777 Entering

The group of powerful half-step third realm beings, including Xu Jingming, were filled with excitement.

An opportunity like this doesn’t come often.

An enigmatic area connected to an Ultimate being?

Their hearts swelled with unparalleled fervor. At their level, their needs were already fulfilled, and there were few desires left to pursue.

Xu Jingming, Gumo, and others—low-dimensional lifeforms who had reached the half-step third realm—desired to revive their loved ones, while natural high-dimensional beings, born with loneliness, sought to fulfill their regrets and ascend to higher levels.

Hence, it was common for half-step third-realm powerhouses to enjoy exploring perilous places in search of opportunities. Many had lost their lives in such endeavors, but that didn’t deter the majority.

I’ve lived through 15 Abyssal Eras, but I’ve never come across such an enigmatic area related to an Ultimate being. This is my lucky day!

I must inform Master quickly. Master will be delighted.

Hurry! Let’s head to Cloud Feather Hall!

The group of half-step third-realm powerhouses was thrilled.

“Let’s make haste.” Xu Jingming and Thearch Dragon Island Lord hurried toward Cloud Feather Hall.

“I never expected that we would encounter a perilous place connected to an Ultimate being in our lifetime. This is truly exhilarating,” Thearch Dragon Island Lord exclaimed, overcome with excitement.

Xu Jingming nodded and immediately used his karma to contact some of his trusted friends—Ancient Tree World Lord, Moltenstone, Beiyan, and others.

“Come to Feather Fire City quickly! Hurry! Don’t ask too many questions; you’ll understand when you arrive,” he informed them.

On the mountaintop, within Cloud Feather Hall.

Xu Jingming and Thearch Dragon Island Lord entered together, witnessing a gathering of over a thousand half-step third-realm powerhouses. However, high-dimensional beings were scarce in the vast hall.


As soon as Xu Jingming stepped into the hall, he received a message—Cloud Feather Hall teleported a group every hour, placing them close to the enigmatic area.

“The teleportation occurs at fixed intervals,” Thearch Dragon Island Lord confirmed, though his expression soured. “Unfortunately, I don’t have my powerful artifacts with me.”

“I’m without my weapon as well.” Xu Jingming nodded.

Their clones stationed in Feather Fire City were primarily used for gathering information and carried only ordinary treasures. For instance, Xu Jingming’s third-realm psychic spear was stored in the Heart Realm.

“Time is of the essence; we must enter first,” Thearch Dragon Island Lord decided. “We can arrange for our clones to bring the treasures later.”

“I’ll arrive in two days by traversing the Abyss and the Heart Realm,” Xu Jingming stated.

With his increasing strength, he could now teleport within a wider range in the Heart Realm. Moreover, the Abyss provided a super-fast route, allowing him to reach his destination swiftly.

“You’re becoming faster with each journey. Take me along when the time comes,” Thearch Dragon Island Lord said with a smile. Then, he turned serious. “However, it’s peculiar that Feather Fire Lord wants us, half-step third-realm powerhouses, to explore the enigmatic area related to an Ultimate being instead of doing it himself.”

Xu Jingming nodded in agreement.

Third-realm powerhouses would tirelessly scour any place where traces of Ultimate beings lingered. The significance of the mere piece of paper Lord Louye had acquired—a spear technique left behind by an Ultimate being—was not lost on anyone.

Xu Jingming found himself perplexed by Feather Fire Lord’s public call for half-step third-realm powerhouses like themselves to investigate.

“Brother Wu Ming.”

“Wu Ming.”

A group of figures hurried over—it was Ancient Tree World Lord, Moltenstone, Beiyan, North River Boat Master, and others. All of them were friends invited by Xu Jingming and Thearch Dragon Island Lord.

“It’s quite the commotion,” Moltenstone remarked with a smile.

“Thousands of half-step third-realm powerhouses have gathered so swiftly?” Ancient Tree World Lord looked around, astounded.

