800 Revival

On Myriad Star Island.

Ancient Tree World Lord, North River Boat Master, Thearch Dragon Island Lord, the dean, Tower Master, Island Lord, Redmond, and Meng Tian sensed the commotion outside and hurriedly flew to the edge of Myriad Star Island.

“This is—”

The dean and the others watched this scene in surprise.

In the distance stood an immense figure, with eyes that seemed to match the entire universe. When those eyes fell upon the dean and the others, they could feel the overwhelming disparity in their existences. It was the gaze of a being from higher dimensions.

“It’s Wu Ming.” The dean and the others recognized with awe.

“Wu Ming has already broken through,” North River Boat Master said, astonished.

Xu Jingming acknowledged their presence with a slight nod before unleashing his immense power to influence the entire dominion.

First, I shall expand the land on a grand scale. With a single thought, Xu Jingming swiftly expanded a colossal piece of land, centered around himself.

The land expanded at an astonishing rate, encompassing Myriad Star Island within its borders. Even other universes were teleported over, hovering at the edges of the land.

Countless dangerous regions within the dominion were also transported and integrated into the vast land.

In the blink of an eye, the perilous zones and universes of the South Pavilion 3609 Dominion merged with the immense land.

This is now my domain.

Xu Jingming observed as a sprawling city materialized on the land. In the distance, his cultivation residence emerged.

Xu Jingming initiated the remodeling of several structures from his memories, particularly those from Earth, adapting them to suit his status as a third-realm being.

“Wu Ming is establishing his domain,” Thearch Dragon Island Lord remarked, observing the scene from Myriad Star Island. “My master did the same in the past. Once he had his domain, his word became law, and he could dictate the rules as he pleased.”

“Jingming has truly reached the third realm,” Redmond exclaimed in astonishment.

“It is a triumph,” the dean, Tower Master, and Island Lord murmured in unison as they witnessed the spectacle. “Generations of our human race have endured hardships, countless deaths, and now, our kind has given rise to a third-realm existence.”

Tower Master nodded sagely. “The future holds boundless wonders. Anything is achievable.”

My father-in-law has ascended to the third realm, and Senior Sister is on the verge of revival. Meng Tian couldn’t contain his excitement.

Xu Jingming devoted three hours to constructing his territory. Satisfied with his work, he nodded. That will do for now. If the need arises in the future, I can establish more detailed rules at any time.

After making changes to the rules, Xu Jingming realized that living in the territory became far more comfortable.

The heart of the territory lay concealed within the Heart Realm, which, as a third-realm powerhouse of the Heart Realm lineage, Xu Jingming found to be the most soothing and comforting.

I have also replicated numerous permanent structures for Dad, Mom, and Miaomiao. They are perfectly suited for low-dimensional beings, Xu Jingming remarked, gazing at the buildings with a nod of approval.

Once his family was revived, he could provide them with a suitable place to reside.

Let’s begin.

Xu Jingming’s gaze swept across the scene, encompassing a time when his grandfather, parents, in-laws, wife, daughter, and countless others were still alive. He had already formulated a meticulously detailed revival list.

Members of Xu Jingming’s family, dear friends, eminent figures of the human race, and those beings to whom he owed a debt would all be granted a new lease on life.

Having ascended to the third realm, it was his prerogative to fulfill his desires.

Resurrect. Xu Jingming’s mind stirred.

Grandpa Xu, Mr. and Mrs. Xu, Li Chen’an and his wife, Li Miaomiao, Xu Lixing, Xu Fangjin, Xu Biyun—over 100,000 individuals were listed for revival within the Xu family.

Master Liu Hai and his family, Master Dai Tongda and his daughter Dai Xiaoqing and her family, Yang Qingshuo’s family, Wang Yi’s family, Heng Fang’s family, Liu Chongyuan’s family, Pang Ze’s family, Tu Ling’s family, Zhang Qing’s family…

Xu Jingming included numerous friends from his time on Earth, along with their families, spanning from the past to the present!

For his territory, accommodating ten billion revived beings posed no challenge.

“W-what is happening?”

Xu Hong and his wife, Grandpa Xu, Li Miaomiao, Li Chen’an and his wife, Xu Lixing, and several other relatives of Xu Jingming materialized together, the revived individuals grouped according to their relationships.

“Didn’t I die?” Xu Hong’s eyes darted around until he spotted Grandpa Xu. “Dad, you’re alive as well!”

“Yeah.” Grandpa Xu nodded slightly. “We’ve all been revived.”

“All of us revived?” Li Miaomiao gazed at her daughter, Xu Lixing, beside her, her heart filled with elation. She examined the towering buildings around them, finding everything so novel. “Has Jingming truly fulfilled his promise and brought us back? Are we to become his spawn?”

“I don’t believe so.” Grandpa Xu spoke. “Haven’t you noticed? We have all regained our youth, and our bodies have returned to their prime state.”

The realization dawned upon the family.

“If we were to become his spawn, we would have been revived in our oldest forms. To transform into his spawn would already elevate us to the status of high-dimensional beings. However, we are clearly still low-dimensional lifeforms, albeit restored to our peak states,” Grandpa Xu explained.

“Dad!” Xu Lixing suddenly exclaimed with excitement.

The family turned their heads, and Xu Jingming—having deliberately suppressed his aura—approached alongside Meng Tian. Xu Jingming’s most formidable clone continued to revive numerous living beings, while the clone itself masked its aura and met with the family first.

