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Chapter 943: He Who Understands The Situation Is A Wise Bird (2)

Runemaster Fan Taining and Dr. Leonardo heaved a sigh of relief. They were overjoyed. “It’s our honor to be your recommenders.”

“Shall we have a drink to celebrate this deal?” Wu Tai smiled.

“Haha, sure!”

They exchanged a toast, and the atmosphere got more lively. Their relationship seemed to have gotten closer.

Di Qi was happy with Wang Teng’s decision. At their level, strength wasn’t the only important factor. They must know when to advance and give in. If not, it would be hard for them to make any achievements. It was only worth investing in a sensible person.

After discussing what was needed and finishing their drinks, they left. This was just an interlude. To martial warriors like them, cultivation was the crux.

For the next few days of the journey, Wang Teng locked himself in his room for cultivation. He didn’t go out to meet anyone.

Fan Taining and Olivia were frustrated. Fan Taining wanted to ask him questions about runes while Olivia wanted to ask him for ideas on how to run away from home… Well, it was nothing good!

In his room, Wang Teng entered the virtual universe once again.

The previous time, he was beaten terribly by the Divine Tempest Bird. He was forced to leave the virtual universe after he got killed and then met the dark apparition invasion. He didn’t have the time to visit the virtual universe again.

Now that he was free, he got excited and wanted to find the Divine Tempest Bird. An occasional torment keeps you healthy!


By right, after a martial warrior died in the virtual universe, his spirit would be injured, requiring around ten days to recover before re-visiting the virtual universe.

But Wang Teng wasn’t the one who entered the virtual universe. It was his clone. Hence, he wasn’t affected. Also, he possessed the life energy stone where Round Ball stayed most of the time. He could use this stone to recover his spirit quickly.

He had also collected many spirit attribute bubbles, so instead of decreasing, his spirit increased.

Spirit damage?

This would never happen in his martial warrior career.

Wang Teng entered the virtual universe and appeared at the spot where he had died.

Normally, if one entered the virtual universe after their death, they wouldn’t appear in the place of their death. Rather, they would either appear at the initial entrance or if they had bought a property, they would appear in their own room.

In summary, the virtual universe was a place ruled by money. As long as one was willing to spend, one could enjoy many privileges.

Wang Teng didn’t buy a property, so he couldn’t appear in his room. But he didn’t appear at the initial entrance either. This was a bug.

You could say that this was his special privilege as an unregistered resident.

Wang Teng was pleasantly surprised. This was the place he got killed by the Divine Tempest Bird. If he entered the virtual universe through the initial entrance, he would need to travel a long distance to get here. Now, this trouble was saved.

He had to thank Round Ball for this. Without it, he wouldn’t have this unregistered resident identity.

Hence, Wang Teng appeared in the nest of the Black Wind Vultures.

Here was the question. Since the Black Wind Vulture King was killed by Wang Teng, would its nest remain empty?


Even in the real world, an empty nest would be taken over by other star beasts. After all, this was the nest of an imperial-level star beast. It wasn’t an ordinary place.

Thus, when Wang Teng arrived, he found himself staring at a huge bird.

The bird was covered with blue feathers, and there was a crown on its head; though it looked a little ugly. At the moment, the bird was staring coldly at this unexpected and unwelcomed guest.

This was quite sudden!

Wang Teng didn’t think that the nest would get seized so quickly by another star beast. The Black Wind Vulture King had only died recently. Its corpse hadn’t even decomposed yet.

But it was useless. No matter what, he should try to communicate with this star beast first. Fighting would hurt their harmony.

He could tell that this ugly blue bird was a low-tier imperial-level star beast, at the same level as the Black Wind Vulture King.

Wang Teng raised his hand and gave a friendly smile. He greeted the bird. “Hello, have you had your lunch?”

The ugly blue bird: …

“No? It’s alright. You can lose some weight by skipping a meal. It’s good for health,” Wang Teng continued shamelessly.

The ugly blue bird: …

“Well, if there’s nothing. I’ll leave first. You can have fun alone.” Wang Teng waved at the stunned ugly blue bird and walked out of the cave directly.

There was no sign of the Divine Tempest Bird. He would be wasting his time if he stayed here.

“Screech!” The ugly blue bird finally regained its senses. It was furious and let out a shrill scream. Flapping its wings, two blue ice blades flew towards Wang Teng.


Wang Teng frowned. He turned around and released his fist. A frightening fist aura surged out and shattered the ice blades. Then, it slammed into the large body of the ugly blue bird, throwing it back on the stone wall violently. Its feathers fell to the ground messily.

The ugly blue bird was utterly confused.

Why was this harmless-looking human so scary?

This didn’t make sense.

Why didn’t you say so earlier? Why did you act like a weakling? You made me think that you’re easy to bully, so I attacked without thinking!

In the end, I got thrown off my feet!

This is too much!

A low-tier imperial-level star beast had the same intelligence as a human. This setting was the same in the virtual universe. Thus, even though the ugly blue bird felt flustrated, it stopped resisting. It laid low and shivered in fear. A strange sound even escaped its mouth.