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Chapter 929: Isn’t It Normal For A Runemaster To Be Stronger In Martial Arts? (1)


The devil king was confused. His mind decided to stop working.

When did this metallic giant appear?

Why didn’t he realize anything?


While he was in a daze, the metallic giant had already started moving. Wang Teng raised his giant fists and punched them down. Fist aura congregated around his hands.

They were like two huge meteors slamming on the devil king’s head violently.


The devil king wasn’t willing to die so easily. He let out an angry roar and released all his dark Force. His body expanded quickly, turning into a huge bat. He tried his best to resist the powerful punches.

This was the devil transformation of the vampire race. They could turn into a bat, and their speed and strength would increase by a few levels.

Most importantly, their bodies would turn gigantic. He was even bigger than Wang Teng’s metallic giant. There was a black light glistening around him, making him look like a black sun in the sky. A powerful aura exuded from his body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wang Teng’s fists crashed into the bat like cannonballs.

The vampire dark apparition bellowed at the top of his lungs. The black light around him shone brightly as he withstood the power of the frightening punches.

However, the black light was soon destroyed by the fist aura, revealing the true form of the bat beneath.

The vampire dark apparition flapped his fleshy wings in a bid to dodge Wang Teng’s attack. Even after executing the devil transformation, he didn’t have the confidence to win against this human.

This guy was just too terrifying!

They just came, yet two of his fellow devil kings had already been killed.

Although he couldn’t see the golden ray of light, he knew that it must be hiding in the space around him. If he didn’t escape, he would be killed sooner or later.

However, Wang Teng wouldn’t fulfill his wish. His body expanded, and numerous metals started gathering around him. In an instant, his body became as large as the big bat. Both exceeded ten meters in height.

He reached out and grabbed the big bat’s leg.

The big bat turned in astonishment. He flapped his wings frantically.

“Thinking of running away?” Wang Teng snorted. Exerting strength in his arms, he released great strength and managed to swing the giant body of the big bat in the air.


The bat swirled in the air, creating a strong wind. Then, Wang Teng slammed him to the ground. The martial warriors around him had scattered already.


The ground trembled under the might of the slam. Cracks started to split into the horizon.

Wang Teng didn’t let him go so easily. He raised his arm and smashed the gigantic body of the vampire dark apparition on the ground again and again.

Boom, boom, boom…

The vampire dark apparition was injured time and again. The bones on his back fractured loudly, and his entire body was badly twisted. He raised his head, crying in agony.

The sound waves swept out in circles, attacking people’s minds and making them lose their consciousness.

The martial warriors around him immediately used Force to seal their ears. However, they still got affected and started to get dizzy.

“How dare you try to harm them!” Wang Teng used his spiritual power to resist the sound wave attack.

As a divine spirit master, this sound wave attack was nothing but a trick to him.

Wang Teng’s face turned cold when he noticed that the vampire dark apparition still dared to resist. He threw punches at the big bat’s head.

Boom, boom, boom!

Explosions rang once again.

Wang Teng didn’t show any mercy. He released his fourth-level Strength of Ultima and vented all his anger on the big bat’s head.

The vampire dark apparition roared in fear. He struggled frantically, but he was pinned firmly to the ground.


After some time, the vampire dark apparition’s head burst like a watermelon. Black blood sprayed everywhere.

“Useless, you got killed by a planetary-stage martial warrior!” A voice came from the metal giant’s mouth. It seemed exceptionally loud and clear after Wang Teng became a giant, even sounding a little robotic.


Di Qi’s laughter was heard within the green domain. He seemed delighted.

“Arrogant fellow!” The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s voice was filled with anger.

A black beam of light shot out from the black mist, aimed at Wang Teng.

“Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, you’re shameless. Why are you attacking a planetary-stage martial warrior?” Di Qi scoffed. He threw a green sword glow out and shattered the black beam of light.

Wang Teng raised his head and pointed his middle finger at the black mist.


The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was seething with fury. But he didn’t have the time to care about Wang Teng. He was already at a disadvantage in front of Di Qi’s attacks. He had no choice but to focus on his fight.

When Fan Taining, Yin Hai, and the others below saw Di Qi destroying the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s attack, they heaved a sigh of relief. They were really worried for Wang Teng just now.

This fellow dared to provoke the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor. He was extremely bold.

But he was powerful too!

He was able to kill three devil kings alone. Not everyone could have such an achievement under their belt. Also, he was only at the planetary stage. This was even more incredible.

Fighting with opponents at a higher stage than him and even defeating three of them simultaneously was unbelievable.

Wang Teng lowered his head and scoffed when he saw the dark apparition’s crushed head. Then, he picked up the attribute bubbles scattered around him.

Constellation Force (Dark)*13000

Planetary Realm Spirit*500

Supersonic Boom*800

Devil Transformation*120

Bloodseeker Scripture*100

Constellation Force (Dark)*12000

Planetary Realm Spirit*450