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Chapter 942: He Who Understands The Situation Is A Wise Bird (1)

Wu Tai sized up Wang Teng curiously for some time before greeting him in a friendly manner, “Hahaha, Di Qi is singing praises for you. Come, take a seat. Let’s have some drinks.”

Di Qi had told him that Wang Teng had a high rune mastery and that he knew a light Force treatment skill too. He could treat patients on a large scale. Recognizing his potential, Wu Tai wanted to befriend him.

After all, as someone who spent most of his time on the battlefield and had to face dark apparitions all the time, light Force treatment was like an elixir for him.

It was extremely difficult to remove dark Force from one’s body, requiring a specific antidote for this condition. Comparing all the methods, the light Force treatment was the most effective one. It was even more effective than light potions.

Of course, another reason why he was so friendly and treated Wang Teng like a peer was that Di Qi told him that he could participate in a battle between cosmos-stage formidable characters. This meant that he had the requisite strength.

Wang Teng felt helpless. However, it was difficult to turn down their hospitality, so he sat down on the seat between them.

Olivia and Clive were thrown to one side. They felt exasperated.

Especially Clive. He wanted to join the cosmos-stage martial warriors, but he couldn’t. If he forcefully jumped into the conversation, the other party might not even glance at him. He would probably be asking for a snub.

On the other side, Runemaster Fan Taining and Dr. Leonardo exchanged glances with each other and walked over directly.

“Mister Wu Tai, Mister Di Qi, do you mind if we ask for a drink?” Fan Taining’s face was filled with smiles.

Wu Tai was surprised by their arrival. He glanced at Di Qi instantly.


Di Qi knew their purpose for coming. He smiled and said, “You guys must be here for Wang Teng, right? I don’t mind. Wu Tai, what do you think?”

“The more the merrier. Please have a seat.” Wu Tai was stunned. He didn’t know why they wanted to look for Wang Teng, but he didn’t ask. He just continued smiling.

Fan Taining and Leonardo were elated. They sat down. Soon, they started chatting. The atmosphere was quite lively.

But after some time, Runemaster Fan Taining started to look a little hesitant. Wang Teng and Di Qi knew what he was thinking, so they waited patiently for him to take the initiative.

The spacecraft started moving and left the docks of the North Rock Planet. It flew into the universe.

Everyone looked out of the window. The spacecraft traveled through the atmosphere quickly. Soon, all that was left around them was emptiness.

The passengers retracted their gaze. Di Qi smiled and said, “If you have anything to say, please do. The wine bottle is getting empty.”

Runemaster Fan Taining smiled. He looked at Wang Teng and said, “We’ll not beat around the bush then. Mr. Wang Teng, you probably know our purpose in coming here. After discussing with Dr. Leonardo, we’ve decided to be your joint recommender. We hereby invite you to join the Secondary Career Alliance. What do you think?”

“Joint recommendation!” Wang Teng was stunned, with many thoughts going through his mind. He lifted his glass and took a little sip. Then, he stared at the two of them calmly and said, “Thank you for thinking so highly of me. But what benefits will I have?”

Runemaster Fan Taining and Dr. Leonardo exchanged glances with each other and smiled. “With our joint recommendation, you will gain the friendship of both our networks once you enter the Secondary Career Alliance.”

These two were sly old foxes!

Wang Teng knew that they were saying something useless. He shook his head. “Honestly, it won’t be difficult for me to find a recommender. Isn’t your offer a little insincere?”

“I know a few runemasters and alchemists on the Great Qian Planet. I can ask them to recommend Wang Teng. I’m sure they’ll be more than willing,” Di Qi interrupted them.

Wu Tai understood what was happening. He offered Wang Teng a toast and said, “I know some runemasters and blacksmiths too. If you need my help, just say it.

Runemaster Fan Taining and Dr. Leonardo gave bitter smiles when they saw these two cosmos-stage martial warriors speaking up for Wang Teng.

“It’s my fault. I didn’t put things clearly. Let me punish myself with a drink first.” Runemaster Fan Taining gulped down a cup of wine and continued hurriedly, “Gaining the friendship of our network is just part of the deal. As your recommenders, we’ll gain some rewards. We’re willing to split this reward evenly with you.”

“Split evenly?” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

Fan Taining and Leonardo were willing to share the reward evenly with him. It looked like they did put in much sincerity this time.

“Wang Teng, agree with them. An even share is not bad. We mustn’t be too greedy, or our relationship will be affected,” Round Ball’s voice sounded in his mind.

Di Qi kept quiet. He looked at Wang Teng with a smile and waited for him to make his decision.

After some time, a smile crept onto Wang Teng’s face. “It’ll be disrespectful to decline your offer since you’re so sincere.”

He didn’t raise any other request. This was just a recommendation. He didn’t need to be too greedy. Gaining their friendship was a good deal too.

Actually, Wang Teng had his eyes on their network. If not, with his grandmaster-level of mastery, taking only half their rewards was a good deal for them.