790 How Do I Get Out?

Xu Jingming’s numerous clones dispersed, spreading out to carry out their operations and explore the palace complex.

As Xu Jingming walked through a corridor, he observed the architectural style, searching for any hidden opportunities. His attention was caught by a courtyard wall in the distance, causing him to be momentarily stunned before swiftly moving closer.

This particular courtyard wall was just one among many in the expansive palace complex. Its surface was adorned with densely inscribed characters.

Wh… Xu Jingming gazed at the characters. Could these characters form some special language? Could this be a written treatise of sorts?

Having spent considerable time studying various characters, Xu Jingming hadn’t fully mastered them, but he had gained some insights into each one.

As he beheld the essay formed by the multitude of characters, Xu Jingming couldn’t help but think, Even if I don’t comprehend it fully, merely reading this essay feels like delving into the power of an infinite source of spacetime.

The essay penetrated Xu Jingming’s mind, revealing countless layers of spacetime. He witnessed a hand reaching out and enveloping one of the spacetimes, casually flicking it and causing the entire spacetime to change.

“This is what it means to manipulate spacetime,” Xu Jingming murmured.

The hand influenced and altered spacetime after spacetime. Gradually, his eyes turned red.

I can’t continue watching anymore. I can’t. Xu Jingming turned away, unwilling to read the essay on the courtyard wall again.

This essay contains a form of spacetime knowledge more terrifying than any third-realm legacy I’ve encountered. Xu Jingming ceased reading, allowing his mind and consciousness to gradually calm down. The act of reading it threatens my sanity, leading me down the path of gradual madness.

There’s a small Primordial Star in this garden. In a vast garden within the palace complex, another of Xu Jingming’s clones arrived. The garden exuded beauty, with a small Primordial Star suspended in one location.

That little Primordial Star seemed intricately woven into the fabric of spacetime, an integral part of the entire palace complex.

This small Primordial Star… As Xu Jingming gazed at the small Primordial Star, profound insights flooded his mind.

He had delved into the mysteries of the Primordial Star lineage in his days as an Origin lifeform. However, after falling prey to the corrupting influence of Master of the Abyssal Void, his focus shifted entirely to the Heart Realm lineage. Yet, observing the small Primordial Star at this moment, fragments of Xu Jingming’s past understanding seamlessly merged with his current insights, shattering old barriers.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

With each breakthrough, scorching white flames engulfed Xu Jingming’s body.

His mind and consciousness burned hotter, as if the Primordial Star sought to assimilate him completely.

I mustn’t stare any longer.

Xu Jingming averted his gaze, ceasing to fixate on the small Primordial Star. Though his mind and consciousness could still endure these enticements, the temptations were becoming increasingly intense.

What is happening? Whenever I study the opportunities within this palace complex for too long, my mind loses control? Xu Jingming was puzzled. The courtyard wall essay had gradually eroded his composure, and now even the sight of the small Primordial Star caused him to teeter on the edge of losing control.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Deep beneath the palaces, a black river coursed through the depths. It attracted chaotic, malevolent, and sinful energies, its existence creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility aboveground.

This black river… Xu Jingming had a clone stationed there. Observing the underground river within the palace complex, he couldn’t help but be reminded of the Abyss.

Having acquired the wonder known as the Miniature Abyss, Xu Jingming recognized the black river as a writhing branch of the Abyss itself.

So, this black river is yet another extension of the Abyss? Xu Jingming managed to maintain his composure this time, avoiding a loss of control. With his vast knowledge accumulated from the Abyssal Void lineage, he could delve deeper into the nature of this black river while remaining lucid.

The essay on the courtyard wall, the crafted Primordial Star, the underground river, the paintings adorning the hall walls, the flames ablaze in the alchemy room, the arsenal of 300 swords in the hall…

I can observe them from a distance, but I cannot touch them. Xu Jingming discovered this recurring pattern. Even when he approached closely, he couldn’t reach the paintings on the hall walls.

Even a painting possessed formidable power. It seemed that even half-step third-realm powerhouses like himself were unable to interact with it.

So many spears.

Within the arsenal, Xu Jingming stood before a display of 129 spears. These spears emitted a distinct aura, far more menacing than ordinary third-realm weapons.

As Xu Jingming approached within ten feet, an invisible force suppressed him, preventing further approach. His body suffered some injuries from the impact. Any attempt to force his way closer would likely pulverize his body under the overwhelming force.

Having conducted a thorough investigation of the entire palace complex, I have uncovered a total of 133 opportunities. However, I can only focus on two locations for prolonged periods. Careful observation of the other areas would inevitably lead to a loss of control. Xu Jingming was certain of this fact.

Among the few things that allow me to maintain lucidity during prolonged observation are the underground river within the palace complex and these spears.

But now that I possess the wonder known as the Miniature Abyss, the value of the underground river has diminished. Still, Xu Jingming held a fondness for the wonder, as it revealed the true essence of the Abyss.

His gaze shifted to the spears. These spears, without a doubt, hold the utmost significance for me within the entire palace complex.

