797 A Calamity

Xu Jingming effortlessly entered the Heart Realm, breaking free from the constraints of spacetime and engaging in an incredible long-distance teleportation.

In the Ultimate Land, where the laws suppressed others of similar power, Xu Jingming possessed the ability to traverse the void. Now in the outside world, Xu Jingming moved with ease. He targeted a distant location, swiftly passing through numerous Abyssal spaces, until he arrived in the Heart Realm of that area.

Huh? Sovereign Kangbe, the ruler of this layer of the Abyssal space, looked up in surprise. Is that Wu Ming?

Xu Jingming didn’t pause for a moment, continuing his remarkable teleportation across vast distances.

Phew! Sovereign Kangbe breathed a sigh of relief. It seems he’s merely passing through. Thank goodness I didn’t head to the South Pavilion 3609 Dominion!

Many Abyss Sovereigns had gone to the South Pavilion 3609 Dominion, with nearly half of those within Feather Fire City’s influence involved. Sovereign Kangbe, however, exercised caution and refrained from participating.

This calamity is a disaster for Abyss Sovereigns and invincible half-step third-realm beings, Sovereign Kangbe pondered. There’s no escaping it for those caught up in this catastrophe!

Sovereign Yaming, his body covered in a blood-red robe, stood firmly on the ground of his realm within the Abyss.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

All lifeforms in this Abyssal space, from the mighty Abyss Overlords to the feeble newborn Abyssal demons, sensed the arrival of impending death.


“Who wants us dead?”

“Who is it?”

Countless demons within the Abyssal space despaired, yet they were utterly powerless to resist. They were crushed and transformed into pure energy. Within a matter of seconds, only Sovereign Yaming remained in this layer of the Abyss.

The energy released from the countless disintegrated beings transformed the spatial layer into a tempest of power.

These Abyss Overlords possess clones elsewhere, allowing them to evade this calamity, Sovereign Yaming silently acknowledged. Although he could easily slay an Abyss Overlord, he couldn’t eliminate them across distant spacetime.

He came so quickly.

Sovereign Yaming glanced up, his senses tingling with the unmistakable karma of Wu Ming charging toward him. Out of the 825 targets, I’m his primary objective? He must hold me in high regard.

Escape was futile; he had dispersed numerous clones throughout the area.

Looks like I’m really going to meet my end, Sovereign Yaming mused. I once wondered how I’d meet my demise.

Would it be due to a treacherous perilous zone? Punishment from a being of the third realm, perhaps? Or some unknown calamity? But I never expected to fall at the hands of another half-step third-realm powerhouse. Sovereign Yaming chuckled, his tone self-deprecating.


A figure traversed spacetime, materializing within the Abyssal space. It was Xu Jingming, causing expressions of countless Abyss Sovereigns and formidable half-step third-realm powerhouses to change.

“You’re here?” Sovereign Yaming raised his gaze to meet Xu Jingming’s.

“Among the 825, you’re the first,” Xu Jingming stated, eyeing him intently.

“I’m honored to hold the top spot.” Sovereign Yaming sighed. “You traveled from the South Pavilion 3609 Dominion to my Abyssal space in a mere 30 seconds. Your speed surpasses our own by far. Oh, by the way, I have one final question. Can I still survive? Is there any room for negotiation?”

Xu Jingming extended his hand, conjuring an illusory spear. “Trying to buy yourself some time?”

Sovereign Yaming’s expression froze.

“I can see your clone charging toward Feather Fire Mountain in Feather Fire City,” Xu Jingming remarked. Feather Fire Lord had established a rule forbidding battles on Feather Fire Mountain, so if Sovereign Yaming could reach it, he could ensure temporary safety.

Of course, habitation on Feather Fire Mountain was prohibited, and there were time limitations. But if he could cling to life a little longer, circumstances might change. Naturally, Sovereign Yaming made a beeline for Feather Fire Mountain.

