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Chapter 932: Why Do I Feel Drained? (2)

“These people won’t be able to move and kill their enemies. They are like a lamb to the slaughter,” Wang Teng finished the sentence for it.

“Yes!” Round Ball nodded with a stern expression.

“Fortunately, the dark apparitions outside can’t come in temporarily. But we can’t let this continue.” Wang Teng turned serious. He thought that victory was imminent when he repaired the array, but the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor changed the tides with one move.

Indeed, every powerful being possessed the ability to affect the overall situation.

Right then, Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly. He lost his focus for a moment, and the Lazy Mist almost corroded his spiritual shield and invaded his body.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and filled up the hole in his shield.

Celestial Realm Spirit was vast and powerful. The Lazy Mist might be peculiar, but it wasn’t a powerful attacking skill. It wouldn’t be able to penetrate the defense shield immediately, so it wasn’t a threat to him for now.

However, it would be troublesome if he allowed it to deal constant damage to the protective shield.

“Oh right!” Wang Teng had a sudden thought. He released his constellation dark Force silently and covered it up with his spiritual power, hiding it within his spiritual power.

As expected, the Lazy Mist had a negligible effect on the dark Force.


Also, when the Lazy Mist came into contact with the dark Force, it would recognize it automatically and move away from it. The area Wang Teng was at immediately turned into a Lazy Mist vacuum.

“Huh? The Lazy Mist has dispersed. What’s going on?” Round Ball noticed it and was surprised.

Wang Teng had used his spiritual power to hide the dark Force, so Round Ball didn’t notice its presence.

“Maybe I’m lucky,” Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief and made a lame excuse.

“Do you think I’ll believe you!” Round Ball rolled its eyes.

Wang Teng chuckled. Without offering any explanation, he moved and dashed below. He needed to think of a way to disperse this Lazy Mist. The consequences would be unimaginable otherwise.

Di Qi’s face turned ugly upon witnessing this scene. With a grim expression, he stared at the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, his killing intent raging.

“Hahaha!” The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor laughed delightedly. “Attack! Anyone that destroys the array will be heavily rewarded.”

His voice spread out, igniting the ferocity of the dark apparitions outside the defense shield. They charged at the shield and attacked it like mad men.

“Gather in one location and target one spot!” a devil king shouted as he commanded the troops from behind.

They weren’t stupid. The outcome of spreading out was minimal, so they knew that they could only destroy the array if they targeted one spot.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The array started trembling violently under the offensive of the numerous dark apparitions.

The martial warriors in the array were under the effect of the Lazy Mist, so they disregarded this commotion completely. They didn’t seem to know that a calamity was about to hit them.

Some martial warriors who had barely managed to resist the effects of the Lazy Mist started to feel hopeless when they saw their comrades turning into zombies. They seemed to have lost their souls.

Some people were unwilling to give up and tried to shake their comrades awake. They yelled at the top of their lungs as they attempted to pull them out of their stupor.

“Wake up, wake up! The dark apparitions are coming!”

“Damn it, what are you doing? Wake up!”

“F**k, the black mist is strange and mysterious. They’re all affected. They can’t wake up.”

Wang Teng stood in the air and activated his Spiritual Sight and Eyes of Essence. Scanning below, he looked into the martial warriors’ bodies with these two skills.

Force light shone within the martial warriors’ bodies. However, there were thin black lines mingled in these Force lights.

These black lines were stuck firmly to the Forces, affecting everyone’s body. Some martial warriors had breathed in too much Lazy Mist. It had invaded their mind.

Wang Teng frowned. His mind worked furiously. Suddenly, an idea struck him. A wisp of holy white flame burned on his hand, floating silently above his palm.

“I wonder if the Holy Flame can curb the Lazy Mist?

“Nevermind, let’s try it first.”

He scanned the crowd and finally fixed his gaze on one person.


This is it!

This fellow wasn’t friendly towards him, so it would be okay to experiment on him, right? It wouldn’t matter if he crippled or killed him accidentally, right?

Wang Teng released his spiritual power and controlled a tongue of Holy Flame. He pushed it into Clive’s head.

All he relied on was brute force.

Controlling the tongue of Holy Flame, he spun it around Clive’s consciousness to disperse the Lazy Mist. Then, he toured it around his body and burned his Force to get rid of the Lazy Mist.

It was a simple and crude method, but the speed made up for it. Also, the effects were great. The Lazy Mist was completely cleared.

“What’s wrong with me?” Clive shuddered and regained his consciousness. His lips were pale as he muttered to himself, “Why do I feel drained?”

Wang Teng smiled to himself and ignored him. Since he had proved that this method was effective, he would mass produce his antidote.

He executed his 18 Tasks Multitasking skill. With the help of his firm grasp of Spiritual Kinesis Control, he managed to disperse the Lazy Mist in different people simultaneously. It was a little tough, but he could manage.

However, before this, he needed to push back the Lazy Mist around them. If it invaded the martial warriors’ bodies again, they would get affected once more, wasting his time and effort.

Wang Teng did both the tasks at once. He released his Holy Flame to blow away the Lazy Mist around them.

His Holy Flame wasn’t complete. By right, it shouldn’t be able to cover such a wide range. However, Wang Teng possessed the light Force, which could act as fuel for the Holy Flame.


Roaring white flames filled up the sky. The Lazy Mist started melting as soon as it met the white flames. The white flame seemed to be its nemesis.

This scene immediately attracted the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s attention. His expression changed, and he was appalled.

“Holy Flame!

“Damn it, why does he have the Holy Flame?!” The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was filled with disbelief. As a devil emperor, he rarely lost his composure.

But he had met the Holy Flame, the nemesis of the dark apparitions. Its appearance was a huge blow to him.

Di Qi looked at Wang Teng strangely too. He suddenly felt that he couldn’t understand this fellow.

Where did this young man come from?

Why did he have so many surprises?

Wang Teng didn’t know about their reactions.

After dispersing the Lazy Mist, he split tongues of Holy Flame and pushed them into the martial warriors’ bodies. The Lazy Mist in their bodies was quickly dispersed.

Wang Teng was gentler towards the other martial warriors. He wasn’t as forceful as he had been to Clive.

He used the Holy Flame to burn the stained segments of their Force with his Light Force. That way, only a small portion of their Force would be exhausted.

The martial warriors soon regained their consciousness. Although they had lost their bearings due to the Lazy Mist, they still knew what had happened. They were shocked and furious.

They had lost their ability to fight because of the influence of the mist!

When they recalled their strange attitude just now, they shuddered in fear.

Extremely terrifying!

They would rather die if they had to maintain this state for the rest of their lives.

Everyone had a new understanding of the skills of a powerful dark apparition… as well as fear.

“Why are you standing there? Retaliate!” Wang Teng shouted. His voice echoed in the air.

Everyone regained their composure and looked up.

Wang Teng’s face was a little pale because he had used too much of his spiritual power. However, he was still destroying the black mist with his spiritual power and Holy Flame so that more people could wake up.

“He saved us!” Olivia’s expression changed. There was a complicated look in her eyes.

Clive gritted his teeth when he saw this scene. Everyone had woken up, but he was the only one who felt drained.

Was this fellow using this chance for his own revenge?

But he couldn’t find any evidence to prove it. He was frustrated and furious.

After a moment of hesitation, everyone finally reacted. They were like wild beasts who got angered. Bolts of powerful attacks slammed out violently as they vented their anger on the dark apparitions outside the array.

You will bear the consequences of the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s actions!