Just at the moment that the young Nascent Soul Realm Elder left the meeting hall and made his way towards the buildings that had been dedicated to housing the hundreds of different representatives who had shown up to participate in the meeting, Xuan Hao arrived at the entrance to the meeting hall. Bumping into the young Nascent Soul Realm Elder who had just stepped out of the meeting.

"G-Grand Elder Xuan?!"

"No need to be so nervous, I'm just here to look for Elder Song, you can just ignore me and continue what you were doing before."

"Y-y-yes! I-I will get going!" Fidgeting nervously with his hands, the young Nascent Soul Realm Elder didn't waste a second after hearing what Xuan Hao said and soon disappeared in the direction of one of the buildings filled with representatives from the different sects and other powers located across the Star Shattering Sect's territory.


Am I really that scary…?

Not knowing what to make of the reaction from the elder just now, Xuan Hao could not help wondering what had caused the elder to react like that. Hopefully, it had nothing to do with his appearance…


Deciding not to think too much about it, Xuan Hao made his way into the meeting hall and was instantly met with the curious gazes of a little over thirty elders who had all at least reached the Nascent Soul Realm. In a sense, outside of the elders in charge of guarding the different branch sects, almost all of the important elders of the sect seemed to have gathered together inside the meeting hall.

"Am I interrupting something…?" Not having expected to be met with such a situation the moment he entered the meeting hall where he had sensed Elder Song's presence, Xuan Hao showed a somewhat awkward smile as he said this. Feeling quite embarrassed at having seemingly barged into some kind of important meeting between the higher ups of the sect.

"Xuan Hao! Haha, not at all, we were just in the process of making a few last-minute preparations for the upcoming meeting with the different sects and other powers inside our territory."

"Upcoming meeting? Is this perhaps related to the large number of unfamiliar people who are currently gathered at the sect?"

"Yes, they are all representatives from the different sects and powers inside our territory. Although… Most of these representatives are actually just the sect masters, family heads, ancestors and so on of these different powers."

Jumping forward to explain the situation before anyone else had the chance to do so, Wang Hu, who had been one of the original Nascent Soul Realm Elders in the Flying Sword Sect and had gotten along quite well with him, explained the matter in detail while at the same time making sure to dismiss his earlier worry of possibly having barged in during an important meeting.

"I see… So, that is why there are so many unfamiliar people inside the sect." Nodding his head in understanding as he muttered this to himself, Xuan Hao finally understood where the large number of people had appeared from. At the same time, he also took this opportunity to inspect the different elders of the sect.

Outside of Feng Chen, Shu Yao, and Elder Song, whom he would often interact with and had a far clearer picture of how they had been doing since the establishment of the Star Shattering Sect, the same could not be said for the rest of the elders, who he didn't really interact with.

For example, the two twin brothers, Wang Hu and Wang Lan had both managed to far surpass their earlier cultivation at the Third Stage of the Nascent Soul Realm and were now both in the Seventh Stage of the Nascent Soul Realm. Far surpassing most other Nascent Soul Realm elders in the sect and even showing some promise of breaking through to the Domain Lord Realm in the future.

Other than them, there was also Chi Hu, that he had helped join the sect in the past, who had already managed to step into the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Realm. Reaching the Fifth Stage of the Nascent Soul realm. Although not as big an improvement as the two Wang brothers, it was still far better than the average elder of the sect.

However, out of everyone present, the person who had made the biggest improvement was not any of the former elders of the Flying Sword Sect, but was instead an elder called Shen Xuefeng, who had originally been from the spring Flower Sect.

Although he had not seen her more than a few times, he was still taken aback when he saw her current cultivation base, Eighth stage of the Nascent Soul Realm!

Even when compared to his own disciples, her growth was not far behind and possibly even faster considering that it was harder to improve in the Nascent Soul Realm and his two disciples currently in the Nascent Soul Realm were still in the earlier stages of the realm.

Without a doubt, Shen Xuefeng would definitely be able to break through to the Domain Lord Realm in the future!

Feeling himself thinking about this, Xuan Hao could not help growing a bit more curious about the rest of the disciples of the sect. Wondering if there was anyone as talented as Shen Xuefeng, whom he had not discovered yet among them.

Maybe I should start doing public lectures for the younger disciples again, who knows, I might find myself another disciple if I'm lucky enough…

Shaking his head as he thought about this, Xuan Hao turned his gaze away from the gathering of sect elders standing in front of him with curious expressions plastered all over their faces. Making it more than obvious that most of them were curious about why he had suddenly shown up inside the meeting hall all of a sudden.

"Ehm, I just wanted to know why so many unfamiliar people had shown up inside the sect during my short absence. No need to worry about anything, I will be taking my leave again." Not wanting to worry these elders into thinking he had shown up because something bad had happened, Xuan Hao hurriedly said this before making his way towards the doors that were still wide open. Not intending to stay around for any longer now that he had the answer to the question he had come for.

Although the person who answered him wasn't Elder Song whom he had originally come to ask, it didn't really matter as the outcome wouldn't have been much different- No… Thinking about it, if it was Elder Song answering the question, he would undoubtedly have been given a far longer explanation and would have ended up staying around for at least half an hour as he explained the reason and goals of the gathering…

As he thought about this, Xuan Hao secretly felt happy that Wang Hu had jumped out to explain the situation to him before Elder Song got a chance to do it. At least he saved a lot of time because of this-

"Wait up."

However, just as he was about to leave while secretly feeling happy that he didn't end up listening to a half an hour-long explanation of the goals and reason for the meeting, a familiar voice called out behind him. Making him come to a stop with one foot out the door.

"Elder Song… Is there anything I can help with…?" Feeling a bit reluctant to stay around and possibly get caught up in some kind of overcomplicated explanation of the political situation of the sect and the different powers under it, Xuan Hao could not help unconsciously swallowing his saliva as he turned around and did his best to calmly face Elder Song who had stepped forward and was currently smiling in his direction.

"Ah, Grand Elder Xuan, I know that you normally don't like participating in these kinds of meetings, but I think that it would be a good idea for you to participate in this one. Not only because of the importance of today's meeting, but also because I think it would be good for you to show yourselves to these sects.

After all, they have only heard about what you have done over the years and have never seen you in person. As one might say, it's hard to believe what others say and easier to believe what one sees in front of them. Hopefully Grand Elder Xuan has a bit time to spare for this occasion…"

"… Sure…"

Hearing what Elder Song said, Xuan Hao felt a shiver run down his spine. Although Elder Song was far weaker than him and was nowhere near being a threat to him with his Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base, something in the way he was looking at him was far more terrifying than any of the Peak Soul Ascension Realm Experts he had faced back in the mystic realm…