799 Breakthrough, Third Realm!

By the river, amidst the Abyssal Icefield, Xu Jingming sat in a cross-legged position, engrossed in studying the ancient scrolls of the 100 Heart Tribulation Spear.

As profound insights flooded his mind, a transformative realization dawned upon him. He comprehended the very essence of the power he wielded and the intricate nature of time itself.

Time and space form the fundamental structure of existence. Breaking free from the confines of his previous limitations, Xu Jingming felt a surge of newfound strength coursing through his being.

His mind and consciousness, once akin to loose soil, swiftly compacted and morphed into an unyielding and razor-sharp spear. Now, his mind and consciousness had become immeasurably more potent, surpassing anything he had ever known.

The disparity between the half-step third realm and the true third realm became apparent. It was a chasm that no mere numerical difference could bridge.


With his heightened faculties, Xu Jingming’s senses expanded exponentially. He shattered the constraints of space and time, extending his awareness far and wide. In doing so, he discovered the presence of other beings existing within the third realm.

These beings possessed unimaginable power, and their very presence influenced the surrounding area, creating distinct territories where they could impose their own laws and regulations.

Xu Jingming had to navigate cautiously, ensuring his mind and consciousness avoided these realms of the third realm, until… until he could envelop the entire expanse of spacetime!

Is this the vast spacetime in which we reside?

Xu Jingming marveled, as he experienced a profound connection with the entirety of spacetime for the first time.

The sheer magnitude of complete spacetime surpassed all imagination. Even a half-step third realm expert could not traverse its entirety within a lifetime.

Beyond our own spacetime lie countless parallel realms. With his psychic force enshrouding the expanse of spacetime, Xu Jingming could now discern the existence of these parallel dimensions.

What were these parallel realms?

Each one was strikingly similar, akin to reflections in a mirror, housing countless versions of living beings.

Upon birth, every individual in one spacetime has counterparts in countless parallel dimensions. Xu Jingming realized. Although their growth experiences, talents, and accomplishments might differ, the essence of their existence stem from a shared origin.

Only by attaining the third realm can the essence of living beings be reunited.

With a mere thought, Xu Jingming became akin to a colossal magnet, continuously drawing in the essence of life from myriad parallel realms. Life essence flowed into him incessantly, until it was fully absorbed, and in that moment, Xu Jingming felt a sense of perfection and detachment.

He transcended the constraints of the timeline, harnessing his newfound strength with absolute mastery.

As Xu Jingming absorbed the essence of life, a multitude of memories merged within him, all from parallel spacetimes he had traversed.

Not only must I contend with other formidable beings on the path of evolution, but I must also rival my own selves across countless parallel dimensions. Among the countless parallel realms, only one can ascend to the third realm.

Despite the rapid strengthening of Xu Jingming’s mind and consciousness, even as he assimilated numerous life essences and memories, he remained resilient. It was as though he had lived multiple lives and possessed an acute understanding of every experience.

Though they originated from the same source as myself, these beings were born differently, underwent distinct growth journeys, and possessed unique memories. In truth, they are separate entities.

This realization struck Xu Jingming upon absorbing their memories.

When ordinary beings meet their demise, their life essence merges with their counterparts in other parallel realms. When their minds and consciousness collide, the victor gains control and experiences rebirth? Xu Jingming pondered.

The competition among the various selves from countless parallel dimensions proved to be ruthless.

Thus, if someone were to slay me in my weakened state, my life essence would naturally blend with my other selves across different spacetimes. Yet, if I grow stronger, I can seize control over them! Xu Jingming exclaimed in astonishment.

The essence of life could never be lost.

When any being below the third realm perished, their essence would be drawn towards their counterparts in other realms.

Only by unifying the essence of life across countless dimensions could one achieve true perfection.

I have reached the third realm! I have emerged as the ultimate victor, Xu Jingming mused, his emotions intertwining. The hidden nature of this competition across innumerable spacetimes had caught him off guard. Fortunately, he had swiftly ascended to the third realm within a span of approximately 300,000 years.

Boom! Boom!

Xu Jingming’s life essence attained perfection. Undergoing a qualitative transformation in his mind, he instinctively began absorbing the boundless energy within the Heart Realm, enhancing his physical form.

The mind relied upon the body.

The construction of a third-realm body was contingent upon one’s chosen path, yet it undoubtedly demanded an immense amount of energy. Xu Jingming strained himself to the fullest, channeling all his efforts into condensing his physical form.

The body is like a psychic spear. Xu Jingming’s body was like a psychic weapon. The 100 Heart Tribulation Spear Scrolls was a legacy that honed one’s body at different levels.

The process of solidifying his form took an entire decade, requiring an enormous reservoir of energy.

When the moment of success arrived, Xu Jingming, seated cross-legged upon the Abyssal Icefield, opened his eyes. In that instant, his body had undergone a qualitative metamorphosis.

When he restrained himself, he resembled a weapon that withheld its unleashed might. However, even the slightest release of his power would send tremors through spacetime.

Such is the might of the third realm. Xu Jingming rose to his feet, having attained this extraordinary level through the lineage of psychic weaponry. Strictly speaking, it was the result of following the legacy of the 100 Heart Tribulation Spear Scrolls.

Unlike other third-realm powerhouses who embarked on a gradual path towards this realm, Xu Jingming possessed a clear route—the 100 Heart Tribulation Spear Scrolls. However, he also shouldered the corresponding responsibilities.

