791 Everything Is a Blur (1)

The interior of the palace complex exuded an air of tranquility.

Only a hundred exceptional individuals from various spacetimes had managed to gain entry into the palace complex. These half-step third-realm powerhouses were renowned for their incredible talents. Each of them chose specific opportunities that resonated with their abilities and focused on unraveling their mysteries.

I get it. City Lord Feike’s gaze fixated on the intricate characters inscribed on the palace courtyard wall, absorbing their patterns and discerning the fluctuations in spacetime they represented. He saw the hand above spacetime.

City Lord Feike, a distinguished figure in the scientific lineage, had received invitations from third-realm beings to partake in the Spacetime Arena for multiple teams. His fame in the arena was unmatched.

Regarded as one of the most talented half-step third-realm powerhouse among countless spacetimes, City Lord Feike employed his scientific research methods to decipher the enigmatic characters. Though he couldn’t fully comprehend their meaning, he discerned significant information by recognizing the patterns they formed.

This essay contained boundless knowledge, capable of transcending timelines and propelling one into the third realm. The characters melded in City Lord Feike’s mind, taking the shape of a bird.


A divine rune of a Flying Bird materialized between City Lord Feike’s brows, emanating a mysterious force that influenced spacetime and encircled his body.

City Lord Feike’s formidable physique underwent a remarkable transformation, elevating his strength to an unprecedented level. The limits of his power shattered as he inched closer to the third realm.

Only by condensing the divine rune can it be considered as attaining basic mastery. City Lord Feike’s eyes widened with astonishment. The benevolent Ultimate existence had bestowed upon us the legacy of the divine rune lineage, significantly increasing the chances of reaching the third realm.

With a wealth of knowledge amassed over the years, City Lord Feike realized that condensing the divine rune brought him a step closer to his goal.

In the past, bridging the gap between the half-step third realm and the third realm seemed insurmountable, a vast chasm impossible to traverse. However, the divine rune lineage acted as a chain, spanning this chasm. Though treacherous, it provided a path—one that, if followed with determination, could lead to the other side and the true attainment of the third realm.

The journey to the Ultimate Land has yielded abundant gains, granting me basic mastery through the divine rune. City Lord Feike’s eyes glistened with tears of hope. After years of longing, he finally glimpsed the possibility of reaching the third realm.

No wonder Wu Ming could effortlessly traverse spacetime, striking down invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses with a few swift blows. Wu Ming had already condensed a divine rune prior to entering the palace complex. City Lord Feike’s eyes remained steady and composed. Although Wu Ming has surged ahead on this path, he is merely in the lead temporarily. I possess the potential to catch up.

And so, City Lord Feike delved further into the essay on the courtyard wall, countless characters surfacing in his mind, eager to be explored.

Beyond the Ultimate Land, 35 towering figures observed the unfolding situation from a distance. Though unable to access the palace complex’s opportunities through karma or the timeline, they could monitor the progress of the half-step third-realm powerhouses.

“Three of them have already condensed divine runes,” Feather Fire Lord said with a smile, naming Wu Ming, City Lord Feike, and Cloud Sky Traveler. “Merely by accomplishing this, their chances of reaching the third realm have increased significantly. It may not be long before we witness the emergence of one or two more third-realm powerhouses in our spacetime.”

“It’s not as simple as that,” a cold voice emitted from a black figure of light. “Condensing the divine rune merely grants them a glimmer of hope. To truly break through? Hmph, Feather Fire, you ought to know how arduous it is.”

Master of Antinight interjected softly, “I wonder why the Ultimate existence chose to leave behind this place. Was it solely to leave behind a legacy? Already, three half-step third-realm powerhouses have gained basic mastery. How many living beings will they impart it to?”

Connoisseur chimed in, “Observe how even those half-step third-realm powerhouses on the periphery of the Ultimate Land, unable to find an exit, are studying the characters.”

“After a prolonged study, they will certainly gain something.”

“In my estimation, the wonders and the palace complex itself might be illusory. These characters, however, serve as the foundation! They are the true opportunity bestowed upon them by the Ultimate existence.”

Casual chatter filled the air among the 35 third-realm powerhouses. Through the eyes of the half-step third-realm powerhouses, they observed and studied the characters. Each one among them could effortlessly condense a divine rune through their analysis.

However, condensing a divine rune held little meaning for them. The divine rune lineage… in its early stages, was inferior to a genuine third-realm existence.

As for advancing to the later stages? The scattered nature of the characters perplexed the third-realm beings.

These characters are dispersed, limiting their value. Only when combined do they yield a complete legacy, the most precious of all. As the highest-ranking being present, Master of Antinight had already deduced that these characters undoubtedly formed a comprehensive legacy.

Yet, it appeared that the Ultimate existence had no intention of bestowing it upon third-realm powerhouses like them.


Instantly, the Ultimate Land fell into a profound calm.

The natives ceased their attacks, while the half-step third-realm powerhouses outside the palace complex found themselves unable to depart. They had no choice but to devote their time to studying the characters and wonders before them.

The 100-plus powerhouses in the palace complex were focused on the opportunities.

In a hall.

Xu Jingming’s gaze fixated on the spears, the 129 distinct spears holding a profound allure for him. Each spear resembled a world waiting to be explored, beckoning for meticulous contemplation.