792 Everything Is a Blur (2)

In a daze, Xu Jingming’s vision blurred as a figure picked up a spear and wielded it with remarkable skill.

The images appeared before him, showcasing the figure’s mastery over 129 separate spears.

I can’t see it clearly, but I can sense the charm. Xu Jingming instinctively extended his hand, and the Psychic Staff wonder transformed into one of the spears. Holding it firmly, Xu Jingming began to imitate the figure’s technique.

Channeling the charm he perceived, Xu Jingming demonstrated his psychic spearmanship, causing the hall’s lighting to flicker intermittently. He seemed to vanish and reappear at will, as if transcending the boundaries of space and time.

The spear in Xu Jingming’s hand assumed the form of another spear, and he continued his imitation.

Over the past six months, he had transformed the Psychic Staff wonder into 129 different spears. Through diligent observation and imitation, he sensed that this method yielded the highest efficiency.


Following the spear’s lead, Xu Jingming transformed into a flame, swiftly piercing through over half of the hall and reappearing at the opposite end.

Surprise filled his face.

I understand now! I finally understand! Xu Jingming exclaimed in pleasant astonishment. He gazed at the 129 spears with a mix of excitement and surprise, realizing that they were invaluable treasures. Each spear technique held a purpose beyond merely defeating enemies. These were not techniques for killing but rather for tempering the mind!

These are 129 mental-tempering spear techniques.

Feather Fire Lord, in creating the Eight Directions Map, believed that the eighth realm, the Great Freedom realm, represented perfection. However, he was mistaken. Mental tempering is an endless journey!

At this moment, spear techniques flooded Xu Jingming’s mind. The 129 spear techniques intertwined and exerted their influence on his thoughts and willpower from various angles. It felt as if Xu Jingming had shed his old self and emerged as a butterfly from a cocoon.

The essence of psychic spearmanship lies not in defeating foes, but in forging the mind and body. Xu Jingming could vaguely discern the will of the enigmatic figure.

Individual strength equated to invincibility! True invincibility!


As Xu Jingming’s mind and will underwent a transformation, the 129 spears in the hall resonated with a vibrant hum. They quivered, and each spear shattered into countless characters.

Every spear among the 129 consisted of numerous characters, mere symbols rather than tangible weapons.

In this instant, the myriad characters unleashed by the shattered spears soared toward Xu Jingming, surging into his being.

Boom! Boom!

Simultaneously, the 129 spears dissipated, transmuting into over a billion characters. Within a brief span, an immense multitude of characters inundated Xu Jingming’s body, momentarily overwhelming his senses.

His thoughts came to a halt as his mind strained to absorb the flood of information contained within the characters.

As a torrent of character information flooded Xu Jingming’s being, the entire Ultimate Land quaked with intensity.

“What’s happening?”

Countless half-step third-realm powerhouses, who had been engrossed in studying wonders and characters, felt the tremors reverberate through the land. Their astonishment grew as they witnessed the gradual dissolution of the once boundless territory.

Even the distant mountains crumbled before their eyes.

“My wonders, no!” gasped these half-step third-realm powerhouses, horrified to witness the wonders they had fiercely vied for disintegrating.

“The characters, too, are dissipating!” Desperately clutching at the enigmatic symbols, they watched in dismay as the characters, like ethereal wisps, vanished into nothingness. The half-step third-realm powerhouses could do nothing to retain their grip on them. All they could do was bear witness to their disappearance as if they had never existed.

Land, mountains, characters, wonders—everything dissolved into thin air. Even the grand palace complex crumbled away.

“My treasures,” North River Boat Master lamented in his pocket universe, his wonder disintegrating before his anxious and indignant eyes. “Wu Ming, the wonder and characters are vanishing. What should I do?”

Meanwhile, Xu Jingming remained seated cross-legged, seemingly unaffected by the chaos surrounding him.

His entire mind and consciousness were wholly consumed by the influx of characters, leaving him with no energy to attend to the external world. In that very moment, the wonders and mysterious characters he carried also began to dissipate.

It was fated that these treasures could not be taken beyond this realm.

All their struggles had been in vain.

“Our bodies, too, are dissipating?” Countless half-step third-realm powerhouses recoiled in terror as the effects of the world’s dissolution intensified. Their physical forms eroded relentlessly.

“We’ve fought within the Ultimate Land for so long, only to gain no treasures and now face death here?”

“We will all perish! We will all perish!”

Helplessly, these half-step third-realm powerhouses could only observe as one after another, they disintegrated into oblivion.

The native creatures, hidden in the void, emerged one by one. They glanced towards the distant palaces before succumbing to dissolution themselves. As they faded, they transformed into characters that, too, eventually vanished.

Everything proved as transient as a bubble, destined to burst and disappear.

The palace complex crumbled away, taking with it all opportunities.

“Are we destined to perish?”

City Lord Feike, noticing the wonders and mysterious characters he had obtained dissolve, felt his own body dissipating. He cast a reluctant gaze at the essay etched on the ruined courtyard wall. “The opportunity has passed! I shall no longer have a chance to study it, but to have comprehended even a fraction… is already a tremendous opportunity! From this world, I can only take away knowledge!”

As the palaces collapsed, the bodies of the half-step third-realm powerhouses disintegrated.

Huh? Amidst their dissipation, these powerhouses caught sight of Xu Jingming in the distance.

Xu Jingming was surrounded by an endless swarm of characters, ceaselessly flowing into his body and being absorbed. Moreover, his own form remained intact, refusing to dissipate.

“He’s not fading away?”

“Wu Ming isn’t dissipating?”

It wasn’t just the hundred-plus powerhouses within the palace complex who witnessed this sight. Many half-step third-realm powerhouses, who had persisted in waiting outside, also met the same fate. Yet, they beheld the one lone figure whose body remained intact—Wu Ming!

Everything was dissipating, except for Wu Ming!

“He’s discovered the true opportunity.”

“Wu Ming has stumbled upon a colossal chance left behind by an Ultimate being!” The powerhouses seethed with envy and jealousy, consumed by their longing to take his place.

A deluge of character information inundated Xu Jingming’s being, causing his mind and consciousness to suddenly ease. It was then that he cautiously parted his eyes, taking in his surroundings.

More than half of the Ultimate Land lay in ruins.

Countless living beings had been eradicated.

The wonders, characters, and the once majestic palace complex vanished, leaving only fragments of half-step third-realm weapons, armor, wings, and sundry remnants adrift in the vast expanse of space.

They’re all dead? Xu Jingming and his clones on the periphery exchanged glances from a distance. Even North River Boat Master, concealed within his pocket universe, had met his demise.