Xu Jingming was the only one left on this pirate planet.

Although the pain overwhelmed Xu Jingming's consciousness and brought him endless pain, he didn't die from it thanks to his mental strength reaching high-dimensional.

In fact, it was still unlikely for someone to die upon the advent of an abnormal emotion even though the imitation method was very dangerous. After all, those who could sense abnormal emotions through imitation weren't ordinary evolvers. They usually survived the emotional impact.

Xu Jingming—who was curled up in pain in the chamber—staggered to his feet a few minutes later. "I, I…"

Xu Jingming felt the world in front of him distort. With a step, he left the pirate planet and arrived in the vast cosmos.

The lonely cosmos was extremely cold.

Xu Jingming staggered a few steps in space, and the distortion of the world in front of him increased rapidly. He fell into a coma again and floated in space.

"Who am I?"

A few minutes later, Xu Jingming opened his eyes. His hands moved, but his consciousness remained heavy.

"I feel terrible." A few minutes later, Xu Jingming woke up again and shed tears of inexplicable pain, but he fell unconscious again in just ten seconds.


Secretary General Blacksky appeared in space and looked at Xu Jingming lying there. He could sense the strong emotional impact emerging from the latter.

Isn't it said that the appearance of 'abnormal emotions' in the imitation method is only the most superficial problem? Secretary General Blacksky watched. "Why were the abnormal emotions Xu Jingming unleashed so terrifying? The emotions he dissipated caused all the space pirates on the planet to die from pain?"

Spacetime Island and the Primordial Research Institute had been constantly monitoring Xu Jingming. When they sensed something amiss, Secretary General Blacksky naturally rushed over.

"Nine," Secretary General Blacksky called.

"Secretary General Blacksky." A voice sounded from where Xu Jingming was—it was the Primordial Battle Armor.

"How's your master?" Blacksky asked.

"He will faint for minutes after regaining consciousness for about ten seconds. This keeps repeating… His consciousness has turned chaotic, and he can't tell reality from illusion," Nine said worriedly. "Secretary General Blacksky, is there any way to help him?"

"There's nothing I can do about it. He has to bear the consequences of the imitation method himself." Blacksky shook his head gently and looked at the pirate planet in the distance.


Silently, the corpses of the pirates who had died in pain on the pirate planet disintegrated into nothingness, leaving only an empty planet.

"This is ultimately only an abnormal emotion and not an abnormal consciousness," Blacksky said. "As long as you protect your master, he will slowly get used to these abnormal emotions."

"Yes, Secretary General Blacksky." Nine was very worried.

"The legacy of third-realm high-dimensional powers is difficult to begin with," Blacksky remarked. "And your master wants to evolve into a high-dimensional lifeform without a legacy after being corrupted by the power of a third-realm high-dimensional lifeform. His hardships are only just beginning."

Blacksky left after saying that.

"This is only the beginning?" Nine became even more worried, but there was nothing it could do.

Xu Jingming alternated between waking up and fainting in the early stages. He only woke up for a short while while remaining unconscious for longer and longer periods.

Half an hour later, Xu Jingming fell into a complete coma.

He lay in space and drifted. Even the emotional impact emitted by his body had dissipated, and he was like a floating asteroid.

Days passed.


A mottled and old spaceship flew out of a torn wormhole and arrived in space. The low vibrations of the spaceship's engine—which had long expired—made the cosmos tremble.

"Hahaha, isn't Blood Skull still fine?" In the spaceship's command hall, a group of pirate leaders gazed at the planet in the distance excitedly.

"Three months ago, we lost all contact with Blood Skull. I thought it was under attack and that the entire planet was damaged and plundered. From the looks of it, it hasn't been damaged." A pirate leader watched with a smile.

"From the looks of it, the surface buildings are still intact."

"Haha, we made the right choice by rushing over."

The eyes of these pirate leaders were filled with greed.

"There's a person out there!" a pirate leader suddenly shouted.

"A person?" The other leaders were puzzled.

"Look." The pirate leader immediately stepped forward and tapped the screen in the command hall to zoom in.

Through the spaceship's detection system, they discovered a humanoid creature lying in space. However, a person appeared too tiny in the vast cosmos. Only after zooming in did they see his appearance clearly.

"Who's this black-robed man?" The pirate leaders watched in confusion.

"I don't know him."

"He's probably dead lying in space."

They were filled with speculations.

"However, his skin's color remains good. He probably has a top biological battle armor. Even if he's dead, it will protect his corpse." A one-eyed pirate leader smiled. "Send someone over and retrieve the corpse. We'll strip him of his biological battle armor and see how many treasures he has."

"It's indeed abnormal to float in space like a living person."

"He's definitely not an ordinary figure."

The pirates immediately sent their subordinates to take action.

Soon, a small ship flew out of the spaceship and approached the floating humanoid creature.

"The black-robed, black-haired man doesn't look like an ordinary figure from just lying there. He's probably an important figure! Tsk, tsk, we're rich." Three space pirates flew out of the small ship. The three of them were cosmic lifeforms who could fly in space.

