possessed the Strength of Ultima too. Sensing the same Strength of Ultima on Wang Teng’s fist, he deployed his skills without any hesitation and welcomed the punch with full force.


The two fists collided, one up and one down.

The third level of Strength of Ultima! Wang Teng squinted. He felt the pressure from his opponent’s Force and took a few steps back.

The giant devil king sneered. He stepped on the ground and chased after Wang Teng, raising his fist again to give another punch.

“You’re forcing me!” Wang Teng glared at him. He added blank attributes to his Strength of Ultima.

The second-level Strength of Ultima skyrocketed instantly. After spending 17000 blank attributes, he managed to reach the fourth level.

Strength of Ultima: 1000/3000 (fourth level)


Wang Teng received the giant devil king’s punch without any hesitation.


When the two fists collided, cracks like spiderwebs started appearing on the devil king’s body. The cracks then shattered, and the giant devil king shrunk in the next second.

“How is this possible?” The giant devil king’s expression underwent a huge change. He didn’t expect Wang Teng’s strength to become this frightening all of a sudden.

He raised his head and saw a cold smirk on the metallic face of this giant.

Boom, boom, boom!

Wang Teng swung his fist again and released punches at the speed of lightning. They shot down like a cannon.

Every punch was infused with the Strength of Ultima.

The giant devil king executed his Strength of Ultima to the maximum and resisted Wang Teng’s attack.

His face gradually turned ugly. Soon, he was at a disadvantage. He couldn’t withstand the onslaught of the punches. Wang Teng’s punches broke his defense and landed on his huge body.


The giant apparitions had strong and tough bodies. Their muscles were firm and bulging as if they were made of steel. Yet, under Wang Teng’s violent punches, ghastly cracks started to appear on his skin. Blood seeped out from the cracks and soaked his entire body.

He gave a loud roar, filled with unwillingness and panic.

This human martial warrior had exceeded his expectations.

“Die!” Wang Teng said calmly. His voice was filled with ruthlessness.

The giant devil king was flabbergasted. He wanted to retreat. He had no intention to fight anymore and started backing away in an attempt to escape.


Wang Teng moved his body like lightning. The giant devil king almost lost his soul in fright.

Wang Teng caught up with him and threw his fist out. The fourth-level Strength of Ultima burst out like water out of a broken dam, congregating into a beam of fist glow as he threw it out.

The giant devil king screamed in pain and exploded on the spot.

Some distance away, Olivia and her friends were dumbstruck.