My existence has transcended the timeline entirely. It is challenging for spacetime to record my true life essence, Xu Jingming pondered.

In the past, present, or future, other beings cannot trace my footsteps. Similarly, if I were to perish… my life mark would remain elusive in the River of Spacetime, preventing any revival.

Xu Jingming comprehended this.

Within the third realm, he possessed the ability to revive other beings of higher dimensions.

Yet, if a third-realm powerhouse perished, revival was an impossibility unless an Ultimate entity intervened.

Convincing an Ultimate entity to take action proved exceedingly difficult.


Taking a stride, Xu Jingming departed from the Abyss and materialized within South Pavilion 3609 Dominion.

Gazing upon this familiar realm, Xu Jingming felt his influence reverberating within it.

In the Abyss, the impact wasn’t as palpable, but now that I have arrived here, I can sense the sway of my presence, Xu Jingming mused. A powerful being naturally affected all living creatures within its dominion.

Hence, I must establish regulations for my permanent abode and forge a territory that suits me. This will also minimize the influence on ordinary beings.

Xu Jingming comprehended this as well.

Why did the dwellings of third-realm entities abide by strict rules? Without such regulations to suppress their influence, weaker beings would unknowingly succumb to corruption.

The more flawless my territory, the more advantageous it will be for me. Other third-realm powerhouses will also find their powers suppressed while in my dominion, Xu Jingming realized. No wonder those in the third realm can seemingly live eternally unless they seek their own demise.

My strength will flourish magnificently within my territory.

Distinct systems possess their own disparities. Clones can conceal themselves within the past and even the future.

For anyone below the third realm, traversing into the past or future was nearly inconceivable. Yet, those who transcended the timeline within the third realm could effortlessly navigate through these temporal realms, akin to an ordinary person moving from one room to another.

Xu Jingming stood resolute, his feeble clones already endeavoring to traverse the timeline of the past.

Though the life essence of these feeble clones had attained the third realm, they lacked the necessary energy and required time to strengthen further.

The past, a realm of events that have already unfolded. If I refrain from interfering, history will unfold as it was destined to. However, should I intervene and alter the fate of certain beings… it would reverberate throughout the present. Xu Jingming sighed, his emotions deep.

The third realm granted the power to alter history to a certain extent. As for the future timeline, it teemed with countless variables.

The branch of the future I am journeying towards could collapse into darkness at any moment.

Alas… venturing into other parallel spacetimes proves arduous. Xu Jingming shook his head, a tinge of disappointment coloring his expression.

Upon reaching the third realm, although he naturally absorbed the life essence of his parallel selves from different spacetimes, traversing through spacetime and arriving in another realm posed immense resistance.

While Xu Jingming held a mild curiosity towards the other parallel spacetimes, he felt no urgency. His true fascination lay within… the River of Spacetime that surrounded him.

I can sense the multitude of beings that have succumbed within this spacetime. Xu Jingming’s gaze transcended time itself, glimpsing his parents, wife, daughter, and other kinfolk nearing the end of their mortal lives.

He could directly bring his family from the past to the present!

By a mere act of will, I can grant them eternal life. Xu Jingming’s heart soared with elation. Once a lifeform attained the third realm, they could establish rules within a confined space.

“Wu Ming, congratulations,” resonated the voice of Feather Fire Lord from a distance. He was the first third-realm powerhouse to offer his congratulations.

Turning his head, Xu Jingming peered through the barrier of spacetime, beholding Feather Fire City and the benevolent Feather Fire Lord. A smile graced his lips as he replied, “Thank you, Feather Fire Lord. It is through your guidance that I have reached the third realm. You led me to the Ultimate Land.”

“I have aided countless beings, yet you are the sole one who has attained the third realm.” Feather Fire Lord chuckled. “Ultimately, it was your own doing.”

“Wu Ming, congratulations,” Lord Louye extended his felicitations from a distance.

The feeble being he had effortlessly pulled into the painting now stood at the same level as him.

“Lord Louye,” Xu Jingming acknowledged with a slight nod. The silver parchment had played a pivotal role in his accomplishments.

“Upon witnessing your acquisition of the Ultimate Land legacy, I surmised that you would swiftly attain the third realm,” a figure cloaked in cyan radiance observed from afar. “As anticipated, you have taken this stride within a remarkably brief span.”

Xu Jingming regarded him intently. “Master of Antinight.”

Xu Jingming had never held a favorable opinion of the Master of Antinight.


“Congratulations, Wu Ming.”

The voices of the third-realm powerhouses resonated from a distance.

Though the 35 third-realm powerhouses inhabiting spacetime harbored diverse thoughts, they all joined in congratulating Xu Jingming. After all, coexisting within the same spacetime necessitated frequent interaction among them.

Xu Jingming dealt with them succinctly.

“Wu Ming, congratulations on swiftly attaining the third realm,” Connoisseur conveyed his well-wishes among them.

“It is all thanks to the opportunity bestowed by an Ultimate existence,” Xu Jingming responded modestly. He remained oblivious to the connection between Connoisseur and his grandfather, Grandpa Xu. In fact, the third-realm powerhouses within this spacetime remained unaware of it as well.

Under Connoisseur’s deliberate concealment, Grandpa Xu bore no karmic or aura connection to Xu Jingming. Third-realm powerhouses failed to detect any trace of his existence.