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Chapter 941: Heading To The Great Qian Planet

“Wang Teng, you need to enter the Secondary Career Alliance.

“I forgot that the Secondary Career Alliance is a good platform. You can build your connections quickly after you enter it.

“With your rune mastery and your light Force treatment, many people will seek your help once you make a name for yourself. You will gain many favors,” Once Wang Teng returned to his lodging, Round Ball started shouting.

“You weren’t so excited in the past. If I didn’t display my rune mastery and my light Force treatment, I wouldn’t have known the presence of the Secondary Career Alliance. You’re a little unreliable,” Wang Teng said angrily.

“I forgot about it,” Round Ball said guiltily.

“Seriously.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

“Wang Teng, you must view this matter seriously. Don’t think that it’s not important.” Round Ball reminded him when it saw his nonchalant attitude.

“I understand, I understand.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

He was indifferent not because he didn’t take this matter to heart. It was because he was confident.

Round Ball thought that he was at the master level in runes, but actually, he was at the grandmaster level already. Moreover, he had the light Force treatment and was a master-level Force Chef, master-level poison master, and master-level alchemist. He wouldn’t have any problem getting into the Secondary Career Alliance, hence his lack of concern.

“We’ll be heading to the Great Qian Planet tomorrow. Are you nervous?” Round Ball asked, feeling a little helpless.


“Why will I be? I’ll just solve whatever comes,” Wang Teng sat cross-legged on the ground as he replied to Round Ball in a calm tone. Then, he closed his eyes and started cultivating.

Round Ball felt even more frustrated. However, it knew it shouldn’t bother him, so it went off. No one knew where it went.

The next day, Wang Teng planned to meet up with Di Qi. But when he arrived at the gathering point, he didn’t see him. Instead, he met Olivia and Clive.

“Yawn~ Morning!” Olivia yawned as she greeted Wang Teng.

“Morning. Are you heading to the Great Qian Planet too?” Wang Teng asked.

“I have been here for a while. After the dark apparitions’ invasion, my family is worried about me. If I don’t go back, they’ll personally come to bring me back,” Olivia said in exasperation.

Wang Teng threw her a strange look. They were around the same age, but Olivia was still a child living under the supervision of her elders. She had no freedom.

“What’s with that look?” Olivia was furious.

“Nothing. It’s good to have someone worrying about you.” Wang Teng laughed.

“What do you know? I have no freedom at all. They treat me like a kid.” Olivia’s face turned red in anger. She looked like an irritated little cat.

“Why don’t you run away from home?” Wang Teng gave her a bad idea.

“Why don’t you help me?” Olivia’s eyes lit up.

Someone slapped Wang Teng’s shoulder abruptly. Then, Di Qi’s voice resounded. “Don’t give my cousin any bad ideas. If she did that, people like us will suffer.”

Wang Teng turned and glanced at Di Qi. He laughed. “You guys can’t always treat her like a child. I’m her peer, but I’ve already experienced a few battles and killed countless dark apparitions.”

“Olivia is pampered by my grandfather. She has no experience, so she can’t be compared with you. If a newbie like her goes out, she’ll be a dish for her enemies. Our family will even have to clean the dishes after she gets eaten.”

“Di Qi, are you calling me a newbie!” Olivia was infuriated. She glared at him and wanted to scratch his face.

Di Qi raised his finger and pressed her forehead. No matter how much Olivia struggled, she couldn’t move forward another inch. Her hands danced wildly in the air, creating a funny scene.

Wang Teng stared at her weirdly. He suddenly sympathized with her.

This cute little lady was being bullied by her cousin. Was this the distortion of human nature or was it the decline of morality?

“Alright, stop fooling around. We’re leaving soon,” Di Qi said helplessly.

“Hmph, Di Qi, I’ll complain to Grandpa when I return. I’ll say you bullied me,” Olivia said with a red face.

“Go ahead.” Di Qi waved his hands. He seemed used to it.

After some time, more people came. All of them greeted Di Qi respectfully.

Wang Teng saw Runemaster Fan Taining and Dr. Leonardo. He also saw some of the wounded he had treated. These people were heading to the Great Qian Planet too.

The medical facilities in the battle fortress couldn’t fully treat these wounded warriors. Hence, they needed to be moved to the Great Qian Planet or a more prosperous life planet for proper treatment.

“Is everyone here?” asked Di Qi.

“Yes sir, everyone is here,” a soldier replied.

“Let’s go.”

Di Qi led Wang Teng and the others out from the back of the battle fortress. This battle fortress was built against a mountain. The residential area was near the foot of the mountain. After passing it, they arrived below the mountain.

The mountain was hollowed out. A huge metal door appeared in their vision.

There were empire’s troops guarding this door. When they arrived, the soldiers saluted Di Qi and opened the metal door.