I can sense the same aura emanating from these spears as that of the silver parchment’s spearmanship. Among the 129 distinct spear types I’ve observed, my understanding of the silver parchment’s spearmanship has deepened.

With that, Xu Jingming withdrew his other clones and directed his attention solely to the spears.

He delved into the trajectories of each spear in the timeline, attuned himself to the lingering aura of their strikes, and began to grasp the varied usage of different spears.

He became fully immersed.

Huh? Other half-step third-realm powerhouses entered the hall and caught sight of Xu Jingming.

Wu Ming is studying those spears? City Lord Feike attempted to observe the spears as well and caught a glimpse of a hand firmly grasping one. The formidable aura of spearmanship relentlessly drilled into his mind, causing his thoughts to tremble.

These spears aren’t suited for me. City Lord Feike glanced briefly at Xu Jingming before departing.

Within the palace complex lay numerous opportunities, yet not everyone possessed the ability to contemplate them for extended periods.


Days slipped away, and numerous half-step third-realm powerhouses sought to gain entry. Alas, the intricate character maze guarding the palace’s main entrance proved a formidable obstacle, thwarting the majority of contenders.

Three months elapsed, and only a mere hundred plus powerhouses managed to breach the palace complex.

Inside, over a hundred powerhouses swiftly seized their opportunities, utilizing every precious moment to meticulously study their chosen paths.

Outside the palace complex, despondency consumed many of the remaining contenders, their spirits shattered by repeated failures.

“Our comprehension of these enigmatic characters is sorely lacking if we wish to enter this palace complex. We are clearly outmatched,” lamented a half-step third-realm powerhouse.

“Let us depart. We must devise a plan to escape this Ultimate Land.”

“If we tarry much longer, escape may elude us entirely!”

Groups of half-step third-realm powerhouses began venturing together, forming parties ranging from a handful to as many as ten or twenty. Gradually, they set off, while a multitude of others persevered outside the palace complex, refusing to yield.

I have acquired two wonders and over 10,000 mysterious characters. They far surpass any treasures I have amassed in my entire lifetime. The departing half-step third-realm powerhouses found great contentment.

Each wonder within these mountains was an unprecedented treasure in this spacetime, its value immeasurable. To bring even one or two wonders out alive was a remarkable triumph.

Sometimes, in treacherous realms, one must curb their greed!

As time ticked away, the palace complex remained an impenetrable fortress, while the mountain’s wonders had been thoroughly plundered. Native creatures no longer roamed the land, and an increasing number of half-step third-realm powerhouses yearned to escape.

On one border of the expansive Ultimate Land, a vast congregation of such powerhouses assembled, among them Xu Jingming.

In the past, he had divided his forces into two teams—one delving into the mountains, the other remaining on the outskirts with North River Boat Master. Now, Xu Jingming himself… intended to make an attempt to depart from the Ultimate Land. After all, his 500-plus clones still resided within the palace complex, which should suffice.

“What is happening? No matter how we soar, the spacetime turbulence beyond the Ultimate Land eventually redirects us back here.”

“Once more, I find myself within the bounds of the Ultimate Land?”

Half-step third-realm powerhouses employed various methods to traverse the spacetime turbulence beyond the land’s borders. Yet, upon entering, they became disoriented within its chaotic currents, unable to discern their bearings. They would be swept along, bewildered, before being forcibly returned to the Ultimate Land.

“I have made countless attempts, yet each time I suffer from Spacetime Disorientation, ending up right back on this soil.” Xu Jingming stood still, his brow furrowed in contemplation.

“North River.” Xu Jingming contacted North River Boat Master within his pocket universe. “I have tried numerous times, as have many invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses. All have failed! None can escape the clutches of the Ultimate Land.”

“There is no way out?” North River Boat Master was taken aback. “Doesn’t that mean we cannot bring the wonders and treasures we have gathered out?”


Xu Jingming’s expression grew grave. “Indeed, though these wonders are of great value, we cannot bring them forth at this time. Even our own third-realm weapons are likely to be forever trapped here.”

“Hahaha… What a jest. What a jest.” Laughter boomed from a distance as an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse chortled. “So much time has elapsed, yet not a single half-step third-realm powerhouse has managed to flee. Hahaha! We risked our lives for these wonders, consumed by excitement and madness, but in the end… we may all perish within these confines. These treasures shall ultimately return to the embrace of the Ultimate Land.”

“A cruel jest, indeed. Our elation was in vain.” Another powerhouse shook his head in dismay.

“If escape eludes us, then we must devise a means of survival within the Ultimate Land. The longer we endure, the more we can glean from comprehending the cryptic characters and wonders,” a powerhouse advised. “We may not carry the treasures away, but the knowledge we acquire can be borne in our minds.”

“We cannot depart from here. Yet, perchance there lies another passage out of the Ultimate Land elsewhere!” And with that, a half-step third-realm powerhouse departed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Half-step third-realm powerhouses made their individual choices, venturing forth to seek an alternative route to emancipation from the clutches of the Ultimate Land.