“You won’t make it in time,” Xu Jingming declared, gripping his spear. “I’ve recently mastered a new spearmanship technique and need to test its power.”

Sovereign Yaming stared at Xu Jingming, his expression grave.

Having cultivated to this level, he didn’t fear death, but he yearned to live. He desired existence as an Abyss Sovereign who could revel in boundless freedom for a little while longer.

Xu Jingming brandished his spear, transforming into a radiant beam of light.

As the luminance soared skyward, it grew increasingly dazzling. Its might multiplied a thousandfold, before ultimately piercing through Sovereign Yaming’s body!

Sovereign Yaming bore witness to it all, helpless to dodge or resist. He could only stand there and endure the blow.

I can’t evade or deflect. I’m undoubtedly done for. Is this the might of a third-realm powerhouse? Sovereign Yaming felt the terrifying radiance pierce through his body, surpassing all expectations.

In this Abyssal space, his body perished instantly.

Yet, his consciousness remained active, as his clones across the other dominions shared the same experience.

“Crossing through spacetime, perish!”

With an overwhelming strike, Xu Jingming’s power transcended the boundaries of distant spacetime—guided by the intricate web of karma—and pinpointed Sovereign Yaming’s hidden clone nestled deep within a treacherous zone. The rules governing that perilous realm proved feeble against the might of Xu Jingming.

Normally, the potency of a powerhouse’s attacks would diminish significantly when traversing through karma. The further the distance, the greater the decrease in power. Yet, my strength… It has defied the constraints of spacetime, precisely targeting its mark. Astonished, Xu Jingming marveled, I am able to transmit 30% of my strength! Were I to be a true being of the third realm, my power would likely remain formidable even after traversing great spans of distant spacetime, wouldn’t it?

Xu Jingming found it quite surprising that the decrease amounted to a mere 30%.




Like a luminous spear, this beam of light pierced through the fabric of spacetime—guided by the intricate threads of karma—and eradicated Sovereign Yaming’s clones scattered across various domains. No matter where Sovereign Yaming sought refuge, this radiant beam remained inescapable.

The final surge of brilliance materialized within Feather Fire City, impaling Sovereign Yaming’s last remaining clone, who raced frantically towards Feather Fire Mountain.

The clone’s survival until this point was owed to the restrictive laws imposed by Feather Fire Lord in Feather Fire City. Even Xu Jingming’s might was stifled here, reduced to a mere 20% of its true strength. Nevertheless, the demise of Sovereign Yaming was secured.

“No—” Sovereign Yaming gazed towards the distant Feather Fire Mountain, seething with fury. Why does Feather Fire City possess such potent suppression? Why must our flight be painfully sluggish, delaying our arrival at Feather Fire Mountain?

Sovereign Yaming met his demise.

With the death of his final clone, Sovereign Yaming’s existence was extinguished entirely. Every trace of his life within the vast expanse of spacetime was obliterated by Xu Jingming.

“Yaming has perished.”

“Wu Ming was not deceiving us. His intent to eradicate us utterly is genuine. Yaming was his foremost target!”

The Abyss Sovereigns and invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses spiraled deeper into panic. They had once clung to the hope that Wu Ming lacked the capability to traverse spacetime and vanquish their countless clones.

However, it became abundantly clear that in a head-to-head confrontation, Xu Jingming’s power possessed the capacity to traverse distant realms, annihilating their duplicates with his quasi-ultimate spearmanship.

“Everyone, we must devise a means of survival.”

“We must exhaust every avenue available.”

These Abyss Sovereigns and invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses racked their minds for solutions. Their clones within Feather Fire City too hastened their journey towards Feather Fire Mountain.

Once they ascended Feather Fire Mountain and enjoyed the protection of Feather Fire Lord, safety would be within reach.

“Hurry, hurry.”

“We must hasten our pace. Wu Ming’s assault persists.”

Driven by urgency, the Abyss Sovereigns and invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses raced towards Feather Fire Mountain. Fortunately, their usual dwelling places lay in close proximity to this sanctuary.