“We should be among the first wave,” Thearch Dragon Island Lord stated. “As time passes, more half-step third-realm powerhouses will join the rush.”

“Thearch Dragon Island Lord, do you possess any knowledge about the secrets of this mysterious area?” Beiyan inquired, aware that Thearch Dragon Island Lord was a third-realm existence’s personal disciple.

“I’m in the dark.” Thearch Dragon Island Lord immediately shook his head. “I only discovered this information upon reading the inscriptions on the rock wall.”

Beiyan shook his head and said, “Time is running short, and I am without my treasures.”

“We are in the same predicament,” Xu Jingming replied. “We must arrange for our other clones to deliver the treasures.”

“That’s the only option.”

They had to make the most of their time. Sometimes, a slight delay in exploring perilous territories could mean missing out on valuable treasures.

“Everyone—” A figure, a towering snake exuding a commanding aura, materialized in Cloud Feather Hall, surveying the gathering of half-step third-realm powerhouses.

Xu Jingming and the others instantly recognized Feather Snake. He was one of Feather Fire Lord’s personal disciples and an invincible half-step third realm. He perpetually handled matters concerning Feather Fire Mountain.

“Master, in his benevolence, has made the news of the enigmatic zone public,” Feather Snake began. “You will be the first group to be teleported from Cloud Feather Hall, so let me provide you with the details. Three days ago, an enigmatic zone emerged deep within the Abyss! It caught the attention of numerous third-realm powerhouses.”

“Every third-realm powerhouse in our spacetime should have raced to the scene,” Feather Snake continued.

Xu Jingming and the others were taken aback.

Had every third-realm powerhouse in their spacetime really gone there?

“Powerful laws are suppressing it,” Feather Snake explained. “Even third-realm powerhouses are unable to enter! You should understand… The presence of laws prohibiting third-realm powerhouses indicates that only Ultimate beings could be involved.”

Xu Jingming and the others listened intently.

While third-realm powerhouses could enforce their own rules within a certain range, their laws couldn’t restrict other third-realm powerhouses.

“Therefore, many third-realm powerhouses have dispatched a significant number of invincible half-step third-realm experts and Abyss Sovereigns to explore,” Feather Snake revealed. “On the one hand, you must exercise caution within the enigmatic zone itself. On the other hand, you must be wary of other powerhouses.”

“I can assure you…” Feather Snake scanned the assembly of half-step third-realm powerhouses. “A considerable number of invincible half-step third-realm experts have already entered the enigmatic zone. You are two or three days behind.”

“Alright, if you have no desire to proceed, you may withdraw. The teleportation from Cloud Feather Hall is about to commence,” Feather Snake declared, not uttering another word.

More than 10,000 half-step third-realm powerhouses were present, and a sense of restlessness filled the air.

Being invincible at the half-step third realm meant that one’s strength had reached a certain pinnacle! They represented the epitome of power at that level. Further cultivation of techniques would yield only marginal improvements.

The disparity between invincible half-step third-realm beings was minute. It was nearly impossible for one to easily overpower another!

“North River, do you still wish to proceed?” Ancient Tree World Lord inquired.

Among their group, North River Boat Master was the least formidable. At least Thearch Dragon Island Lord possessed a wealth of treasures and held the status of a third-realm being’s disciple!

“I’m going.” North River Boat Master’s eyes were resolute. “I’ve lived for so long, and this is the greatest opportunity I’ve ever encountered. I must seize it.”

“Stay close to us,” Xu Jingming reminded.

North River Boat Master nodded, aware of his own limitations.



The interior of Cloud Feather Hall slowly illuminated, and an invisible light shielded the hall from the outside. Some half-step third-realm powerhouses were rushing to get inside.


“Wait for us.” Some half-step third-realm powerhouses outside the hall grew anxious.

