775 Blood Abyss Body

Since the passing of his relatives in the final stages of their lives, Xu Jingming noticed time slipping away swiftly. Every time he delved into his research, tens of thousands of years would vanish in the blink of an eye. Unbeknownst to him, more than 200,000 years had elapsed since his family’s departure.

The seventh branch of the Abyss.

An immense vine-like plant sprouted from the Old Luo 193,420th Abyssal Space layer. Its colossal size tore through the spatial membrane, traversed the interlayer area, and eventually extended into the Old Luo 193,421st Abyssal Space layer.

Between the two Abyssal spaces, howling Abyssal winds, mighty Nightmare Rivers, and sin-stained droplets of blood pervaded the interlayer. In such unforgiving surroundings, the colossal vine plant absorbed Abyssal power and thrived.

“We’re here.”

Xu Jingming and two others arrived in the interlayer space, gazing at the dense foliage and plants from a distance.

“This Blood Abyss Fruit Tree is nearing maturity. It harnesses various powers from the Abyss and takes a considerable amount of time to grow a Blood Abyss Fruit. Possessing it would make mastering a Blood Abyss Body dozens of times easier,” said a rock figure engulfed in golden flames, exuding a terrifying aura. He resembled a miniature Primordial Star, his pressure surpassing that of his two companions.

“We can depart once the Blood Abyss Fruit ripens and is plucked,” stated a figure composed of black liquid.

“It has been a pleasure working with you, Brother Moltenstone, Brother Beiyan,” expressed Xu Jingming.

“Haha, Brother Wu Ming, what kind of relationship do we share? I merely accompanied you to the Abyss. This means nothing.” The rock figure ablaze with golden flames laughed.

“Brother Wu Ming, you have aided me greatly. Plucking the Blood Abyss Fruit is but a small matter,” added the black liquid figure.

Over the past 200,000 years, Xu Jingming had befriended several individuals and frequently embarked on adventures with them.

Companions who ventured together typically possessed similar strengths.

Weaker comrades would only prove burdensome.

Those who were too powerful, such as invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses and Abyss Sovereigns, had the freedom to act as they pleased below the third realm. Naturally, they operated more independently and often embarked on solo endeavors. If an alliance of invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses were to occur, it would undoubtedly be a momentous event.

Xu Jingming and the other two were evenly matched but were still far from attaining invincibility at the half-step third realm.

“This Blood Abyss Fruit belongs to us. Leave if you wish to live!” proclaimed the black liquid figure with a resounding voice that echoed through the interlayer.


From the depths of the dense foliage and plants, a phantom unfurled, eventually taking the form of an immense behemoth. It possessed only one eye, which glacially fixated upon the three figures in the distance.

Moltenstone, ablaze with golden flames; Beiyan, a lifeform comprised of black liquid; and Wu Ming, a powerhouse of the Heart Realm with the most restrained aura.

“Moltenstone, Beiyan, Wu Ming.” The colossal behemoth emitted unbridled ferocity. “I have vanquished the other Abyss Overlords and claimed dominion over this Blood Abyss Fruit for over a million years. Do you think you can seize it?”

“The Blood Abyss Fruit is a natural creation of the Abyss. It belongs to the one who possesses the greatest strength!” the black liquid figure declared, his voice dripping with coldness. “Your occupation of this area for tens of millions of years, let alone a million years, is futile. Only when the fruit ripens will it rightfully belong to the one who claims it!”

“So, Dream-Devouring Beast, you wish to challenge us?” Moltenstone sneered.

Within Xu Jingming’s eyes, an illusory abyss materialized.

The colossal behemoth felt immense pressure.

It could hold its ground against any one of them in a one-on-one confrontation. But a one-on-three battle?

Moltenstone from the Primordial Star lineage, Beiyan from the Mother Stream lineage, and Wu Ming from the Heart Realm lineage possessed distinct abilities—when united, they could take on an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse. The colossal behemoth lacked confidence.

“If you refuse to leave, this clone of yours shall meet its demise!” Moltenstone’s voice reverberated through the interlayer, and his golden flames grew ferocious and violent.