Amid a loud rumbling, the metal door parted, revealing a silver-white metallic path inside.

Everyone stepped on the metal path and headed deep into the mountain.

To his surprise, Wang Teng realized that the inside of the mountain was extremely huge. A circular array large enough to accommodate a few hundred people was situated right in the middle of the mountain.

There were many soldiers guarding this place. From their auras, they were at the planetary stage. There were also five celestial-stage martial warriors.

“Sir Di Qi!” The soldiers saluted Di Qi when he walked over.

“Is everything ready?” Di Qi nodded.

“Yes, it’s ready. The coordinates are fixed. We can activate the array anytime,” a runemaster in charge of the rune array replied.

“Everyone, stand in the middle of the array,” Di Qi ordered.

The crowd followed his order and came to the center. Di Qi did the same.

When the array activated, a glaring light flashed, and the people in the array started to blur until they disappeared.

Wang Teng felt the world spinning. Images flashed past him, and he felt weightless. Then with a dazzling light, he sensed the solid ground beneath him again.

This teleportation array works similarly to dimensional rifts. Wang Teng wondered to himself while sizing up his surroundings curiously.

This was a plaza filled with many people. Occasionally, an array would light up and groups of people would appear within them. They started walking out.

“Let’s go!” Di Qi said.

“Are we at the Great Qian Planet already?” Wang Teng asked.

“This is the North Rock Planet on the outskirts of the Great Qian Empire. We’re still a few hundred thousand light years away from the Great Qian Planet. The teleportation array can’t send us directly to the Great Qian Planet. This is a rule,” Olivia explained.

“I didn’t know that.” Wang Teng was surprised.

“It’s simple. The Great Qian Planet is an important location of the Great Qian Empire. If one of the defense planets gets invaded, our enemies will be able to reach the Great Qian Planet through the teleportation array. There are many formidable warriors in the Great Qian Planet and we’re not afraid of an invasion, but it will be a joke if that happens,” Di Qi said.

Wang Teng nodded. He didn’t probe further.

Under Di Qi’s lead, everyone walked out of the plaza and arrived at the docks of the North Rock Planet. Here, they would board a spacecraft that would take them to the Great Qian Planet. Anyway, Wang Teng’s spacecraft had been kept in a space item. He was carrying it with him.

When they reached the docks, Di Qi showed his identity, and they prepared to board a military spacecraft.

“Di Qi!” Peals of laughter were heard.

A muscular and lofty middle-aged man strode over. From the powerful aura he exuded, one could tell that he was a cosmos-stage martial warrior.

There were numerous celestial-stage martial warriors behind him.

“Wu Tai!” Di Qi immediately recognized the person. He exclaimed, “Why are you here?”

“My term has ended, so I’m returning to the Great Qian Planet.” Wu Tai looked at the wounded martial warriors behind Di Qi and asked worriedly, “I heard that the No. 4 Defense Planet suffered a dark apparition invasion. How are the casualties?”

“We only have a small number of casualties. We achieved a huge victory this time!” Di Qi couldn’t help but grin.

“A huge victory!” Wu Tai was shocked. He didn’t think that this was possible.

“Yes. Look at my wounded, and you’ll know that the situation is not serious,” Di Qi said.

“Come, tell me what happened.” Wu Tai was astounded, pulling Di Qi towards the military spacecraft. He was boarding this spacecraft too, so they could travel together.

The celestial-stage martial warriors glanced at Wang Teng and the others before following Wu Tai.

Although Wang Teng hadn’t entered the Great Qian Planet, he had already witnessed how powerful this high-tier civilization was. This was just a transit planet, yet he had already met a cosmos-stage martial warrior.

Also, when he glanced around him, he noticed many powerful auras in this spacecraft docks. Most were cosmos-stage martial warriors. There were also a few who were at a higher level.

This meant that in the Great Qian Empire, there would definitely be ample cosmos-stage martial warriors. They could probably be found everywhere.

It wasn’t like the low-tier civilization like the Olant Federation where a cosmos-stage martial warrior would be sent to guard a galaxy. There might be only a few cosmos-stage martial warriors in the entire Olant Federation.

This was the difference.

“Let’s go.” Olivia’s voice pulled him back into reality.

Wang Teng shook his head and followed them closely to board the spacecraft.

All of them were given one room. When Wang Teng was planning to take a rest, Di Qi sent someone to call him.

The lobby of the spacecraft was spacious, designed like a restaurant. Di Qi and Wu Tai had already started drinking.

“Come, let me introduce him to you. This is the young friend I mentioned who helped me greatly. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to emerge victorious,” Di Qi pulled Wang Teng over and said to Wu Tai.

“Oh!” Wu Tai immediately turned to look at Wang Teng and sized him up curiously.