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Chapter 931: Why Do I Feel Drained? (1)

The balance of the war was starting to tilt. The dark apparitions outside the protective shield were still attacking frantically, but it was impossible for them to break the shield and enter the battle fortress now.

This time, the dark apparitions had only sent one devil emperor, the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor. He was already stopped by Di Qi, so he didn’t have a chance to inflict damage on the protective shield.

As for the other dark apparitions, the most powerful ones were the devil kings. They wouldn’t be able to break their protective shield in a short time with their attacks.

The remaining dark apparitions in the battle fortress were soon cleaned up under the efforts of the martial warriors.

At the same time, large numbers of heavy rune weapons were activated. They started bombarding the dark apparitions outside the shield in masses.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Colorful beams of Force glows shimmered and crashed into the army of dark apparitions, setting off frightening explosions. Numerous dark apparitions were thrown into the sky like sandbags. Then, they were torn into pieces.

Dark apparitions were getting killed in hordes. Wang Teng stood on the roof of a tall building. He released his spiritual power and picked up the attribute bubbles dropped outside the protective shield.

Dark Force*200

Dark Force*300


Imperial Realm Spirit*50

Dark Force*150

Spiritual Realm Spirit*120

Constellation Force (Dark)*600

Many low-class dark apparitions were thrown to the frontline, so the attribute bubbles they dropped were poor in quality. Wang Teng didn’t look at them carefully. He picked them up first.

Even so, there was a large number of them, so it was a sizable gain.


The fight between Di Qi and the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor got more heated in the sky. Explosions rang out without stopping.

Di Qi’s green domain and the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s black mist kept colliding, eating away at each other.

Although Di Qi had grasped a wind element domain, the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor wasn’t weak either. His black mist wasn’t a real domain, but it could act as one. He managed to withstand his opponent’s domain attack.

This showed how difficult it was to deal with the dark apparitions, especially powerful dark apparitions. It was hard for a martial warrior to fight with a dark apparition unless he was extremely talented or of a higher stage than the dark apparition.

At this moment, after an intense collision, Di Qi and the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor parted.

“Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, you lost!” Di Qi glanced at the situation below and said calmly.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor snorted as killing intent rose in its crimson eyes. “Do you think this will end so easily?”

Di Qi frowned. Why was the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor still so confident?


The black mist around it started expanding at a visible speed once they finished speaking.

“Oh shit!” Di Qi’s expression changed slightly. He didn’t know what the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor wanted to do, but this was definitely not an ordinary mist. He mustn’t let it expand.

A green light blinked around him, giving rise to a huge gale. It rushed out and blew at the black mist.

“Hahaha, you’re too naive. My Lazy Mist won’t be so easily blown away.” The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor laughed.

The black mist was exceptionally thick and heavy. It showed no signs of dispersing and started sinking instead. It dawned on the martial warriors below.

Di Qi’s expression turned grim. He could use his green domain to corrode the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s black mist, but he couldn’t blow it away.

As the black mist sank, it started to envelop the entire battle fortress.

“What’s this?” Wang Teng turned serious. He released his spiritual power and formed an invisible defense shield around him, blocking the black mist.

But when the black mist touched the spiritual shield, Wang Teng’s spiritual power was eroded and started to weaken. His expression changed. He could only release spiritual power continuously to repair the withering defense shield.

The other martial warriors weren’t as lucky. They also released their Forces to form a shield to block the black mist. However, their Force defense shields weren’t as strong as Wang Teng’s spiritual shield. It got corroded by the black mist easily.

Many martial warriors couldn’t react in time. The black mist entered their bodies.

The next second, the hurt martial warriors started to lose their vitality. Their faces turned expressionless and they acted like zombies. All their energy seemed to have been sucked out of their bodies.

Wang Teng was observing their reactions closely. His heart sank when he saw this scene.

“These people got affected!”

“I know, it’s the Lazy Mist!” Round Ball exclaimed.

“What’s that?” Wang Teng asked.

“Look at my memory. I should have remembered it once I saw the black mist. There’s a Lazy Devil race in the dark apparitions. They are born with the ability to gather living creatures’ laziness and combine them into a black mist. This is their special attack. If anyone gets attacked by the black mist, they will turn lazy and have no energy,” Round Ball slapped its head and hurriedly explained.

“Lazy Devil! Lazy Mist!” Wang Teng repeated. He didn’t think that there would be such a special race among the dark apparitions. He was amazed. At the same time, his expression turned strange. “So these people will lose their energy once they come into contact with the mist, right? There doesn’t seem to be much harm done.”

“That’ll depend on the situation. Normally, it isn’t harmful. It will just affect one’s consciousness. The effects of the Lazy Mist will only last for a limited time too. If the person doesn’t come into contact with the mist again, there will be no repercussions. However, things are different on the battlefield,” Round Ball said.