Jingming has recently ascended to the third realm. Grandpa Xu silently observed the scene. His understanding of the third realm is still lacking, making him unaware of my true identity. But as his power grows and we spend more time together, there’s a chance he might discover the truth. It’s not advisable for me to interfere during this Abyssal Era; it could disrupt everything. Yes, after this reunion, I’ll find an opportunity to depart. I can’t remain under his watchful eye forever.

“Grandpa, Dad, Mom…” Xu Jingming gazed at his family, feeling the world burst into vibrant life.

His family was the source of vitality and color in this world. They were his most cherished people.

“Jingming, you brought us back to life?” Xu Hong stared at his son.

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“Hahaha, just as I expected from my son. He promised to revive us, and today, he fulfilled that promise.” Xu Hong sighed with emotion. “And we’re still low-dimensional beings, but our bodies have been restored to their prime. We haven’t turned into mere spawn, have we?”

“Father-in-law has already attained the third realm,” Meng Tian chimed in. “With his word being law, he can effortlessly revive everyone.”

“Third realm?”

“Reached the third realm?”

Those present were Xu Jingming’s close relatives and better informed about such matters. They knew that half-step third-realm powerhouses were dominion overlords, while third-realm powerhouses were legendary beings that transcended time. They possessed unimaginable power and their words were law.

“Jingming reached the third realm?” Xu Hong and the others were dumbfounded.

“Dad, how long have we been deceased?” Xu Lixing inquired. “Has it been countless Abyssal Eras?”

“It has only been 200,000 years,” Xu Jingming replied with a smile. “We’re still early in the game.”

Li Miaomiao and the rest were astonished. That fast? What happened? Wasn’t the third realm supposed to be exceedingly difficult?

Meanwhile, Xu Jingming continued to revive numerous other living beings.

Aside from those on Earth, he had numerous friends like Tejano, Gu Shan, Moyu, Redeye, Monina, Azurescale, Metal Feather, Kabuya, Senior Brother Jane, Senior Brother Yijiu, and many more. Xu Jingming would even revive the families that mattered to them through the tracing of karma.

The list included countless heroic figures and geniuses documented throughout humanity’s long history, surpassing six billion individuals. They were exceptional figures who were born in unfavorable times, unable to unleash their full potential during humanity’s challenging periods.

Xu Jingming also revived a multitude of high-dimensional beings who had made significant contributions.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Groups of living beings were being revived.

For a third-realm existence, reviving billions of individuals was a simple task.

“Dad.” Tejano, alongside his mother, witnessed Redmond approaching in a hurry.

“Dad, how are we alive again? Moreover, many other humans around us have been revived,” Tejano expressed his excitement.

“It’s Wu Ming,” Redmond explained. “Wu Ming has reached the third realm.”

“My brother reached the third realm?” Tejano stood in disbelief. As his life neared its end, he had gained some knowledge about the third realm due to his elevated status among the human race. Only then did he comprehend the immense power of the third realm.

It was akin to omnipotence!

One would never perish if they so desired.

Words held the power of law! They could shape reality and establish the very rules that governed existence. It was the embodiment of achieving anything one desired.

My brother reached the third realm? Tejano’s heart raced with excitement. Memories of their fierce rivalry on Earth surged within him. Haha! I had once stood on equal footing with a third realm powerhouse!

A child with a single horn, donned in a light-red cloak, glanced around in bewilderment before catching sight of two figures in the distance.

“Father, Mother!” Liu Yufeng, the child, rushed excitedly toward his parents.

“We have truly been brought back to life,” Liu Mangxing remarked, his gaze steely. Though the countless revived beings in their midst couldn’t perceive Xu Jingming’s towering true form, this was intentional on Xu Jingming’s part.

Ordinary low-dimensional beings were unable to gaze directly upon a third-realm entity, but Liu Mangxing could. As an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse, he could withstand the sight of Xu Jingming’s true form.

“Great third-realm being, we express our gratitude for reviving us,” Liu Mangxing said with a respectful bow, followed by his wife, the Red Flame Goddess, and their child, Liu Yufeng.

“When I obtained the Eight Directions Map from your child, I incurred a debt to him,” Xu Jingming’s voice echoed in Liu Mangxing’s mind.

At that moment, Liu Mangxing comprehended.

Their family’s revival was made possible because their child’s Eight Directions Map had aided Xu Jingming, a third-realm existence.

Within Lord Louye’s painted world, Xu Jingming’s family resided: his parents—Jing Yulong and his wife—and his younger siblings. However, as Xu Jingming had entered that world with his memories intact, he regarded them as cherished friends.

Likewise, many members of the Jing family were revived by Xu Jingming.

You guys are out of the painting world. May your future lives be filled with adventure, Xu Jingming silently wished for them.

After half an hour, all the beings on the revival list had been brought back to life.

Only then did Xu Jingming shift his focus to his own family. He studied his parents, his wife Li Miaomiao, and their daughter Lixing… Within his discerning gaze, he glimpsed the multitude of potential futures awaiting his loved ones.

Xu Jingming observed the vast array of branching destinies.

While Xu Jingming could only catch glimpses of parallel spacetime scenes, he could perceive the countless future possibilities within this particular realm.

My family has gained eternal life, but they shall confront an intractable predicament, Xu Jingming realized, his expression changing. Over time, the minds of weaker beings will decay and distort in the face of endless existence…