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Chapter 939: This is… Light Force Treatment!

In the room, wisps of black mist seeped out of the ground and swarmed toward Wang Teng’s body. The room was instantly filled with black mist. It looked eerie.

Fortunately, Wang Teng had used his spiritual power to form blockage arrays around the room so that people outside wouldn’t detect anything. The only person Wang Teng was worried about was Di Qi.

He was the only one that could threaten him.

However, his mastery of runes had reached the grandmaster level. He was confident that he could escape Di Qi’s detection.

Wang Teng used the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture and absorbed the black mist into his body. After flowing around his veins, the black mist gathered in the core of the dark constellation.

Time passed slowly. Approximately an hour later, all the laziness in the battle fortress had been absorbed by Wang Teng.

There was a huge ball of Lazy Mist in his body now. It had been condensed. Once it was released, it could envelop a large area. This was what happened when the Lazy Mist Devil Emperor released his Lazy Mist. The mist ball wasn’t big, but it could cover a wide area.

Wang Teng smiled. He stopped practicing the Lazy Mist Devil Scripture. At the same time, the tired martial warriors outside were suddenly full of vigor again.

“Strange, my body is tired, but I don’t feel like resting,” some martial warriors muttered to themselves in a confused tone.

Then, they started working hard again. Many buildings were damaged in the battle fortress. There weren’t enough engineering robots, so the martial warriors had to fill up the gaps to ensure that the battle fortress could be repaired quickly.

This was the scene Wang Teng saw when he walked out of his lodging. He gave a strange expression.


“Should Di Qi thank me?” Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered to himself.

He stopped cultivating and started touring around the battle fortress.

The martial warriors on the way stopped what they were doing and bowed to him with respect. Some celestial-stage martial warriors even greeted him enthusiastically.

All the martial warriors in the battle fortress had witnessed Wang Teng’s ability during this battle. As someone who was able to fight alongside Master Di Qi, this young man was definitely a formidable warrior!

Powerful people would gain respect no matter where they went.

Also, Wang Teng did them a huge favor. Without him, many people would have died in this dark apparitions’ invasion, suffering grievous losses. Thus, these martial warriors felt grateful toward Wang Teng.

Along the way, Wang Teng saw Olivia and Clive. They stood behind Di Qi and checked on the injured martial warriors. When he walked over, Di Qi nodded at him and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I have nothing to do, so I came out to take a look.” Wang Teng glanced around him and noticed many injured. There were a few hundred of them. The serious ones had lost a limb. Even the ones with light injuries were covered with wounds. It was a tragic sight.

Most importantly, Wang Teng saw dark Force on their wounds, with black patterns around the wounds. It was hard to remove the dark Force from the wounds.

Di Qi noticed his gaze and sighed. “We need light Force to dispel the dark Force. We don’t have light element martial warriors here and our light potion reserve is empty. There aren’t enough potions!”

“Light potion?” Wang Teng was confused.

“Light potion is made by extracting light Force from light element martial warriors. The extracted light Force will be made into potions using a special method by alchemists. It has a good effect in eradicating dark Force from the body,” Olivia rushed to answer.

Wang Teng glanced at her and nodded. “I didn’t know you could do this.”

“I remember that you used a Holy Flame during the battle. Can you expel the dark Force from these injured martial warriors? The longer it stays in their bodies, the more harm it will cause. Even if it’s eradicated in the end, there will still be implications,” Olivia hesitated before asking.

“Oh right, I almost forgot. You have the Holy Flame!” Di Qi was stunned for a moment. Then, he slapped his forehead and pulled Wang Teng inside. “Quick, help me with this and I’ll owe you another favor.”

“Your favors seem a bit worthless. You’re giving them out randomly.” Wang Teng felt speechless.

“Hahaha, other people won’t be able to get my favor even if they want to. Are you saying it’s too much?” Di Qi didn’t mind, laughing loudly.

“Alright, alright, I agree. Let me go so that I can do it properly.” Wang Teng felt helpless.

Too many favors wasn’t a bad thing.

“I’ll leave it to you!” Di Qi released him and patted his shoulder.

Olivia and Clive were puzzled when they saw the two of them acting intimately. When did they become so close?

The duo found it unbelievable.

Di Qi might seem amiable and friendly, but he had an aloof personality. He wouldn’t interact with just anyone.

He had many peers that wanted to befriend him. There were cosmos-stage martial warriors among these people, but Di Qi disregarded them. He didn’t even want to lay his eyes on them.

Once, Olivia had asked him why he didn’t want to befriend them even though they had high positions.

Di Qi’s reply was simple—I don’t like them!

Thus, one could see that Di Qi was an aloof and indifferent person. Even someone with the same status couldn’t enter his eyes.

However, he was acting like old friends with Wang Teng. This was unbelievable.

Wang Teng didn’t know any of this. He walked forward confidently.

All the injured martial warriors were inside a large medical facility. The beds were lined up in a clean and orderly manner. Some martial warriors with more serious injuries were lying in medical cabins. Expensive potions were used to keep them on their last breaths.

“What’s he doing? Shouldn’t he treat them one by one?” Olivia whispered.

“I don’t know. Let’s wait and see.” Di Qi shook his head.

“Ask them to open the cabins,” Wang Teng turned and said.

“Open the cabins?” Di Qi was stunned.

“Yes!” Wang Teng nodded without giving an explanation.

“Alright, I trust you.” Since Di Qi had asked Wang Teng for help, he chose not to suspect him. He ordered the doctors to open the cabins.

“Master, this… isn’t a good idea. The injured can’t suffer any more stimulations.” A doctor around 50 years old glanced at Wang Teng. He was a little hesitant.

Di Qi understood the situation and looked at Wang Teng.

“Ten seconds is enough. If it doesn’t help, you can close the cabin,” Wang Teng said.

“Okay!” The doctor immediately agreed.

The cabin doors opened, and the martial warriors inside woke up, frowning in pain. The doctor stared at the time intently. Once ten seconds were up, he would close the cabin instantly.

To the doctors, the lives of these injured martial warriors were more important than anything else. It wasn’t because they didn’t believe Wang Teng.

At this moment, a dazzling white light lit up the room. Numerous holy points of white light dropped from the sky and landed on the injured martial warriors.

The wounds on their bodies started healing at a visible speed. Dark Force was excreted out of their bodies and turned into wisps of black smoke. They disappeared in the air.

“This is… light Force treatment!” The doctors widened their eyes and exclaimed in surprise.