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Chapter 935: This Is Manual Labor! (1)


After a moment of silence, everyone regained their senses. Cheers echoed in the sky.

“We won!”

“We won!”

“Hahaha, Kill these dark apparitions!”

The other dark apparitions outside the array offered no threat once the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was out of the equation. The rune weapons breathed again, conducting a large-scale bombing. Many dark apparitions were exterminated in the blink of an eye.

The remaining devil lords and devil kings wanted to retreat, but the human martial warriors wouldn’t grant them their wishes. How could they come and leave whenever they wanted?

Di Qi also intervened and slashed the devil kings as if he was cutting vegetables. The devil lords were even easier to tackle.

Wang Teng had nothing to do now. He had exhausted much of his spiritual power, so he decided to take a break. Scanning the sky, searched carefully for the attribute bubbles dropped by the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor.


He mustn’t miss any attribute bubbles dropped by this devil emperor.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor had exploded into many pieces. Thus, the attribute bubbles were scattered everywhere. Fortunately, Wang Teng had some spiritual power remaining, so he could just sweep them over and collect them.

The bubbles dropped by the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor were different from the normal dark apparitions. They were bigger and darker.

Constellation Force (Dark)*65000

Imperial-Level Dark Talent*3000

Celestial Realm Spirit*3500

Celestial Realm Enlightenment*3200

Devil Transformation*1000

Lazy Mist Devil Scripture*800

Lazy Mist Physique*2000


This was unexpected!

This was a great surprise!

Wang Teng knew that the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor would give him many attributes, but he didn’t expect such a large number.

65000 points of constellation dark Force allowed his dark Force to rise two levels. it advanced from the fourth level to the sixth level.

Constellation Dark Force: 3000/60000 (planetary stage sixth level)

The other dark apparitions had contributed to this level-up too. They dropped many points of dark Force, allowing Wang Teng to progress by two levels smoothly.

Next was the imperial-level dark talent.

Imperial-level talents were weaker than divine-level talents but stronger than the emperor level. After absorbing this attribute bubble, Wang Teng felt his dark talent becoming more powerful.

With this imperial-level dark talent, Wang Teng would be able to reach the cosmos stage just through cultivation. He didn’t need to rely on picking up attributes. If he worked harder, he might even touch the heaven stage or the universe stage.

In summary, he would be a devil emperor among the dark apparitions.

Devil emperors had different levels too, split into the bottom, middle, and top. This corresponded to the cosmos stage, heaven stage, and universe stage, respectively.

The Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was a bottom-level devil emperor… wait!

If Wang Teng managed to raise his dark Force to the cosmos stage, he would become a devil emperor, right?

That was a devil emperor!

He would be like a boss among the dark apparitions.

Would he become the boss of the dark apparitions one day? Wang Teng shuddered at the thought of it. For some reason, it felt a little exhilarating!

Imperial-Level Dark Talent: 3000/25000

There were 3500 points of Celestial Realm Spirit. This was the largest Celestial Realm Spirit attribute bubble he had received so far.

He also got 3200 points of Celestial Realm Enlightenment. This was another huge harvest.

Spirit: 8150/50000 (Celestial Realm)

Enlightenment: 4280/50000 (Celestial Realm)

This was followed by 1000 points of devil transformation. It was more than all the devil transformation attributes he had accumulated in the past.

Another devil transformation attribute bubble. It looked like he couldn’t avoid this attribute.

Wang Teng felt a little helpless.

But it was understandable. All of the powerful dark apparitions would possess the devil transformation skill. If he wanted to kill them, he would need to face their devil transformation. It was impossible not to drop this attribute.

Devil Transformation: 230/10000 (big achievement)

1000 points of devil transformation allowed his devil transformation skill to rise from small achievement to big achievement stage.

However, when Wang Teng noticed that the next stage required 10000 points, he was shocked. The small achievement stage only needed 1000 points whereas the big achievement stage was ten times more.

Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t care about this skill, so he didn’t dawdle over it. He allowed it to rise freely.

The last two attribute bubbles astounded him.

Lazy Mist Devil Scripture!

Lazy Mist Physique!

These two attribute bubbles were unique to the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor. The Lazy Mist Devil Scripture was unique to the Lazy Devil race. Only devil emperors and above could practice it.

This was a devil emperor level scripture!

To devil lords and devil kings, the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture was like an ultimate martial arts scripture.

Of course, if dark apparitions from other races practiced this skill, the effects would be greatly reduced. This was because they didn’t possess the special physique of the Lazy Devil race, the Lazy Mist Physique.

By right, Wang Teng couldn’t practice it. However, he had gained the Lazy Mist Physique too. It formed a set with the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture.

Mind you, the system’s service was incredible.

(The system: Please give a thumbs up if you like my service ~(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~)

“Lazy Mist Physique!” Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered as he felt the changes in his body.

It felt strange!

He realized that he could sense the laziness in living creatures and absorb them.

Wang Teng’s interest was piqued. He silently activated his Lazy Mist Devil Scripture, and an unnoticeable black mist floated over and merged into his body.