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Chapter 928: Lazy Mist Devil Emperor!

The blad runemaster disregarded the pain on his butt and crawled over to the area Wang Teng had patched. He stared at the mended array and gasped in astonishment.

“This…” The bald runemaster couldn’t believe his eyes. He kept repeating the same word over and over again but couldn’t complete a sentence.


The repair was perfect!

It was as if the array had never been damaged. No difference could be seen between before and after. The most important thing was, how long did he take? He almost couldn’t see his actions!

It only lasted around 5 seconds!

Even he couldn’t complete it so quickly and accurately. For god’s sake, the other party was just a young man!

Where did this monster come from?

Wait, that green ball of flame…

“Master Fan, are you alright?” The leader of the guards came forward.

“I’m good.” The bald runemaster, Fan Taining, regained his senses and grabbed the leader’s collar. He asked agitatedly, “Who’s that? Where did you find this master-level runemaster? No, he might be at the grandmaster level.”

“Ah… grandmaster!” The leader didn’t mind Fan Taining’s impolite gesture. Rather, he was stunned by his words.

Wang Teng was a grandmaster-level runemaster?!

That was impossible!

“Who’s he? Tell me!” Fan Taining repeated his question impatiently.

“He’s Master Di Qi’s guest. His name is Wang Teng, and he says he’s a runemaster. I don’t know his real identity,” the leader answered.

Fan Taining threw the leader down and chased after Wang Teng.

By now, Wang Teng had kicked a tall and skinny runemaster away and started repairing the array. The kicked runemaster wanted to show his might, but Fan Taining stopped him. Placing his finger on his lips, he said, “Shh, watch him.”

The tall and skinny runemaster got confused. However, he still suppressed his anger and stared at Wang Teng.

Once he saw what Wang Teng was doing, he was stunned. Astonishment filled up his face.

“Oh my god!”

“Shhh!” Fan Taining immediately stopped him.

Even without his reminder, the tall and skinny runemaster had already covered his mouth. He continued to stare at Wang Teng intently.

By then, Wang Teng had completed the repair and proceeded to another point. The runemasters walked forward and gasped. They were filled with disbelief.

The repair was perfect!

“Old Fan, who’s he?” the tall and skinny runemaster asked.

“I don’t know. However, his rune mastery is definitely above ours.” Fan Taining shook his head and chased after Wang Teng. “Come, let’s follow him.”

The tall and skinny runemaster nodded fervently and chased after Wang Teng.

After some time, another runemaster joined the party. The size of Wang Teng’s followers started to grow.

This resulted in a funny scene appearing on the damaged parts of the rune array. A bunch of old runemasters followed behind a young man. They were all extremely careful as if afraid of disturbing him almost behaving like thieves.

Approximately ten minutes later, Wang Teng had completed the repair. All the holes in the rune arrays were repaired perfectly, locking the dark apparitions outside.

The martial warriors from the Great Qian Empire were invigorated. They charged toward the remaining dark apparitions within the array and started hunting them.

Without the external reinforcements, these dark apparitions were destroyed quickly.

The crowd cheered.

“Erm… mister…” Fan Taining walked towards Wang Teng with the other runemasters behind him. They stared at Wang Teng eagerly.

“Let’s talk after we win this battle. There are other areas that have been damaged. Don’t waste time and help the martial warriors.” Wang Teng dashed towards another area that had been damaged.

This was just a partial victory. The dark apparitions had invaded other parts of this battle fortress. They shouldn’t let down their guards at this crucial moment.

The runemasters turned serious. They hurriedly followed Wang Teng’s instructions and darted toward the damaged areas.

These runemasters were at least at the planetary stage, so they could all fly. They might not be as fast as Wang Teng, but the distance was short, so they didn’t lag too much.

“Go to another array to help. I’ll handle this part,” Wang Teng said.


Fan Taining and the other runemasters found it a pity. They wanted to follow Wang Teng and witness his repairing process. His rune mastery was much higher than theirs. Watching him at work was a great help to them. However, they knew that they were in an emergency and it wasn’t the right time to watch and learn.

Hence, they nodded and rushed toward another region.

“Other people might not know Master Wang Teng. Let me introduce him to them to prevent any misunderstanding.” Fan Taining suddenly took a turn and went back to find Wang Teng.

“F**k, Fan Taining, you’re despicable!”

The runemasters were furious. They were angry at themselves for not thinking about this matter and letting Fan Taining one-up them.

