Chapter 410: Growth and Transformation (2) Translator: CKtalon

Even the prefecture lord, the Qi family’s patriarch, the Demon Vanquishing Division’s chief, and other important figures came to visit his master. How could these people in front of him be on par with them?

“Please pass a message,” Chen Shi’an said. “I’m the father of your master, Mr. Wu Ming. My name is Chen Shi’an. Tell your master, and he will know.”

Liu Fu was stunned. Master’s father? Chen Shi’an?

He didn’t dare to put on airs anymore and nodded. “Everyone, please wait a moment. I’ll report it to Master.”

With that said, he immediately ran into the residence.

It was snowing heavily, and the Chen family members stood silently in front of the door.

“Chen Qi should count his blessings for us to do this.”

“Shut up! Pay attention to your words and actions. In the future, Chen Qi will be an important figure in the Chen family. I won’t have any objections if he wants to be the patriarch.” The old patriarch glared at the clansmen behind him.

“We haven’t seen him yet.” The clansman smiled awkwardly and didn’t dare utter another word.

Finally, the door to the residence opened again!

Xu Jingming walked out with Wu Qi.

“How dare you come here!” Wu Qi’s expression darkened as he immediately shouted angrily.

Some of the Chen family members immediately had ugly expressions. After all, Wu Qi was a butler of the second young master. He usually had to bow and greet them, but he didn’t show them any respect now.

They had received strict orders before they came, so the Chen family endured it.

The old patriarch gazed at Xu Jingming and sighed. “Chen Qi, I know you have grievances.”

“I’m no longer a member of the Chen family. My surname is Wu now.” Xu Jingming looked at the old patriarch calmly.

Of course, he was calm. After all, the one who was emotionally tied to the Chen family was the former Chen Qi.

“Alright, Mr. Wu.” The old patriarch nodded. “As you know, it’s not easy to survive in this world. If we offend the powerful Demon Vanquishers, the Chen family might be finished. If we offend powerful demons, the Chen family will also be finished. We can’t even afford to offend some important figures in the government. As the family head, it’s my responsibility to keep the family in first place. The Wu family has offended someone important, so our Chen family naturally has to draw the line with the Wu family. I hope you can understand.”

“Chen Qi,” Chen Shi’an said with reddened eyes, “you’re my son. How could I bear to kick you out? There was nothing I could do about it; it was the family’s decision. Now, you’ve become one of the top Demon Vanquishers in Cheng’an Prefecture. Our Chen family doesn’t need to listen to others, so we naturally don’t have to keep you out anymore. In fact, I’ve dreamed of you these past few months. When I woke up, my face was covered in tears.”

Chen Shi’an moved himself to tears as he spoke.

Xu Jingming watched everything calmly and sighed with emotion. What a good performance!

“Do you dream of my mother?” Xu Jingming asked.

Chen Shi’an nodded immediately. “Of course, I dream of her. The relocation of your mother’s grave was the idea of the subordinate. I knew nothing of it—really!”

“Mr. Wu, although the Chen family didn’t treat you well in the past, we’re family after all,” the old patriarch said. “I’m old now. As long as you return to the Chen family, you will immediately be the Chen family’s patriarch! You can investigate the matter of the tomb relocation. You can punish and kill whoever needs to be punished. In the future, the Chen family will follow the rules you set.”

The old patriarch was the one who gave instructions to relocate the grave, but the subordinates he had directly instructed had long been silenced. There was no evidence to prove that the patriarch had personally given the order.

“It looks like you guys are really anxious to have rushed over from White County.” Xu Jingming nodded. “Back then, you chased me out and removed me from the family register. You even embezzled the silver my mother left behind. You were the ones who did everything in the first place, so don’t blame me for being heartless.”

“Let me make things clear to you today. My surname is Wu, and my surname is no longer Chen. It’s useless no matter what you say. I’m already very kind not to wipe out the Chen family personally.” Xu Jingming looked at them. “Everyone, it’s cold. Go back and rest early.”

With that said, he turned to leave.

“Chen Qi! If you don’t agree to return to the Chen family, I’ll kneel to my death here,” Chen Shi’an shouted. “Do you really want a father to kneel to his son? To kneel to his death in front of you?”

“If you don’t give the Chen family a way out, our Chen family can only kneel here and die.” The old patriarch immediately wanted to kneel.


Wu Qi kicked the old patriarch and sent him flying.

“Don’t tarnish Young Master’s reputation,” Wu Qi said coldly.

“Threatening me? Forcing me?” Xu Jingming stopped and turned to look at the Chen family. “Even if you kneel and beg me to return, I’ll never return. I’ll give you five minutes to leave obediently. Otherwise, I can only send you to prison because the sight of you sullies my eyes.”

With that said, he walked into the courtyard and closed the door. Only Wu Qi and Liu Fu stood at the door.

“Chen Qi,” Chen Shi’an shouted. “Chen Qi, are you really not going to recognize your father?

“Chen Qi, are you really that heartless?

“Chen Qi, aren’t you going to give us a way out?

“Chen Qi, you’re inhuman!”

Chen Shi’an said one sentence after another.

Wu Qi watched everything coldly. “Young Master said that if you don’t leave in five minutes, I can only throw you into jail.”

“How heartless.” The old patriarch’s eyes turned red. “If he doesn’t give the Chen family a way out, I can only kill myself here.”

“Old Patriarch, don’t dirty this wall.” Wu Qi held his saber. “If you dare to ram it, I shall have to be the one sending you off with a strike.”

The old patriarch stared at him.

“You have to pay the price for what you’ve done,” Wu Qi said calmly. “Don’t you understand this?”

The old patriarch fell silent.

Everyone from the Chen family was indignant, but they still left five minutes later.

In the next few days, the Chen family visited repeatedly! They thought of all kinds of ways to apologize and beg for Xu Jingming’s forgiveness.