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Chapter 934: Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, Perished! (2)

Besides, Di Qi was at the frontline. He wouldn’t be in any danger even if he released some sneak attacks from the rear.

The void mayflies flew toward the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor with Wang Teng’s spiritual skills. They silently crept onto the expressionless faces while he was busy fighting with Di Qi.

The mayflies stabbed the eyes.


All the void mayflies were etched with the Spiritual Spike and the Spiritual Missile skills. These two skills had greater offensive power. Wang Teng had spent much time imprinting them in the void mayflies, but he didn’t hesitate and released them all on the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor.

Some of the dots turned into Spiritual Spikes and stabbed into the eyes. Others exploded directly.


The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor let out a furious cry when he suddenly got attacked.

In an instant, more than half of the frightening faces were injured. There were dents on the flesh, and it looked horrendous and disgusting.



Di Qi was elated. He followed up the victory with hot pursuit and fired his sword auras at the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor.

Hiss, hiss, hiss!

The sword glows intertwined in the air and landed on the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, forcing parts of his body to turn into black mist. The ball of flesh shrunk to two-thirds of its original size.

However, they had infuriated the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor too. The faces opened their mouths and black lights shimmered within.


Beams of black light shot out. Most of them were aimed at Di Qi, with a small portion targeting Wang Teng.


Wang Teng got a fright. He hurriedly used his space talent and disappeared on the spot.


A black beam of light landed on the building he was at a second ago. The metal structure melted into black liquid instantly, giving off a pungent stench.

Wang Teng’s figure appeared in another place. His gaze landed on the destroyed building, and he frowned. “What a terrifying attack!”

“You’re tempting fate! Why did you attack the devil emperor?” Round Ball shouted in Wang Teng’s mind.

In its view, Wang Teng’s action was unwise. He should have used this opportunity to hide. The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was a devil emperor and had undergone devil transformation. His ability had reached a frightening level, so charging forward was extremely dangerous.

“Shut up!” Wang Teng disregarded it completely. His gaze turned cold, and the Golden Crescent Blade appeared beside him. It spun around him at high speed.

“It’s just a devil emperor. Why are you so afraid?” Wang Teng scoffed and pointed at the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor in the sky.

Some grudges didn’t need to wait. Revenge should be taken on the spot.

Under Wang Teng’s order, the Golden Crescent Blade turned into a beam of golden light and dashed toward the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s gigantic body.


The Golden Crescent Blade cut through the air and left a clear white mark in the sky.

A few of the faces on the flesh ball turned to look at the Golden Crescent Blade. Their gazes cold, their mouths opened at an exaggerated angle. Beams of black light shot out to resist the golden beam.


Suddenly, the golden beam disappeared in front of them, and the black beams missed their target.


The next instant, the golden beam appeared in another direction as if it had traveled through space. It slammed into the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s body while spinning at high speed.


A part of his body exploded and turned into black mist. The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor roared in anger.

He got hit by a planetary-stage martial warrior! This was a humiliation!

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor wanted to push Di Qi back and kill Wang Teng first, but Di Qi didn’t allow him to. He tied up the devil emperor.

The green blade glow wreaked havoc in the domain, and all the attacks landed on the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s body.

Wang Teng didn’t sit idle either. He controlled the Golden Crescent Blade and lay prone in the surroundings, hunting for an opening. His intimidation effect was as powerful as Di Qi.

Round Ball was stunned. It didn’t know that Wang Teng could do this.

Wang Teng was a bold and thorough fellow, more daring and stronger than it. Could it even help him?

Round Ball started to feel dejected. There was a depressing aura around it. It felt miserable.

Olivia, Clive, and the other youngsters had regained their senses by now. They stared at the battle in the sky in disbelief.

Wang Teng was able to join the battle between Di Qi and the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor?!

This was astonishing.

Wang Teng didn’t know what strange thoughts Round Ball was having. He was in full focus mode. He flew around the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor while controlling the Golden Crescent Blade, waiting for opportunities to strike.

Celestial Realm Spirit was very powerful, and the Golden Crescent Blade was the weapon of a divine spirit master too. The combination of these two inflicted painful wounds on the devil emperor.

But he had to rely on his Spiritual Kinesis Control too!

Without the Spiritual Kinesis Control, he would be like a martial warrior without any battle techniques. He had all the Forces but no way of executing them.

Even though his Spiritual Kinesis Control had reached the well-versed level, Wang Teng still added blank attributes to it so that he could use it against the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor.

His Spiritual Kinesis Control went from the well-versed stage to the small achievement stage. He wanted to continue, but this single level cost him 50 thousand blank attributes.

Spiritual Kinesis Control: 45000/50000 (small achievement)

Wang Teng didn’t imagine that raising Spiritual Kinesis Control would be so difficult. The well-versed level required 5000 points, but the small achievement level required ten times more.

Fortunately, the effects were immediate!

His eyes lit up. His control of the Golden Crescent Blade had reached an extremely high level.


Under the control of his spiritual power, the Golden Crescent Blade suddenly started spinning at high speed. The amplitude was ten times more. Even if a celestial-stage martial warrior got brushed by the Golden Crescent Blade, his body would disintegrate from the vibration.

At the same time, the path of the Golden Crescent Blade became harder to predict. It started moving irregularly. Ordinary martial warriors wouldn’t be able to catch its real position even if Wang Teng didn’t use his space talent.

A glaring beam of light shot out of Wang Teng’s eyes. This was a sign that he was using his spiritual power to its maximum.

The Golden Crescent Blade spun toward the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor at a tricky angle.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor had already been ruined, so this angle was his blind spot. Hence, he didn’t notice anything.


The Golden Crescent Blade slashed his body directly.

The gigantic ball of flesh was chopped into two, leaving a deep wound in the center. A ball of thick black light twinkled below the wound.

“Attack that ball of black light. That’s his core!” Wang Teng suddenly shouted at Di Qi.

Another emotion appeared on the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s numb face. Besides anger and bitterness, there was also a tinge of panic.

The black mist on the surface of its body started moving. The wound Wang Teng had created was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Di Qi turned serious. A dazzling sword glow burst from his sword, and he hurled it at the ball of black light before the wound could close up.

“No!” The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor gave a terrifying howl. There was unwillingness and bitterness in his voice.

The faces on his surface scowled in pain as thin cracks started to appear on his flesh. A green glow penetrated from within.

Di Qi furrowed his brows as he glared at the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor.

The cracks on the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s body grew wider and wider. Soon, they covered the entire body, and the green glow started to get thicker until it burst out.



The huge ball of flesh couldn’t withstand the force anymore and blew up.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor gave one last unhappy roar before his enormous body disintegrated into mist and disappeared.

Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, perished!

There was dead silence. All the martial warriors and the dark apparitions seemed to have lost their voices. They stared at the sky with wide eyes and couldn’t regain their senses for some time.

Did the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor just die?

Did Wang Teng and Master Di Qi kill him together?!

This was unbelievable!

They weren’t surprised by Master Di Qi because he was a cosmos-stage martial warrior and was at the same level as the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor. Yet, even though Wang Teng was just at the planetary stage, he was still a crucial factor in this battle.

No one could deny his contributions!