The colossal behemoth huffed disdainfully and turned ethereal, vanishing into the neighboring Old Luo 193,420th Abyssal Space layer.

The renowned Dream-Devouring Beast fled even before the battle commenced.

Xu Jingming wasn’t surprised. “Over the past 200,000 years, we’ve fought and slain countless adversaries, proving our mettle. Very few among the audacious Abyss Overlords dare to challenge the three of us.”

Throughout the years, Xu Jingming had honed his Abyssal Void illusory realm and mastered the Golden Halberd. They targeted the enemy’s mind.

Moltenstone, hailing from the Primordial Star lineage, specialized in attacking the enemy’s physical form.

Beiyan, of the Mother Stream lineage, excelled in stealth and possessed an air of mystery and terror.

With their combined might, their reputation resonated far and wide. They held sway even in the depths of the Abyss. Naturally, they exercised caution and avoided provoking invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses and Abyss Sovereigns.

<nulli>Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Beiyan, the black liquid figure, swiftly guided the infinite Mother Stream to descend. The water of the boundless Mother Stream enveloped everything, including the Blood Abyss Fruit Tree.

Drawing closer, Xu Jingming commanded an invisible Abyssal Void illusory realm to descend and shroud the Blood Abyss Fruit.

“With the Mother Stream obstructing all and the illusory realm shielding us, no one can dare dream of snatching the Blood Abyss Fruit,” Beiyan declared, satisfaction evident in his tone.

“I hope to fully master the Blood Abyss Body once I consume the Blood Abyss Fruit,” Xu Jingming murmured with a slight frown.

“You will undoubtedly succeed,” Moltenstone chimed in with a smile. “Cultivating the Blood Abyss Body is a relatively simple task. As long as one reaches the pinnacle of the Eternal realm and consumes a substantial amount of Abyssal Mother Blood, they can break through to the half-step third realm.”

Xu Jingming nodded. “My talent in the body lineage is relatively feeble, hence why I opted for the Blood Abyss Body, which possesses a lower threshold.”

The Blood Abyss Body stood as one of the seven branches of Star Abyss Notes! Mastery of this branch could propel one to the half-step third realm. With the Blood Abyss Body, one could spawn countless others. When his relatives were resurrected, they too could become spawn and attain eternal life!

The swiftest path to cultivate the Blood Abyss Body was to push it to the pinnacle of the Eternal realm. Then, with 1,000 drops of Abyssal Mother Blood, one could perfect the evolution of the Blood Abyss Body.

Though 1,000 drops of Abyssal Mother Blood were invaluable, Xu Jingming possessed enough strength to gather them given sufficient time.

<nulli>The most challenging part for me lies in reaching the peak of the Eternal realm while cultivating the Blood Abyss Body, Xu Jingming lamented.

Xu Jingming swiftly grasped the fundamentals of various schools within the Heart Realm lineage, effortlessly scaling to the peak of the Eternal realm and possibly even the half-step third realm. Undoubtedly, he possessed exceptional talent in the Heart Realm!

But the path of body cultivation? It proceeded at a pace a million times slower! Every step was an arduous endeavor.

Xu Jingming even deduced that even if he devoted himself to cultivation for a hundred Abyssal Eras, he might still fail to elevate his Blood Abyss Body to the pinnacle of the Eternal realm. Hence, he had to rely on external means—namely, acquiring the Blood Abyss Fruit!

“I’ve heard tales that Master of the Abyss gained the inspiration to develop the Blood Abyss Body after consuming a Blood Abyss Fruit,” Beiyan remarked.

“The Master of the Abyss, supposedly the mightiest third-realm powerhouse of the Abyss lineage, fell short of reaching the Ultimate realm.” Moltenstone sighed. “Transitioning from the third realm to the Ultimate realm seems more formidable than our journey from the half-step third realm to the third realm.”

“We still have a long road ahead,” Xu Jingming replied with a smile.

The three of them stood vigilant, on guard.