"Let's go. Bring him to the ship." A space pirate flew close and carefully reached out to grab the robe of the humanoid creature lying on the ground. With a light tug, the humanoid creature floated in the direction of the ship.

The three pirates were very careful. With a few gentle tugs, they pulled the lying Xu Jingming into the ship.

The moment he entered the ship—

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

The freight machinery immediately grabbed Xu Jingming's body in a bid to place him on a platform to secure him. But the moment the freight machinery clamped around Xu Jingming's waist, he opened his eyes.

The three space pirates' expressions changed in fright when they saw that.

Xu Jingming's opened eyes were filled with endless pain.

"All of you deserve death!" He was furious.

As Xu Jingming stared at the three space pirates in front of him, intense emotional fluctuations instantly radiated from him, affecting more than ten million kilometers. In the old spaceship in the distance, the space pirate leaders and a large number of space pirates—who were anxiously waiting for their harvest—fell to the ground with pain in their eyes.

The remaining space pirates on Blood Skull were completely wiped out today.

After destroying the space pirates, Xu Jingming's eyes gradually regained their rationality.

Damn it, damn it, damn it… The world in Xu Jingming's eyes was blood-colored.

I'm Xu Jingming. I was affected by Master of the Abyssal Void's abnormal emotions. Xu Jingming suddenly jolted and finally knew who he was and everything. He immediately flipped his hand and took out the Ice Wine, drinking several mouthfuls in a row.

The Ice Wine entered his body, causing his mind to suddenly calm down and suppress all his chaotic consciousness.

I'm lucid.

Only then did Xu Jingming truly come to his senses. He saw his surroundings clearly and distinguished reality from illusion.

"Master, you're awake?" Nine was excited and delighted. "It's been three months. You're finally awake."

Xu Jingming looked around. It wasn't only the three space pirates beside him; he also saw the space pirates in the old spaceship.

"These space pirates died because of me?"

"Yes, Master. They died before you fully regained consciousness when you suddenly snapped awake. The abnormal emotions affected your surroundings. In fact, the space pirates on that planet were also wiped out. Secretary General Blacksky came and dealt with the corpses," Nine explained.


Xu Jingming instantly exited the ship.

The ship and all the corpses of the space pirates in the old spaceship silently turned to dust.

I do have to stay away from normal cosmic human society now. Xu Jingming sighed, and pain surfaced in his eyes. Why do I feel so terrible?

He took a step.

Xu Jingming arrived at the edge of a stellar system.

It feels terrible. Xu Jingming felt as if his heart was being torn apart. The endless affliction gave him the desire to destroy, and he immediately opened his mouth.


Countless flames surged into Xu Jingming's mouth from the star in front of him.

He swallowed the countless flames from the entire star in one gulp. As Xu Jingming absorbed them, the entire star disintegrated, and the flames and shattered matter constantly surged into his mouth.

In just five minutes, a star was completely devoured by Xu Jingming.


Xu Jingming stood there, and the Dark Primordial Star appeared behind him. Just seeing this Dark Primordial Star made one go crazy with fear. Thick emotions were completely fused into it.

"Use the Primordial Star to suppress the pain," Xu Jingming murmured.

The Dark Primordial Star behind him became even more terrifying.

After seeing the true Primordial Star, the miniature Primordial Star Xu Jingming used with the Primordial Fire Bead in his body was clearly stronger.

From this moment onward, I have to cease the imitation and completely abandon it. Xu Jingming's robe fluttered, and it turned fiery-red.

The fiery-red-robed Xu Jingming's aura soared into the sky, and a huge Dark Primordial Star floated behind him.

Virtual world network, Abyssal Void Group world.

"Young Master." Wu Qi looked at Xu Jingming.

The fiery-red-robed Xu Jingming sat on his throne.

Wu Qi was surprised when he saw him. His young master's aura was previously dark and terrifying, but now, his aura was even more violent and crazy.

"Don't be afraid," Xu Jingming said with a smile. "This is only the virtual world."

"Young Master, what's up with you now?" Wu Qi was worried.

"Just don't meet me in reality," Xu Jingming said. "I have an emergency mission for you. You need to carry it out immediately."

"Young Master, tell me," Wu Qi immediately said.

"From today onward, you will have full authority to manage the Abyssal Void Group. Strip all the previous disciples of their control over the branches," Xu Jingming instructed. "Your suggestion is right; we should get a more mature team to manage the entire company. I need you to form a team."

"Yes, Young Master." Wu Qi was a little puzzled.

He was previously puzzled as to why such a large corporation divided its operations into 30 portions on average. It didn't make sense for it to be handed over to 30 disciples. Now, his young master had finally changed it.

"Young Master, what about your disciples?" Wu Qi asked.

"You handle them," Xu Jingming instructed.

"Understood." Wu Qi nodded. When he looked up, Xu Jingming—who was sitting on his throne—had already disappeared.

What's wrong with Young Master? Wu Qi was a little worried, but he immediately carried out his young master's orders.