Then, all the half-step third-realm powerhouses within the hall vanished. Only then did the light dissipate, allowing the half-step third-realm powerhouses outside the hall to enter.

I can only await the next opportunity. They could only suppress their anxiety. After all, they had explored numerous treacherous places over the years, but they had never ventured into areas linked to Ultimate beings. How could they not feel apprehensive?

Seizing such an opportunity could potentially lead them to soar to new heights.

As for danger? They had already braced themselves for peril when delving into hazardous territories.


In the void outside the enigmatic area, more than 10,000 figures materialized out of thin air—Xu Jingming and the others at the half-step third realm.

“Right there.”

Xu Jingming and the others peered into the distance.

In the vast expanse around them, only formidable fluctuations of spacetime rippled continuously in the distance. They could even witness half-step third-realm powerhouses flying into those fluctuations, vanishing without a trace.

“Let’s make haste.” Xu Jingming and the others wasted no time and soared towards their destination.

“Another group has arrived!”

Not far away stood 35 towering figures.

These 35 towering beings represented all the third-realm existences within this parallel spacetime.

They hurried to the spot left behind by the Ultimate being, observing with envy. Unfortunately, the Ultimate being restricted their entry, barring them from taking a single step inside.

“Feather Fire Lord, it’s quite magnanimous of you to allow a multitude of ordinary half-step third-realm powerhouses to enter,” a rotund figure in yellow robes remarked with a smile. “With so many invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses and Abyss Sovereigns present, these ordinary ones stand no chance.”

“We must give them an opportunity,” Feather Fire Lord stated. “Even if they can only explore the outskirts, they still have a chance of discovering some opportunities. Perhaps they can use this chance to ascend to the third realm.”

“Is reaching the third realm truly that simple? In the countless years of our parallel spacetime, only 35 individuals have succeeded.”

“Feather Fire Lord, despite your efforts to cultivate the weak, you have yet to produce a single third-realm powerhouse, have you?”

“Third-realm powerhouses cannot be manufactured.”

The 35 towering figures engaged in conversation.

Unable to enter, they could only observe the half-step third-realm timelines and glean insights from their experiences, hoping to grasp what awaited them within the enigmatic area.

“So many half-step third-realm powerhouses have entered, yet they remain on the periphery. None of them have uncovered the true treasure trove of the Ultimate being,” Master of Antinight remarked, glancing at Connoisseur Grandpa Xu. “Connoisseur, an Ultimate being must have had a purpose for leaving such a place, don’t you think?”

“Who knows what goes on in the minds of Ultimate beings?” Grandpa Xu shook his head. “Perhaps they have an intention, or perhaps they act without needing one. They might have casually left behind an opportunity.”

As Grandpa Xu observed the timeline and acquainted himself with the experiences of the half-step third-realm powerhouses inside, he also noticed Xu Jingming among the 10,000 individuals and witnessed him enter the area.

Jingming has also ventured in. Grandpa Xu undoubtedly missed his grandson, but he recognized that it wasn’t fitting for him to interfere.

“That’s correct. Ultimate beings sometimes act without a specific purpose.” These third-realm powerhouses also gazed from a distance.

With great determination, Xu Jingming and his 10,000 companions soared into the tumultuous spacetime fluctuations. They were well aware of the formidable suppression imposed by the laws, rendering teleportation to the Heart Realm impossible. They could only rely on their own flight to make progress.

What treacherous spacetime fluctuations. As Xu Jingming advanced, he experienced the distortion and alteration of the surrounding space.

“Everyone, stay vigilant.” Beiyan’s expression shifted. “The spacetime ahead is even more severely distorted. We may become separated at any moment.”

“We might get separated?” North River Boat Master’s expression wavered. He was the weakest among them.

Suddenly, a horrifying spacetime fluctuation swept past them. In an instant, Xu Jingming felt spacetime contort and transform.

When spacetime settled marginally, Xu Jingming surveyed his surroundings, only to find himself devoid of any companions.