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Chapter 933: Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, Perished! (1)

Wang Teng knew that he wasn’t needed down below since everyone was acting so fierce. He found a roof and sat there cross-legged, picking up attribute bubbles while recuperating.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s eyes were filled with hatred as he glared at Wang Teng.

It’s all because of him!

This little brat!

He ruined all my plans!

This brat easily repaired the array we took so much effort to destroy.

He also nullified my talent, the Lazy Mist, easily.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was exasperated. After terribly failing in his raid, he felt immense hatred toward Wang Teng.

Wang Teng felt his angry gaze and raised his head to stare at the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor. Then, he threw him a smile.

“Kill the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor!” A loud bellow came from his throat.


The people below were stunned for a moment. Then surprisingly, they joined him, emptying the air in their lungs.

“Kill the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor!”

“Kill the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor!”

“Kill the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor!”

Their shouts drowned out all other noises. Even the Force explosions weren’t as loud as the resonant war cries.

The martial warriors’ morale skyrocketed amid their shouting. Their fear of the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor also dissipated a little.

Especially after the influence of the Lazy Mist, the humans below seemed enraged. They turned even more ferocious than before and started attacking the dark apparition troop with bloodshot eyes. Their destructive ability was astonishing.

“Pfft!” The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor wanted to vomit blood in anger.

This was a provocation!

This mere planetary-stage martial warrior dared to provoke him!


Damn it!

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor hated Wang Teng to the core. He had always been calm and indifferent. No human was able to ignite his hatred.

However, Wang Teng had earned this honor. He was the man the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor hated the most!

Di Qi looked at them strangely. He wanted to laugh, but he tried his best to suppress it.

He mustn’t laugh in this serious situation… unless he couldn’t bear with it… Hahahaha!

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was so angry that the black mist around him started tossing and turning. The crimson glow in his eyes shone brightly. “This is too much!”

“Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, die!” Di Qi clutched his battle sword and released an extremely sharp green sword conscious.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor roared in anger. The black mist around it started retracting until it compressed to a ball around one meter in diameter.

Di Qi squinted and released the green blade conscious.


The speed of the ball skyrocketed after it became small. It easily evaded Di Qi’s blade attack with a single dodge.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

In the next second, the sound of a heart pounding could be heard within the ball of black mist. However, the palpitation was defeaning. It shook the earth and made people’s hearts shudder.

Di Qi turned grave.

Wang Teng’s expression changed involuntarily too. He blurted two words, “Devil transformation!”

Without a doubt, the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was undergoing the frightening devil transformation.

It was impossible to stop a devil transformation. During the process, the dark apparition would become extremely powerful. Normal attacks wouldn’t harm them.

As the palpitations boomed continuously, the ball of black mist started changing too.


It started to expand, but it was no longer in mist form. It had solidified. The black mist turned solid and started growing like a ball of flesh.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Along with a chilling sound, it sounded as if something had pushed out from one’s flesh.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s devil transformation occurred at a fast rate. Within a few breaths, he had turned into a huge and irregular ball of flesh, almost covering half the sky.

A black mist still shrouded the surface of the ball of flesh. However, it had grown fainter.

Behind the black mist, one could faintly see expressionless faces densely populated on the surface of the ball of flesh. It covered the entire body and looked extremely blood-curdling.

“This is?” The people below widened their eyes in terror when they saw this scene. Fear swarmed into their hearts again.


The cry didn’t sound like a human or a beast.

The eyes of the different faces on the surface of the flesh suddenly opened, their color crimson. The gaze was filled with evil, chaos, disorder…


The people below clutched their heads and screamed in agony when they saw the eyes. Then, their minds grew chaotic, and they started attacking their companions around them like a maniac.




The people in the battle fortress were in absolute chaos. They started cutting one another’s throats as if they had lost their humanity.

Only some powerful martial warriors managed to resist the evil gaze of the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor. They weren’t overpowered by violence and chaos.

“Damn it!”

Di Qi furrowed his brows. He released all his Force, and the wind domain gave off a glaring green glimmer as it charged towards the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor glared at him coldly. There were no emotions in his eyes, only endless chaos.


The two of them collided and gave rise to a terrifying explosion.

Wang Teng looked at the battle in the sky and stood up abruptly. Void mayflies flew out of his forehead and turned into numerous spots of light. These dots of light dashed towards the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor.

He knew that if he wanted to stop everyone from fighting with one another, he had to kill the source of this chaos.

In terms of the realm, the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s spirit was in the Celestial Realm too. Hence, Wang Teng wasn’t afraid of this devil emperor.