The Abyssal Void Group's internal structure quickly changed. The special status of the 30 disciples was stripped away, and the management team Wu Qi had established began to truly take control of the corporation. Although some disciples were very dissatisfied and even took the initiative to contact Xu Jingming, he ignored them all.

"Disciples? Just stick to the normal grooming paths." Xu Jingming stopped imitating Master of the Abyssal Void and naturally kept to his own beliefs.

His disciples were strong, capable, and outstanding, so they naturally had more responsibilities. If they were mediocre and incompetent, they naturally weren't qualified to wield authority. For example, Lunardo was clearly incompetent; it was disastrous if he wielded too much power.

Abnormal emotions!

On a desolate planet, Xu Jingming—who was dressed in a fiery-red robe—sat cross-legged for three days.

In the past three days, he took in the impact from the mental affliction. He also sorted out all the high-dimensional information he had obtained.

Although I've ceased the imitation method, I've still received a lot of high-dimensional information. Xu Jingming didn't regret his choice at all. Without the imitation method, how could he obtain so much high-dimensional information on the Heart Realm Force path?

Seize one of the Void Celestial's five legacies, the Abyssal Void legacy? Over the years, no high-dimensional lifeform like the dean and others had obtained the five Void Celestial legacies.

How could he, who wasn't even a high-dimensional lifeform, obtain the Abyssal Void legacies given Gumo's means?

Even if he obtained it, Gumo would probably personally kill Xu Jingming and erase this legacy memory to prevent it from leaking. Even if the humans revived Xu Jingming, he wouldn't be able to recover his memories.

Therefore, Xu Jingming didn't have any extravagant hopes for the Abyssal Void legacy from the beginning.

After receiving so much high-dimensional information, the Heart Realm Force path has become relatively clear. Xu Jingming knew very well how to take this path.

Heart Realm Force has to accommodate other paths. For example, when I practiced the Dark Primordial Star with my spearmanship, it ultimately produced impurities in my mind. Back then, I stopped the cultivation path that accommodated the Dark Primordial Star.

In fact, this is a Great Dao!

How do I condense mental strength? How do I condense it into Heart Realm Force?

I have to accommodate other paths and produce impurities! Then, I have to refine the impurities and condense my mind to make it pure.

Then, I'll continue to accommodate… refine the impurities, and condense my mind.

Accommodate, refine, and condense. Each condensation and purification process allows my mind to accommodate more.

When I've accommodated plenty of insights, they can form a Heart Realm. Pure mental strength can still be transformed into Heart Realm Force. Xu Jingming was very certain of the route.

I've learned a lot of high-dimensional information about this route. There might still be some obstacles I don't know about, but the overall route is right.

And accommodating the Dark Primordial Star is a very good choice. This is because the upper limit of the Dark Primordial Star is extremely high. It's very easy to form a Heart Realm with it. Xu Jingming knew the Dark Primordial Star's upper limit very well after seeing it.

The Dark Primordial Star was a part of the true Primordial Star, and its upper limit wasn't inferior to the Shadow of Abyssal Void.

Moreover… The only way I know to suppress abnormal emotions is to use the Dark Primordial Star. Xu Jingming frowned. Abnormal emotions are the most obvious pitfall of the imitation method, but I can't resolve it.

Emotions originate from the mind. According to the high-dimensional information I received, abnormal emotions are like saplings, and the mind is soil! It's rooted in my mind. The stronger my mental strength, the stronger the abnormal emotions. Xu Jingming frowned.

This is the Shadow of Abyssal Void. It's an abnormal emotion that has seeped into my mind; I can't expel it at all!

The stronger one's mind was, the stronger the abnormal emotions.

How terrifying. Xu Jingming sighed.

He couldn't see any hope of resolving the most superficial aftereffects.

How despairing was a worsened abnormal consciousness?

No wonder it's said pushing forward with the imitation method once an abnormal consciousness appears will only spell doom, Xu Jingming thought to himself.


Virtual world, Combat Generals World.

There were a total of 34 Combat Generals Worlds, corresponding to the 34 cosmic sectors. Xu Jingming's consciousness could descend on any, allowing him to head to any Combat Generals World.

There are too many Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms in the 34 cosmic sectors. Even if few register accounts in Combat Generals World, the number is still staggering. Xu Jingming was at the top of a snow mountain in Combat Generals World. The fiery-red-robed him held a wine jar and drank as he looked down at the vast land.

It's time to choose the next target. A map unfolded in front of Xu Jingming. It's you, Cheng Wanshi.


After throwing the wine jar, Xu Jingming took a step and used his privileges given by the Combat Generals World to head close to Cheng Wanshi.

Xu Jingming appeared beside a street and looked at the Cheng residence in front of him.

The Cheng residence's door was wide open, and there were many guests.

Xu Jingming leisurely walked to the door and followed the other guests in.

"My last name is Xu." Xu Jingming threw a gold bar.

"Mr. Xu, ten taels of gold," the servants at the door shouted after putting away the gold bars and letting Xu Jingming enter the residence.

Xu Jingming enjoyed the bustling scene. The Chengs were hosting a banquet in the widest front yard. At a glance, there were more than 100 tables.

Xu Jingming wasn't in a hurry to make a move and casually chose a seat.

"Let's dig in." Xu Jingming joined in the bustle happily.

The guests chatted happily as all kinds of fine wine and dishes were delivered.

