Yi Tianyun couldn’t believe what he saw. All of these villagers in front of him was a soul! It meant they weren’t real people at all! But Yi Tianyun also saw children playing around in the nearby field, which made him confused, was everyone here a cultivator?

Yi Tianyun looked all around him and saw the beautiful nature. The sky was blue, and the farmland was almost golden in color. This place looked like a paradise!

“I have seen that person before!” Yi Tianyun said as he saw someone that seemed familiar. He believed that the person he saw was a cultivator who had died a long time ago. Yi Tianyun walked towards the familiar cultivator, but no one he passed greeted him. Everyone ignored him like the wind!

Yi Tianyun kept walking, and the further he walked, the village seemed to keep expanding as he walked. The more he walked, the more villagers he found. They all were farming peacefully, some were even hunting animals in the trees.

But he eventually saw something different. A group of villagers was in line like they were waiting for something. He reached out to the villagers and patted their shoulders to draw their attention. “What is happening here?” Yi Tianyun asked, but the villagers still ignored him.

The villagers themselves weren’t unconscious as they were talking and laughing, but no matter what Yi Tianyun did, they still ignored him! No one responded to him. It was as if he was a ghost!

“This is strange!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face. “Is it because I am not dead yet?” Yi Tianyun began to speculate. Yi Tianyun kept walking, and many villagers lined up along the way. They were full of joy as they chatted with each other with anticipation. These people didn’t even do anything as they just stood in line, happily conversing with each other.

After a while, Yi Tianyun finally saw the end of the road, and it was a bridge with ‘Forgotten Worries Bridge’ engraved in stone above the bridge. Yi Tianyun observed for a while and saw many villagers disappear through the bridge and never return.

Yi Tianyun approached the bridge, and he saw a whirlpool in the middle of the bridge. Yi Tianyun knew that he would disappear if he came any closer to that whirlpool.

“Is this the River of Reincarnation?” Yi Tianyun said with surprise on his face. He never expected the Core of the Three Realms would be a Reincarnation Zone. Those who died in the outside world got sucked into the Core and lined up here to be reincarnated back into the world! He never expected to encounter something like this!

“No, the Core shouldn’t have such function! The Core at Divine Temple of Life was nothing like this!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face. He was confused by what happened right now as none of it made sense. He couldn’t converse with anyone, and there was no Tool Spirit either to help him understand!

Yi Tianyun braced himself to walk into the Forgotten Worries Bridge, and once he stepped closer to the bridge, he felt like his consciousness was slowly fading, and it really scared Yi Tianyun! He backpedaled to safety as he didn’t want to get sucked by the whirlpool.

“If I walk through this bridge, will my memory of this life disappear too?” Yi Tianyun said as he began to wonder. He knew that a reincarnator would always reborn into a newborn baby, and a newborn had no memory of their previous life, but Yi Tianyun didn’t know how he could get back to the outside world.

Yi Tianyun turned around and saw many cultivators coming in line. They were all the cultivators that Yi Tianyun knew had died in the past. They were mixed in among the normal villagers, and they wouldn’t cut in line. Yi Tianyun speculated that all the villagers here were cultivators too in the outside world, but here, they were treated the same way.

He looked around with everything he got this time, trying to find if there was something that seemed out of place for his clue to get out of this place. He saw a villager that farm happily and then somehow left behind his tools and joined the reincarnation line, which was really strange!

“Hey, there is a house there!” Yi Tianyun said as he noticed a house in front of the Forgotten Worries Bridge. The house itself was built in front of the whirlpool itself! Yi Tianyun quickly frowned as he knew that he would be sucked into the whirlpool if he walked over towards the house!

He wanted to fly over the whirlpool, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do so right now! He could only walk, but it wasn’t the safest option! He looked to the side of the bridge to see if he could swim around the whirlpool, but it didn’t seem like the brightest idea either, as the river was all muddy.

He kept looking around for a while, but he felt like there was nothing else he could find right now, so Yi Tianyun decided to return to where he came before. This was the safest option right now as he really couldn’t act too rash around here.

Soon, he reached the hut where he first woke up earlier and laid back down on the bed, and fell asleep. When he woke up once more, his surrounding was all wet, and it was obvious to him now that he was back in his body! Yi Tianyun meditated to calm his own nerve, and he now knew that he couldn’t relocate the Core right now.

He didn’t even know what secret the Core held!

“Whoever came up with such a plan is definitely a skilled individual!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at the stone tablet once more and sighed. The only thing he could do right now was mark this place as a Teleportation Point and close the hole he dug.

Yi Tianyun also wanted to go to Heaven World after and check if there was another Core there! After all, he did feel an energy coming from two different Cores earlier.


As soon as Yi Tianyun reached Heaven World, he immediately dug through the ground to reach the Core. The distance towards the Core seems to be similar to the Core of the Mortal World as Yi Tianyun dug around 1.000 Km before reaching a hard metal that Sky Dawn Divine Spear couldn’t pierce through!

“Damn, the Heaven World Core also has the same kind of protection!” Yi Tianyun said as he sighed and began to wipe the soil out of the Stone Tablet to check if there was any information here. But as he read the Stone Tablet, Yi Tianyun was shocked!

“The Seal of Three Realms Divine Imprint: Heaven World!”