However, Fan Taining did save much trouble. Wang Teng didn’t need to take care of those runemasters with bad tempers. As he repaired more and more arrays, the defense shield around the battle fortress grew stronger. The dark apparitions couldn’t find any loopholes.

The defensive shield of the battle fortress was indeed powerful. It could resist an attack from a cosmos-stage martial warrior. If the dark apparitions hadn’t sneaked in and attacked the fortress, they wouldn’t have been able to break their defense.

In the sky, Di Qi, who was fighting with the devil emperor, smiled when he saw the change in the situation.

“Hahaha, you guys have no chance!”


The devil emperor opposite him was shrouded in a ball of black mist. Only a pair of crimson and evil eyes were visible. He snorted as he looked down below and quickly noticed Wang Teng, who was shuttling back and forth in the array, repairing the damaged parts. His cold voice echoed in the air, “Useless, kill that human and stop him from repairing the array!”

A few devil kings who were fighting other human martial warriors charged in his direction. There were as many as three devil kings.

Di Qi frowned. He was a little worried at first, but he felt more at ease when he remembered his strength.

The devil emperor noticed Di Qi’s expression. His brows locked beneath the layer of black mist. “You seem confident in him.”

“Stop the bullshit. Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, I’ll kill you here to pay tribute to my dead clansmen!” Di Qi shouted in anger. A green aura raged around him, and a terrifying sword aura erupted from his sword.


The wind turned violent. The area around Di Qi was filled with a tumultuous gale. It kept expanding and started to give off a ringing sound. If one looked carefully, one would notice countless green sword glows roaring inside.

The gale gradually expanded to a few hundred meters. The entire region was engulfed by the green sword conscious.


“You’ve enlightened a domain!”

This was the first time the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s expression had changed. He retreated frantically.

“It’s too late to leave!” Di Qi’s voice was heard clearly. The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was submerged entirely in the green domain.

“Even if you have a domain, you can’t stop me from leaving.” The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor sneered. The black mist around him scattered and expanded, pushing against the green domain.

There was black light shimmering in the mist. When it collided with the sword aura in the green domain, loud explosions would shake the surroundings.

“Domain! Di Qi has a domain!” Wang Teng was flabbergasted as he raised his head and looked at the battle in the sky.

Di Qi was a tough opponent!

Normally, only heaven-stage martial warriors would have a domain. You could say that Di Qi’s talent was extremely high.

However, Wang Teng managed to get a domain when he was just at the planetary stage. He was even more impressive than Di Qi.

He had stopped his repairing work and slowly rose into the air.

Wang Teng knew that the devil emperor had looked at him just now. At the same time, he also saw the three devil kings dashing over on the devil emperor’s order.

But he wasn’t afraid.

“Master Wang Teng, let the other celestial-stage martial warriors stop them for you.” Fan Taining was worried. He wanted to stop Wang Teng.

To him, Wang Teng was an exceptionally talented grandmaster-level runemaster. How could he be at the forefront? Most runemasters were focused on their rune mastery. Hence, their battle power wasn’t strong, and they couldn’t fight the dark apparitions.

“It’s alright. It’s just three devil kings. I can kill them easily.” Wang Teng’s voice was calm as he rose into the air.

Fan Taining and the other runemasters were so shocked they didn’t know what to say. Somehow, they felt that Wang Teng was boasting.


“How dare you!”

“You’re just a planetary-stage martial warrior. How dare you say such things!”

The three devil kings were infuriated. They executed their dark Force attacks and pounced on him like wolves.

Wang Teng remained silent. Killing intent shot out of his eyes as he scoffed. “Planetary stage.”


There was an unnoticeable sound of something piercing through the air.

A ray of golden light flew out of Wang Teng’s body at the speed of light, shooting toward the three devil kings.

The trio was already very close to him. They were dumbstruck when they saw the golden light.

“Oh shit!”

The three devil kings gave up on Wang Teng. They directed their attacks towards the beam of golden light instead.




Explosions rang. Thick black light engulfed the golden light. The three devil kings heaved a sigh of relief involuntarily.


At this moment, the golden light reappeared. It seemed to have traveled through space.

The three devil kings lost their cool.


The golden light slashed through the air, chopping two devil kings into pieces on the spot. Black blood spurted into the sky. The remaining devil king managed to evade the golden light precariously. His large eyes widened in terror, and he scurried to the side without thinking.

“Where are you going?” A huge figure suddenly blocked his path. The giant shadow engulfed him.

The devil king gradually raised his head. He saw a metallic giant more than ten meters tall in front of him, smiling maliciously.