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Chapter 936: This Is Manual Labor! (2)

This black mist was the Lazy Mist!

Everyone had laziness, more or less. Thus, it was easy to absorb the Lazy Mist. If Wang Teng wanted to absorb everyone’s Lazy Mist, the scene might be quite majestic.

However, he was afraid that someone would notice it. Hence, he was extremely careful and only absorbed a small strand of it. Then, he stopped to prevent anyone from detecting it.

Wang Teng discovered a ball of black mist appearing within the dark constellation above the sea of nihility. This was the Lazy Mist.

Dark apparitions were strange creatures. Their Force and spirit were all stored in a core. This core was known as the dark Force nucleus.

The Lazy Mist of the Lazy Devil race was stored in the dark Force nucleus too.

However, it was different for Wang Teng. He was a human. He might have received the dark talent and could absorb dark Force and cultivate with it, but he didn’t have a dark Force nucleus. However, he managed to form a dark constellation similar to the other human Forces.

Hence, the Lazy Mist he absorbed could only be stored in the core of the dark constellation.

At this moment, he had already grasped the use of the Lazy Mist. It was similar to what Round Ball said.

The Lazy Mist was able to make a person lazy. Both the consciousness and body would be invaded, and they wouldn’t have any motivation to do anything.

If someone came into contact with the Lazy Mist during a fight, they would be at a great disadvantage. Anyone could attack them.


This ball of Lazy Mist floated in the core of the dark constellation. It didn’t affect Wang Teng. It was like an obedient little child who would follow his order completely.

This is good stuff. Wang Teng touched his chin and decided to practice the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture when he had the time.

He looked at his attributes panel.

Lazy Mist Devil Scripture: 800/1000 (foundation)

Lazy Mist Physique: 2000/30000

Wang Teng was stunned. 800 points of Lazy Mist Devil Scripture couldn’t even get him past the foundation level. It looked like the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture was quite powerful.

Normally, 800 points were enough to raise a celestial-stage scripture to the well-versed level.

But Wang Teng didn’t mind. More attributes meant that this scripture was more powerful. It was worth cultivating.

As for the Lazy Mist Physique, the limit was 30 thousand. This proved that it was an amazing physique.

Actually, the Lazy Mist Physique of every lazy devil was different. Some of them had greater talent, so the limit of their Lazy Mist Physique was higher. Others with weaker talent would have lower limits.

Since the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor was able to become a devil emperor, his talent mustn’t be low. Thus, the limit of his Lazy Mist Physique was higher.

Wang Teng was satisfied with these two attribute bubbles.

With the Lazy Mist Physique, practicing the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture would allow him to gather more Lazy Mist. This was a good battle ability and would be of great help to him.

After picking up all the attribute bubbles dropped by the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, Wang Teng’s gaze finally landed on the attribute bubbles dropped by the other human martial warriors and dark apparitions. He started collecting them in heaps.

Looking at it from another point of view, Wang Teng was a war profiteer. Every time there was a battle, there would be a large number of attribute bubbles dropped. This was all profit for him.

He helped when he should, so it was alright for him to collect the attribute bubbles. It made sense, right?

As his spiritual power swept through the fortress, the attribute bubbles flew over to him. He smiled brightly. He was in a great mood!

Constellation Force (Earth)*500

Constellation Force (Fire)*650

Imperial Realm Spirit*250

Water Force*1300

Star Water Scripture*100

Planetary Realm Spirit*700

Constellation Force (Dark)*400

Planetary Realm Spirit*350

Planetary Realm Enlightenment*400

Emperor-Level Wood Talent*450

Star Wood Scripture*100

The battle hadn’t ended, so the attribute bubbles continued dropping. There was no stopping them.

But the quality of these attribute bubbles was uneven. Though not a bad thing, it was a hassle to count them.

Wang Teng didn’t count them one by one. He inspected the result directly.

His ability rose exponentially as he absorbed these attribute bubbles. His five Forces increased the most.

His constellation metal Force was still at the eighth level, but it had reached 67000 points. He wasn’t far away from hitting the 80 thousand points limit.

The other four basic Forces had a greater increase. Some increased by a level while others increased by two. All of them had reached the eighth level.

Happiness came suddenly. Wang Teng was caught off guard.

His spirit and enlightenment increased by a few hundred points. This helped his ability to increase a little.

Next were the talent attributes. The highest were the emperor-level talents.

Ever since he received the imperial-level and divine-level talents, Wang Teng couldn’t bother about the emperor-level talents anymore.

It was easier to get rich and harder to go back to poverty.


Wang Teng sighed. This wasn’t his true intention.

But he didn’t have a choice. Besides his wind and dark talents, others were all at the emperor level. He could only accept it reluctantly.

There was one talent Wang Teng didn’t possess in the past.

Emperor-Level Arrow Talent*500

His arrow talent used to be at the ultimate stage. Now, after collecting this attribute bubble, it jumped to the emperor level.

Emperor-Level Arrow Talent: 500/10000

Wang Teng liked the arrow talent.

It could be used as a long-range attack like the rune guns. The arrow talent could come in handy sometimes, and it might even be more useful than the rune guns.