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Chapter 938: Too Expensive!

After a serious incident like the invasion of the dark apparitions, Wang Teng’s trip to Great Qian Planet was postponed without exception.

Di Qi also had a lot of things to deal with, especially the casualties of the martial warriors and the damage to the battle fortress. All of these had to be accounted for, and he would have to travel to Great Qian Planet personally and give a report.

Wang Teng had no choice but to wait. He locked himself up in the room where he had previously stayed in.

The battle fortress’s residential area was located in the rear, which was relatively safe. The region the dark apparitions had damaged was at the front where the military areas were. That was why the residential area was not greatly affected. Only some buildings were harmed by Force attacks.

Wang Teng’s residence was fortunate to not have been included among them.

He sat cross-legged on his bed while a strange power entwined in his hands. It was the power of time!

Wang Teng cut a wound on his finger and wrapped it with the power of time. Very soon, a miraculous scene appeared!

The wound healed quickly and was back to normal in the blink of an eye.

He had cut the wound from the left to the right, but it healed in the opposite way. On top of that, the blood that oozed out flowed back into the wound and nothing was left behind.

Everything seemed like it had turned back.

If you compared it carefully, you would realize that after healing, the area where the wound appeared was exactly the same as before. There was not one bit of a difference.


This wasn’t just healing!

If this was, even if no scars were left behind, it wouldn’t be exactly the same as before. It was as if there was never a wound to begin with.

“Time reversal!” Wang Teng’s eyes flashed as he smiled.

After obtaining time talent for such a long time, this was the first time he was studying it.

When facing the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor, he discovered that he was still struggling to deal with a cosmos-stage martial warrior. If he didn’t work with Di Qi, he wouldn’t be Lazy Mist Devil Emperor’s match.

That was why he started studying his moves as soon as he came back.

The time ability had immense potential. It would be a waste not to focus on it. In order to study his time ability, he even chased Round Ball away and locked himself up.

Round Ball knew that Wang Teng had something to hide from him. However, it had no intention of digging into his secrets. It didn’t probe further and went out for a walk alone.

Giving each other space would help them to get along better!

Round Ball understood that.

It took this opportunity to learn about the major events that had happened in Great Qian Empire in recent years via the battle fortress’s network. It was also good for it to plan the journey to Great Qian Planet. Otherwise, if it messed up, he would be treated as a laughing stock.

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel. Round Ball once told him that those who had mastered time talents met tragic ends. That was why he didn’t dare to be careless.

He saw that there was indeed a change in his attributes panel. His Origin Of Soul and Life had dropped by 10 points after he had rewound time.

Origin Of Life: 10800

Origin Of Soul: 12100

Wang Teng had a lot of Force attributes. Every time he advanced to a new level, there would be a change. The Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life would follow suit as well, undergoing numerous enhancements.

That was why Wang Teng’s Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life were extremely high compared to his peers. They were even comparable to a seventh-level celestial-stage martial warrior.

It didn’t affect him when he expended 10 attribute points, and he decided to continue researching it.

“I used it for a second just now. Let’s try ten seconds!” Wang Teng cut his finger again.

He waited for ten seconds before using the power of time to recover!

Wang Teng’s finger returned to normal, and he looked at the attributes panel again. Both the Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life had lost 100 attribute points at the same time.

“100 points!” Wang Teng stared at his finger and started hesitating. His eyebrows twitched. “Should I try a hundred seconds?”

“10 points per second. Ten seconds would mean 100 points. A hundred seconds would mean 1000 points!”

Wang Teng didn’t dare to do it. 100 points were still acceptable, but 1000 points of Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life were too much for him. It was almost a tenth of what he currently had.

It would take less than two minutes for him to use up a tenth of his attributes.

Wang Teng took a breath of cold air.

F**k, he couldn’t afford to do it!

It was too expensive!

The power of time was simply a luxury. It cost life, not money!

However, if one was in a dire situation, the power of time could be used to save lives. Wang Teng thought about it and decided to try again. This time, he wasn’t adjusting the amount of time but the size of the wound.

A larger wound might consume more Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life. However, he still wanted to try it.

He proceeded the create a wound that was twice as large and used the power of time to heal himself after a second had passed.

He used up 20 attribute points of Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life!

“20 points, that’s twice as much!” Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered to himself.

However, he knew that this was just a small wound. If he had an extremely serious injury, he would consume more attribute points. It might even reach a horrifying amount.

“Well, I can’t possibly hurt myself badly to test this.” Wang Teng shook his head and gave up the idea.

Having said that, the power of time might not necessarily be used for restoration. It could be used to reverse the tide of battle!

When unforeseen circumstances arose in battle, the power of time could play a decisive role. It was a huge bug!

If used well, it would be a weapon that ensured his victory and success!

However, it was a double-edged sword. It could very well harm him as well. In fact, he wouldn’t be able to avoid that!

It was impossible that those who mastered the power of time didn’t understand that. Yet, they were all devoured by that power.

Wang Teng had to be careful. He would never use it easily unless it was his last resort.

After studying the power of time for a while, Wang Teng had used up a total of 400 points of Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life.

Origin Of Life: 10400

Origin Of Soul: 11700

Wang Teng immediately stopped researching it. 400 points were already enough for him to feel pain in his heart. Origin Of Soul and Origin Of Life were related to his own vitality. He couldn’t just waste them like that.

Afterward, he turned his attention to the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture.

He was lacking 200 attribute points to advance the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture. Wang Teng wasn’t stingy and spent 200 blank attributes on it.

Lazy Mist Devil Scripture immediately advanced to the well-versed stage.

After that, Wang Teng began cultivating. The Lazy Mist Devil Scripture circulated in his body. Although he was not that proficient in it, his current level was much better than the foundation stage, and the circulation was quite smooth.

As the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture circulated his body, Wang Teng immediately sensed the laziness of the living creatures outside.

The laziness could not be touched nor seen. Others could only feel their own laziness, but they wouldn’t be able to locate it. However, with Lazy Mist Physique, he could see the laziness in their bodies and pull it toward him.

The traces of laziness turned into black mist as they penetrated the ground and then gathered toward Wang Teng…