Throughout their journey, several Abyss Overlords cast covetous glances at Moltenstone, Beiyan, and Wu Ming, yet none dared to contend for their prize.

Hence, after a year of remarkably smooth progress, the Blood Abyss Fruit ripened entirely, and Xu Jingming plucked it.

“Let’s depart.” Xu Jingming, Beiyan, and Moltenstone employed the Heart Realm to return. Traveling through the Heart Realm within the Abyss proved considerably swifter.

Upon parting ways with Beiyan and Moltenstone, Xu Jingming made his way back to his dominion, carrying the precious Blood Abyss Fruit.

Myriad Star Island.

Myriad Star Island had grown a hundredfold in size, surrounded by a vast galaxy! A small Primordial Star hung above the island, casting its radiant light upon the entire Myriad Star Island. Within its bounds, Myriad Star City thrived.

Myriad Star City stood as one of the four bustling trading centers in the South Pavilion 3609 Dominion. Given Xu Jingming’s status as a powerhouse of the Heart Realm lineage, it was convenient Having consumed the Blood Abyss Fruit, Xu Jingming dedicated over a thousand years to studying 15:51

its intricacies.

for him to transport treasures from Feather Fire City through the Heart Realm and the Abyss.

<nulli>Whoosh. Xu Jingming gazed upon the bustling city before him. More than 100,000 high-dimensional beings had gathered, preparing to flock to his residence.

“Jingming.” The dean, responsible for overseeing Myriad Star Island, appeared in midair upon sensing Xu Jingming’s arrival. He inquired, “Did your journey to the Abyss go smoothly?”

“It went rather smoothly. I teamed up with Moltenstone and Beiyan, so plucking the Blood Abyss Fruit was relatively effortless,” Xu Jingming replied.

The dean nodded and advised, “Do not fret over cultivating the physical lineage. The path to a formidable high-dimensional body is intricate and requires patience for thorough study.”

Xu Jingming smiled. “Don’t worry, Dean. I understand. By the way, I will enter seclusion for a while after consuming the Blood Abyss Fruit. I prefer not to be disturbed.”

“Feel free to immerse yourself in your studies,” the dean agreed, watching Xu Jingming depart.

The dean’s brow furrowed.

<nulli>Throughout these years, Jingming has consistently aspired to cultivate the physical lineage to the half-step third realm. However, his talent in that domain… It is undoubtedly inferior to that of the Heart Realm lineage. The dean shook his head.

Based on his observations and assessment of Xu Jingming’s physical talent, the dean concluded that he was rather ordinary and significantly weaker than Redmond and Meng Tian.

Yet, his counsel fell on deaf ears. Xu Jingming had made up his mind.


In a chamber, Xu Jingming assumed a cross-legged position.

<nulli>There are two ways to preserve Miaomiao and the others’ lives. One is to attain the half-step third realm in the physical lineage, and the other is for me to directly achieve the third realm. I won’t abandon either approach. Xu Jingming acknowledged his limitations. <nulli>I am aware that my talent in the physical lineage is quite mediocre, so I’ve devoted more than 80% of my efforts to the Heart Realm lineage. I cultivate the Blood Abyss Body only during my spare moments.

<nulli>The Blood Abyss Body is simple. With the aid of the Blood Abyss Fruit, it should become more manageable. Xu Jingming flipped his hand, examining the Blood Abyss Fruit, which appeared no larger than his palm within the compressed space.

Xu Jingming opened his mouth and swallowed the Blood Abyss Fruit.

As the Blood Abyss Fruit assimilated into his body, Xu Jingming delved into the profound mysteries of the Blood Abyss Body.

After all, even the Star Abyss Notes legacy attested that consuming the Blood Abyss Fruit could significantly ease the challenges of cultivating the Blood Abyss Body.


Having consumed the Blood Abyss Fruit, Xu Jingming dedicated over a thousand years to studying its intricacies.

“I still don’t comprehend,” Xu Jingming murmured. “It’s incredibly arduous! Why is the Blood Abyss Body so unfathomable?”