Chapter 411: Growth and Transformation (3) Translator: CKtalon

Finally, Xu Jingming was a little fed up. Therefore, the prefecture office arrested everyone from the Chen family and imprisoned them!

They were imprisoned for seven days.

“If you dare cause trouble at Mr. Wu’s place again, I won’t just imprison you for a few days,” the constable soldier said.

The Chen family was in dire straits on the street.

The cold wind blew, leaving them a little lost.

“Uncle, this unfilial son is too heartless. What should we do next?” Chen Shi’an’s hair was in a mess, and his eyes were a little dazed.

“Let’s return.” The old patriarch appeared to have aged considerably. “We’ll think of a way to survive.”

“How long will that last?” someone asked.

“Until… the day Mr. Wu Ming dies.” The old patriarch sighed.

“He’s so young. How long can our Chen family last? The other family gangs in White County will definitely kick us while we’re down.” All the clansmen felt that the future was dark without any hope.

The patriarch sighed and didn’t say anything. He had to pay the price for what he had done back then.

Chen Qi had a heart of stone! Neither emotion nor reason worked!

“Young Master, the Chen family has left the prefecture capital,” Wu Qi reported.

Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

On the first day, the Chen family begged him in all kinds of ways. When he rejected them sternly, he felt his original body’s obsession gradually dissipate.

Xu Jingming didn’t see them despite their subsequent pleas, and the original obsession had completely dissipated.

“The Chen family will probably be very miserable in the future,” Wu Qi whispered. “Are we really not going to care?”

“Forget it. Let them fend for themselves,” Xu Jingming said.

He sighed with emotion.

This was the Demon Vanquishing World! Almost all the natives were planetary lifeforms who had their memories blocked out. They didn’t come here to enjoy themselves but to cultivate and grow under the pressure of the environment.

The more down-and-out the Chen family is, the more they will value martial arts, he thought to himself. For ordinary planetary lifeforms to change their fate, they need to have basic mastery in martial arts. When you wake up in reality, remember to thank me.

The more Xu Jingming understood, the kinder he became to the natives of the large virtual worlds.

Many of them didn’t have the right to use the virtual world in reality! Therefore, they signed contracts with mega-corporations to block their memories and enter the virtual world.

Typically, a maximum time was stipulated. For example, there was a limit of 50 years. If one died midway, they would naturally wake up early. If they remained alive, they would die of old age and illness in 50 years.

Typically, the mega-corporations would also give rewards! For example, one could use the virtual world with full mental cognition for five years after their memories were blocked for 50 years.

Most of the planetary lifeforms who are willing to enter with their memories blocked are relatively down-and-out humans in reality. What they should do the most is seize opportunities in the virtual world and reach Lv. 5, he thought. That way, they can completely transform when they wake up in reality and quickly become cosmic lifeforms.

Most of the humans in the vast universe were planetary lifeforms. Even for Earth that had made the virtual world universal, very few could evolve into cosmic lifeforms.

If you can’t suffer in the virtual world, when will you be able to make a name for yourselves? The more ruthless Xu Jingming was to the Chen family, the fewer misgivings he had.

He was helping them grow.


Time passed.

The Chen family was obviously in dire straits. After Xu Jingming digested his gains from refining Demon God Green Lake, and there were no powerful demons in the prefecture capital, he began to leave the city to deal with those famous Earth Demons.

Earth Demons occupied their territories, striking terror in some villages.

They were very famous, so it was very easy for Xu Jingming to trace the Earth Demons. He followed the information and began subduing them.

One, two, three…

To Xu Jingming, every time he refined an Earth Demon, he was able to view the world from different angles and see the thoughts of others. His mental strength was also slowly growing.

I can sense that the growth of my mental strength shouldn’t be far from Lv. 8. Xu Jingming walked on a rural path and was searching for his next target for refinement.