"You are?" a rich businessman sitting at the same table asked.

"My last name is Xu," Xu Jingming replied with a smile, having already begun eating.

The rich businessman smiled and didn't say anything else.

It's really lively. The guests are all smiling, and the host is also beaming. I also want to blend in and be happy together, but why is it so painful? Xu Jingming drank.

It was so uncomfortable that he wanted to cry. His heart felt like it was being torn apart from the pain.

I cherish joy even more after experiencing pain. Unfortunately, I can't truly enjoy it. Xu Jingming put down his wine glass and looked at his distant target, Cheng Wanshi.

Cheng Wanshi was Manor Lord Cheng.

"Today is a joyous occasion for me to marry my 19th wife. Thank you for coming to my wedding banquet. Enjoy yourself with the food and drinks provided." Cheng Wanshi—who was as stocky as a black bear—was wearing a groom's suit as he grinned happily.

"Lord Cheng likes crowds and beauties. It's our city's blessing."

"Guan City is located at the border. Lord Cheng is a famous combat general; he alone is enough to guard Guan City… With him around, Guan City will be safe."

The guests spoke.

These city nobles attending the wedding banquet felt that Lord Cheng Wanshi was a good person.

"Cheng Wanshi!" Suddenly, a childish roar sounded.

"Oh?" Cheng Wanshi turned his head, and all the guests looked over.

Xu Jingming held a wine flask and watched.

It was a handsome youth.

The handsome youth was filled with anger. "Cheng Wanshi, all your previous 18 wives died. Now, you still want to marry my sister? You demon, let my sister go."

A middle-aged guest stood up and said angrily, "Unfilial son, get lost."

"You gave Sis to this demon. You're not worthy of being my father." The handsome youth was furious.

"Today is a joyous day. I don't want to see blood." Cheng Wanshi smiled. "Guards, lock this kid in the dungeon."

"Cheng Wanshi, you demon. How many lives have you taken over the years? Are you nobles blind?" The youth looked around and cursed angrily.

"Young man, you're really insensible!"

"Nonsense!" The guests shouted angrily.

Xu Jingming drank and watched this scene. Someone at his table whispered, "The Liang family's brat is really stupid! Lord Cheng is like the king of Guan City. What's the big deal about getting some beauties?"


Xu Jingming got up and put down the wine flask.

"Cheng Wanshi," Xu Jingming said. His voice was very ordinary, but it naturally resounded throughout the front yard, suppressing the clamor of more than 100 tables of guests.

Everyone was surprised.

Cheng Wanshi looked over and saw Xu Jingming.

"You sure know how to have fun, don't you?" Xu Jingming asked. "Did you have a good time?"

"Hahaha, I naturally need to have fun having come to this world." Cheng Wanshi stared at Xu Jingming. He realized that the person who came was probably a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform in reality.

"How can you experience happiness without tasting pain?" Xu Jingming smiled. "I'm here to help you experience pain."

"You have a death wish." Cheng Wanshi's expression sank. "Report your name."

Xu Jingming grinned. "Spear Demon!"

Spear Demon? Cheng Wanshi's heart trembled as he carefully observed Xu Jingming. "Your robe…"

In the Combat Generals World, there was a legend of Spear Demon! Spear Demon wore a black robe and was good at using a spear. He was invincible.

"Are you ready to lavish the pain?" Xu Jingming grinned.


Cheng Wanshi darted into the distance and drew a saber.

"Watch out." Xu Jingming used his spearmanship to produce the Dark Primordial Star. The two parties clashed like lightning, and a terrifying might spread in all directions, scaring the guests and servants into hurriedly fleeing in all directions.

"How terrifying."

"Another Combat General."

These guests and servants were filled with fear. A combat general could fight an army alone, so how could they dare to interfere?

Xu Jingming's combat style was different from the past. He didn't pursue killing the enemy again but torturing his opponent! He tortured his opponent time and time again without killing them, leaving them in a sorry state and in pain.

In just three minutes, Cheng Wanshi's clothes were in tatters, and his body was covered in wounds. He was pressed to the ground by the spear again and couldn't look up. He growled like a pig waiting to be slaughtered, "Kill me, kill me."

"You can't even withstand this bit of torture, yet you want to become an Origin lifeform?" Xu Jingming scoffed.

"Ahhh." Cheng Wanshi—who was pressed down—grabbed gravel from the ground and threw it at Xu Jingming. The gravel tore through the air like bullets.

Xu Jingming's spear spun to block the gravel, but Cheng Wanshi continued charging over.

Then, he was crushed.

He was crushed time and time again.

"Senior Spear Demon." Cheng Wanshi lay there and whispered, "I know you want to help me, but I've had enough."

"Giving up on resisting so quickly? What a piece of trash." Xu Jingming carried his spear and turned to leave. As he walked, he disappeared into the void.

Cheng Wanshi sat up. When did Spear Demon become like this? I embarrassed myself so much in Guan City. I have to register a new account and change places.

Cheng Wanshi had been tortured to the point of embarrassment; everyone watching from afar saw it clearly.

In Combat Generals World, Spear Demon's combat style changed drastically. His battles were more about torturing his opponent and forcing them to resist until they fell into despair. This forced out the potential of some.

In the Combat Generals World, the combat generals' expressions changed when they heard Spear Demon's name. Of course, some combat generals yearned to fight Spear Demon even more.