Yet, as they made their way to Feather Fire Mountain, they felt the unmistakable demise of one Abyss Sovereign after another.


Their eyes bore witness to an Abyss Sovereign, not far in the distance, being engulfed by a radiant beam of light before crumbling into nothingness.

Sovereign Clam Dove—gone. Sovereign Demon Flame—fallen. Sovereign Hundred Swallow Phoenix—likewise perished… As they hastened towards Feather Fire City, an Abyss Sovereign met their complete demise every few minutes, intensifying their growing restlessness.

Feather Fire Mountain drew near at an accelerated pace!

“Quickly, make for the mountain.” In this desperate moment, their sole desire was to have a clone take refuge upon the summit.


The figures in the forefront darted towards Feather Fire Mountain, only to be repelled by an imperceptible force.

“What is happening?” The group of Abyss Sovereigns and invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses, hurtling forward, found themselves taken aback.

A coiled serpent materialized at the base of Feather Fire Mountain. It was none other than Feather Snake, Feather Fire Lord’s esteemed disciple and the overseer of Feather Fire Mountain.

“Master has given his command,” Feather Snake declared, peering down upon them. “Feather Fire Mountain is presently sealed. No outsider shall ascend its slopes.”

“Brother Feather Snake, why would you seal the mountain at this critical juncture?”

“Brother Feather Snake, you must devise a means to grant us passage to the summit.”

The Abyss Sovereigns implored, their anxiety palpable.

Feather Snake regarded them with an icy gaze. “Master’s orders leave me no choice.”

“When will the mountain’s seal be lifted?” inquired an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse.

“It shall be removed at the discretion of Master,” Feather Snake replied with a shake of the head. “As for now, the duration of the mountain’s seal remains uncertain.”

“You’re condemning us to certain death!” cried out an Abyss Sovereign in panic.

“Why would Feather Fire Lord do this? He has always shown compassion to the weak and treated us fairly. Why is he aiding Wu Ming now?”

“He’s deliberately showing favoritism to Wu Ming!”

Anxiously, the Abyss Sovereigns voiced their concerns.

Throughout the years, Feather Fire Lord had been renowned for his benevolence and equity.


Feather Snake peered down at the group of Abyss Sovereigns and invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses, a disdainful sneer on their face. “Even if you manage to survive on the mountain for a while, according to Feather Fire Mountain’s regulations, all living beings must descend once their time is up. At that point, death will still claim you! In that case… do not squander your time. Merely await your demise at the mountain’s base.”

With those final words, Feather Snake vanished, dismissing them.

In the eyes of Feather Snake, this group of beings were but the dying remnants.

“The mountain is sealed?” There was nothing they could do.

“Feather Snake speaks the truth. Even if we temporarily ascend the mountain, we shall be expelled when our time is up. If we wish to survive, we must rely upon ourselves,” declared an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse before turning and departing.

Helpless, the Abyss Sovereigns and invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses could only leave.

Meanwhile, at Xu Jingming’s residence in Feather Fire City’s inner district…

Xu Jingming gazed in the direction of Feather Fire Mountain.

The mountain is sealed? He nodded in acknowledgment. Originally, I intended to stand guard at the mountain’s base after obliterating their other 825 clones! Once they were expelled, I would eradicate them one by one. But it seems there’s no need for such effort.

Nineteen down, time to move on to the next.

With that, Xu Jingming closed his eyes.

To him, this was yet another form of cultivation. Studying psychic spearmanship was one path of cultivation, but so was the act of killing!

Time passed, and an atmosphere of panic gripped the entire domain under Feather Fire City’s influence. Countless half-step third-realm powerhouses realized that the Abyss Sovereigns and their half-step third-realm counterparts, once accustomed to unrestrained authority within the area, now faced an unparalleled catastrophe. They fell one after another.

100, 200, 300…

Countless denizens of Feather Fire City watched in hushed silence as the calamity unfolded before their eyes.